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  1. 95 S4S

    95 S4S...Should I buy? Please Advise

    Thanks everyone for the kind and informative feedback. I wish I lived in UK because where I currently reside it reaches 125+ degrees in the Summer!! So A/C and good intercooler are both a must in my area (southern california desert...very fun fast roads!!). Best roads in the world I might add. Ok gents. Here is where Im at with the S4S. The consignment salesman never called me back. Car still for sale and I hope it finds a good owner who will fix and take care of it, and drive it. The car IMO was one of the sexiest automobiles Ive ever seen. Ive seen em all. I wish I could have driven it too, looked like fun. However, this S4S was not worth 35K and foot space a little too bunched up for my big feet. It has under 20k miles but a lot of problems or potential for same. I know car and that car is not up to code nor would I pay more than 10k for it bc unless you get it perfect...wont sell again just bc of the history (accident and severe vibration codes tripped etc). Even if a glitch, not good to have in history. So, I went back to my first choice. First, know Ive owned most cars and cheap or expensive...I like em all. Well, I just found a rare diamond in the rough and Im so excited. Been searching for 2 years for a decent running model and year. A longgggg story short, a 1996 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo just went up for sale and I bought it!! Now for those of you just recovering from a heart attack, haha, let me explain. Dodge Stealth and Mitsubishi 3000GT essentially same car...just minor cosmetic changes. Both cars had a 3.0L V6, Twin Turbo, All wheel drive, All wheel steering, active aero front/rear spoilers on GT model only, electronic exhaust baffle, electronic shock dampeners, Mcpherson struts and swaybars front/rear...list goes on and on. All from tge factory. 0-60 in 5. Top 155mph. Decent brakes, good suspension, incredible handling, safe to drive fast in turns, a bit heavy which not good but ok. 3000GT built '90-'99 and sold around the world. Stealth built '91-'96 and only sold in USA and Canada and overall less of these made vs 3000GT. Out of the 3000GT models, the most rare is the Spyder VR4 model with only 800+ units sold globally. But out of the Steath, the 96 model, ONLY 57 RT TWIN TURBO UNITS WERE BUILT THAT YEAR AND IT WAS THE LAST YEAR PRODUCTION!! VERY VERY VERY RARE, BUT IT GETS BETTER. MINE IS #54 OF 57. ONLY ABOUT HALF STILL ACCOUNTED FOR AND OUT OF THOSE 75% RUNNING. SO MY STEALTH IS MAYBE 1 OF 10 IN MY COLOR LEFT IN THE WORLD. GETS BETTER.. THE 96 MODEL YEAR WAS A 1 OFF YEAR. NO OTHER MODEL YEAR STEALTH BUILT BEFORE 96 IS LIKE THE 96. ONLY THE 96 MODELS DODNT HAVE ELECTRONIC DAMPENERS/EXHAUST/4 WHEEL STEERING etc. it did still have all wheel drive and twin turbo v6. They also made a few cosmetic improvements giving it an even lower drag coeficient (around .32-.33 drag, very good number). 96 didnt have tech driven AC system either. The 96 only has what you need and still very nice. Most folks disconnect their 4 wheel steering system or constantly repairing a problem associated with any of the features deleted on the 96 model. The car I found is in spectacular condition for 22 years old. Under 100k miles. Full service history, spoke with previius 2 owners, car checks out. Clean history. And man what a steal!! I highly suggest buying either of these cars as fast as you can guys. No disrespect to the Lotis, its in a league of its own and highly respected in my book!! But for the value, comfort, style, function and what all comes with it...get one! If you find a 96 stealth it asap!! Cost now 10-30k. Cost in 20 years projected to reach 50-100k. A sleeper coming back to haunt the RX7, SUPRA, AND NSX who all stole its glory. All my best to all of you. Take care gents!!
  2. Hi Guys, Im rather new to thr Lotus brand and mid engine but not new to car. Im looking at a 95 S4S Esprit not far from me. Ive already viewed it once in person. Beautiful machine. Car is low miles, new pads/rotors, tires, new clutch, new exhaust, and misc other performed this year. However, I have some concerns. When I got in it there was a wire harness hanging down on passenger side by feet. Recent service noted major electric problem, all shut off in motion!! Codes said 51 and 26 or something. One means excessive vibration in steering column and 51 meant it was in an accident. No accident, I dont think and per carfax, just a bug in the electronic system, which never good but Lotus claims is now fixed. Suspect this related to hanging wire harness.. The AC also broken and we know what it needs but current owner elected not to fix when he spent thousands to fix xyz other. Strange but ok. Carfax clean but new owner bought it this year and now selling this year. Worried more wrong?? The gear shift feels knotted. Not excited about this either. Does it feel better when car on/in motion and is it easier to find gears. Little foot space also terrible for me, over 6ft tall but will manage. Last concern apart from above is what else should I worry about and does this model year have a bad problem with "snap oversteer"? The 91 Toyota MR2 Turbo is most dangerous car ever built bc of its mid engine snap oversteer problem. Just making sure Lotus is well balanced here. Should I buy it...its flawless otherwise. Thanks!!