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  1. Thank you all. In addition to the Evora itself, it is also the spirit of the Lotus Owners Community that I like. I've had that feeling with my previous Civic Type R, but I lost it with the RCZ. Road trips, meetings, events, are places where we share much more than the sight of our cars. Never mind, I took the plunge and I wandered by myself, that's why this car already saw : The Nurburgring Nordschleife The StelvioPass and the Dolomites The GrossGlockner HochAlpenStrasse in Austria The 3 famous Grimselpass / Sustenpass / Furkapass in Switzerland (along with many other "pass" things) And also... a warehouse and a building site, just in case !
  2. Hi, On the Silverstone website, your Evora is displayed right next to a blue one with the same options. Yours is currently 2500£ cheaper, but the other has 3,300 miles versus 20,000 miles and is a 2015 model versus your 2013. Althought the other one is already reserved, I think it harms you. Once it disappears, your offer will have no comparison and will be more appealing.
  3. Hi all, First of all, as I am french, I apologize for my mistakes, I will do my best. I have been a car enthusiast since my childhood, and for many years I have had a special feeling about Lotus. The Elise at first, then the Evora, which I fell in love with since 2008. I have always liked cars that are a bit rare or unusual, and in my opinion, the Evora has nothing to compare with a Porsche Cayman for example. Since this time, I look for informations on this model and I hesiste to take the step every change of car. I was ready 3 years ago, but I did not succeed to convince my wife to accept a such "supercar looking" car. So we went for a Peugeot RCZ, more GT than sporty. The time for change is approaching again, so I have sign in here to become active more than just spectator, and maybe join the club of happy Lotus owners in the near future. See you soon online !
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