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  1. Thank you guys for your help.
  2. Hi there all, looking for some advice on how to get someone to value my car for selling purposes not insurance purposes, its a 1991 Esprit S Turbo.
  3. Thanks Rick, very helpfull. Best regards
  4. Looking for a intake airbox for 1991 Lotus Esprit S Turbo, mine is missing so any fixings, gaskets would also be helpfull, also need engine cover and boot trim that goes over the electric relay panel. Thank you.
  5. Rick My Intake air box and filter is missing, when you have time can you take a photo of yours so I know what im looking for thanks, your car looks great.
  6. Thanks Andy, had a read up on it last night.
  7. Hi Barry Thanks for your information, no the car was never black, I had every bit of paint taken off and repainted. Sorry for my ignorance what is Charge cooler ? Regards
  8. Thanks Rick what colour are your carpets, I think the previous owner of mine changed the carpets and recovered some of the interior, parts of the dash, door cards and centre console, made a real bad job of it, so are going to re do it all. I will send some pictures tomorrow. regards
  9. Thanks John ill give them a try, I also have the XKR as my Sunday drive. Thanks & regards
  10. Thank for your message Rick, do you have any more photo's of your car, as mine has a differant rear light panel from a V8 i think with round lights, a bit Ferrari looking. I've been told there were only 6 or 7 made, what sort of value are they making ? do you know if any have been sold recently ? Any information would be really helpful. Thanks
  11. Hi all, I purchased a 1991 Esprit Turbo S about a year ago, dont know too much about Lotus cars other than not many were made of this model and it seems the rear of the car has been changed, it had been off the road for about 12 years but is now MOTed, serviced and has been fully re-sprayed, just the interior to do now. So if you know anyone that does interiors please let be know. However I am a few bits missing, intake Air box, carpet trim that covers the relays in the engine bay and floor, engine cover, interior compartment that sits at the back of the centre console. Any information regarding the Turbo S, values, last sold would be much appreciated. Best regards Richard
  12. Hi there, I'm new to this forum and now a proud owner of what I am finding out to be a rare Esprit S Turbo and wondered if there is any other owners out there that could share some information about the car.
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