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  1. Have you got Power steering paul? I'd love to fit my engine like that!
  2. None of this "steep angle" nonsense, just stick it straight on in there - proper job.
  3. ... the "calendar" seems to have fallen off the wall. Otherwise surely everything is exactly where you left it?πŸ˜‰
  4. Fantastic colour combination making the design look classic yet modern. great job well done πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  5. Is there a risk with an open breather pipe that the fuel will degrade faster if the car is unused over winter? Also that condensation will form in the tank leading to water in the fuel and corrosion of the tank itself?
  6. That thing on the right is a doobreyflip isn't it? Fits over the header noggin in the offside baffle tube. Non-federal commonwealth export models only though. πŸ˜‰ Most of my car is looking like this. Using the workshop manual is like looking at the picture on the lid of a jigsaw puzzle.πŸ™„ ... in fact could that flat piece mid left be the reinforcing plate under the u bolts that hold the power steering rack down on to the chassis? Looks about the right size, but my s1/power rack plates are a simpler shape.
  7. Welcome and best of luck darren. Stick the ad on here and some experts will fill you in. The riviera seems to be the most desirable model, so the most likely to rise in value. Many of these cars parts are inexpensive and home serviceable, but an interior, chassis or paint job will be a big spend. It doesn't really matter though, if you're enjoying yourself πŸ˜‰
  8. Ah thread sizes. Needs its own thread! πŸ˜‰
  9. Oh I thought that was the more stylish and modern HC. My granny had one I would borrow to thrash around on the isle of man - the thrashing was necessary to clear the carburettors - and exceed walking pace. The guy probably meant to buy a firenze, but found they'd all rusted away. πŸ˜• The almost identical Opel Kadette - same GM parent company - used metric measurements and fittings to the Viva's imperial...πŸ˜‚ The lotus factory used both at the same time - now there's progress!πŸ™„
  10. Just go for it. There aren't many around, and although it's a gamble, there's a lot of fun to be had fixing lotus stuff. Otherwise buy an mx5?
  11. Not including the red Vauxhall viva surely? That's so much more than a crisisπŸ˜‰
  12. The excel looks like a great deal, and you can look more like Gambit when you climb out rather than Frank Spencer 😁
  13. Almost there then. πŸ‘ great work. You can cross the mot off the list in a few months too.πŸ˜‰
  14. My parents owned one of these in the mid 70s - basically a large mini with all the good bits removed: And then for a price comparison, Looks like the austin was a better investment. Unfortunately it fell apart quite quickly. Who'd have guessed irony would be worth more than style? πŸ˜‚
  15. I've got a left handed screwdriver if you need to borrow one for the Riviera bonnet hinges πŸ˜‰
  16. If the wires connecting to the fusebox are the originals then they could easily be so old and crusty, with breaks in the copper strands, and might be the source of the heat?
  17. ... and where won't you be buying them from this time? My old ones look ok - they have been extensively tested. I think I'll stick with them. I'm also appreciating photos of your assembling the engine with the body off. I lifted the engine out through the engine bay and now i don't want to put it back that way🀨
  18. The fuse is overheating but not blowing? Poor connections in the fuse box perhaps. Can you measure resistance of the fans, and current? I'd try an unswitched separate fused feed to the fans, see if it behaves, to try to eliminate the wiring or the motors. Also though I thought the fans are only necessary when standing or crawling, so if it overheats on a run the engine is producing too much heat?
  19. Is that the series 1tea tray? Lovely jobπŸ™‚
  20. Can I view that on a mobile Pete? All I can see is tiny tiny text. Maybe there is a technical solution?
  21. Do we need a whip round to see newer pictures? That's some fantastic restoration. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  22. In which case ill leave the wheels off, and I believe the body will go on with the ex. manifold on but rocker cover off, and the body needs a tilt and maybe a sideways movement as it drops. How are you planning on doing that Pete? I was thinking it might almost be easier to drop the body straight and raise the engine/chassis on trolley jacks. Alternately I'm thinking of lowering the body on 4 straps allowing angle adjustment and a bit of side to side. Anyone know a good thread on this assembly method?
  23. Body still hovering like in that top pic. I'm tempted to fit the engine onto the chassis first - just think of all that space. But as it's not the way it's normally done , there's probably a good reasonπŸ€” I've forgotten what had to come off once the body was removed, but i think I'm there - prop, diff, hubs, sus, fuel line, handbrake cable and brake lines nearly all done, so maybe it's almost time? I'll just look at the top items on the various piles and see where they go. if they go in through the top, then it's body on timeπŸ˜€ !I'd like to claim it was elbow grease and my old toothbrush, but LB did the prep. They probably used someone else's toothbrush though. Mine's still ok. I cleaned the old block by washing it in stale petrol so I can dismantle it without ending up like the creature from the black lagoon, but it's not that clean...😐
  24. The bit that keeps you off the ground is coming back together Still a lot of work to do on the bit that pushes you around: I'm looking forward to it πŸ˜‚
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