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  1. Yes it's a load of rubbish. Like this 3 year old fosters🤩
  2. Isolation brings unexpected rewards after rooting through forgotten cupboards Stella bottle aged 5 years. Awful.🤫 Bud Bottle aged 3 years Undrinkable. Almost.😬 Carlsberg Can aged 8 years Quite nice. 🤪 I've no idea what they should taste like as I don't usually drink lager.😵
  3. Cardiac arrest is the usual cause of death. Stresses to the body's systems bring this about.
  4. The biggest problem for the government is going to be maintaining civil order if theres a huge spike that would overwhelm hospitals, leading to knock on effects. The infrastructure can cope with half a million dying and deaths a year, but not the same in 3 months. As individuals many of us are going to find ourselves having to deal with both anticipated and unexpected tragedies, where the usual support networks and facilities may be no longer available😥 Let's hope we can all help each other in this terrible time.
  5. Well there's a 40% chance you'll never cause another road traffic accident again👍 Also just like there will be reduced fatalities due to improving air quality, there must already be a substantial reduction in road fatalities
  6. Seven is the max really for a week's hot dinners, so I'm sure you're not the only one. 😁
  7. Panic buying loo roll is probably the most work they've done in ages😆
  8. Ok ok 137 billion notes, 30 million workers, so that's only 4400 each, but ill take that! These negotiations are not going as well as I expected. ☹☹☹
  9. Housewives and househusbands, kids, students, the elderly and the retired, JobSeekers, idlers, the infirm, the insane, others??
  10. Uk Working population <30million Global bailout was measured in the trillions ! 16k I will accept though 👍 let's go for it
  11. Official figures put the 2008 banking bailout at £850,000,000,000, so that's about 25k for every working person in the country, so reckon we should be ok - I'm expecting a cheque in the post to pay my staff wages bill for the next 3 months. It will probably arrive tomorrow. 🙂
  12. The panic buying on Italy eased off once the idiots found they could buy the stuff the following week anyway. They will be sat there on the loo with that massive pile of loo paper rreminding them that they are those idiots. 😆 Wow the leopard can change its spots👍
  13. EBay loves the free market😕. Report them to john mcdonnell😀
  14. I think he's just got here😬
  15. I think herd immunity kicks in on this one. Anyway can't you catch diseases off dirty indicator stalks? Just wash your phone (or keyboard for the over 80s) in warm soapy water for 20 seconds after every site and your browsing activity should be quite safe.
  16. an hour of fun with these guys and questions must be asked!🤔
  17. You need to count the krispies at the checkout to make sure you aren't being ripped off. 👍
  18. We've been shut in on doctors orders, and I can tell you 14 days food for a family of four is quite a lot. I'm not sure I could tell the difference between panic buying and trying to stock up for 4 people for 14 days. Luckily the children don't drink. Yet. Now, where's the loo roll?😉🚽
  19. So that's where all the lager went from the supermarket!
  20. I'm sure they will have modelled the effects of lockdown- induced economic meltdown and decided it was less bad than the quarter million deaths of unchecked disease. Fingers crossed
  21. Brave man. I thought the sky would fall on our heads of we didn't fit a new cambelt every 2 years. 😉 I fit one🙂
  22. I'm planning on buying and refitting the airbox - I can only think people junked them because at the time k&ns looked cool. Maybe the original assembly broke or was fiddly to fit?
  23. Or If we're opening the wallet wide. Probably cheaper than restoring one I'm starting to think😂
  24. Sounds like a lot of work - almost all the classic problems. My chassis looked ok but was totally shot on the rear crossmember. A few lhd models come up in Europe on the car and classic You can buy a big project cheap or hold on for a nice car for not a lot more! Good luck!
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