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  1. My car that was black is now back to its original red.
  2. Hi Guys. I have an 81 Esprit. Speedo is mph and is way over reading. If I am driving and the speedo is saying 100mph I check on GPS I am actually doing about 105 kmph. I know that with a previous owner the gearbox was changed. Is there a different gear for the speedo cable for kmph and mph? Thanks. Regards Kevin
  3. No this one's in pieces. Needs full restoration. No extra cooling vents.
  4. Article from South African car magazine December 1977. Apparently only about 8 made. Mine is one of them.
  5. Hi Guys. I have acquired a S1 in parts. Does anybody know where I can get / purchase a download workshop manual? Thanks. Regards Kevin.
  6. Does anybody know which "black" is used for bumper, top of door frames etc. Thanks.
  7. Hi Guys. I have recently finally got my Esprit Turbo on the road after many many years of standing. It is currently black, not original colour and I now want to have it repainted back to its original colour. I believe it was red but not sure, or which red. I'm hopeful one of you can help me. On the bottom of the plate below the bonnet in the left side it has this number. A075U1186. Really appreciate any help. Thanks. Regards Kevin
  8. I got the rack out but haven't had any luck yet with finding replacement tie rod which are worn. Do anybody know what other car this may have come from.
  9. Thanks guys. I will get the rack out and head for spares shop and let you know the results.
  10. A friend with a Capri just told me the steering rack is the same as Escorts mk1
  11. Hi Guys. I hope somebody can give me some advice. I found I have play on the wheels coming from the steering rack of my 81 Turbo Esprit. The play is coming from the inner joints near to the centre. Can I get these repaired or replace the joints or do I need to replace the entire steering rack? Heard somewhere that the rack is the same as Triumph TR7? Not sure. Can get one of those. Appreciate any advice. Cheers Kevin
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