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  1. Mine has Its own little comfy perch to sit on!!
  2. Jonathan, why does your POR-15 paint job look so much better than mine? :-(
  3. Bibs, Listen for the relay clicking when your flashing!!! This may give you a clue or upset the kids next door, One of the two....
  4. Could be James, he did say he had his own Internet Buisiness...... Regards Paul Thanks Stefen, He did say he needed some information on registering the car in Germany also If you know. How does he contact you? Kind Regards Paul
  5. Hi All, I decided last weekend to advertise my GT3 for sale on Pistonheads, as it was free and not really in a rush or at this time really bothered on selling it, as possibly moving house/ changing job etc and still fancy a V8 but not just yet. Any way I have had lots of contact via email and phone calls from a chap in Germany (Tim.oelschlaeger) who seems very interested and a genuine buyer. He has been willing to pay a deposit etc which I have declined at the present time as I need to take my personal reg plate off the car. He is now asking for my full name, address and landline phone number. My questions fellow Forumers.... Am I being paranoid about giving out my details, Does he really need to know this info??? Can any German Forumers check If he is who he says he is? Or do I avoid any Overseas buyers full stop? Regards Paul
  6. James, Had the same problem on my GT3, So I ordered from the US at great expense a pack of five nylon rollers (WD9666748) as they didnt sell them singulary. They are not quite the same and are hard to fit. It was a case of warming the stud up on the window motor arm and pushing the slider on. As they were not quite the same (see Pic) I took the slider from the lower part of the door frame runner that doesnt move much and used that on the bottom of the window, then put the new nylon slide of the lower part of the door frame runner. It works well, I could only by the nylon slides in the uk from Lotus aspart of a window motor at
  7. Hi Andy, I am running Valvoline SynPower GL-4/5 TDL Fully Synthetic SAE 75w-90, with no other problems The new seals were not directional that I know of, although they were differrent from the ones they replaced in that they were brown as apposed to black and where both the same width, the ones coming out, one being wider that the other. John, The seals sit flush with the end of the metal ring around the drive shaft and are leaking at that point, they did have a fine smidge of sealent around them before going into the gearbox and are not leaking from between the seal and gearbox itself. Regards to All ....Paul
  8. Hi Espriters, Anybody had any experience with drive shaft oil seals, My Story Goes, Prior to the purchase of my GT3 it had been serviced and amoungst other things the drive shaft oil seals replaced. Approx 500 miles later when in my possesion they were leaking again, I purchased some over the internet via a company that sold all types of oil seals for different vehicles etc, not via a Lotus or Renault specialist. They fitted well although not as wide as the ones they replaced, but seemed to do the job. Approx 200 miles later they are leaking again, I replaced the inner 'O' rings at the same time although these didnt seem that tight, silconed all the pins etc as per the manual. Q. Am I cutting corners by not purchasing original Oil seals to start with and are the ones purchased from a Lotus/Renault dealer actually original equipment and likely to last longer? Your thoughts and comments all Welcome...Thanks in Advance Paul
  9. 1 & 2. Bibs & Laura (sans Esprit) 3. Bigsi (with Esprit) 4. James (with Esprit) 5 & 6 Glyn & Toni (with Esprit) 7. Dave Eds - hope you dont mind me posting this on LEC as well 8. Chris (Esprit22) with Esprit 9. Simon350S, most prob....... its a BBQ afterall, though not as good as mine i'm sure....!!! Could bring my Esprit to enter in soap box race as it aint got an engine..... or... err.... brakes...!!!! LOL 10. Dodgy (with esprit if fixed) 11.Paul (with Esprit, The Orange One!! You cant miss me )
  10. Hi Mark, Cant Help with the problem but mine are exactly the same on my GT3, Noticed this today when getting ready for the MOT on Thursday. They were all renewed about 3000miles ago by the previous owner on the C service. Brakes have been fine, No Judder. Will see what thursday brings on the brake test. Regards Paul
  11. Phil Where can i purhase one of the systems for my GT3 please and how much? Regards Paul
  12. John, keep meaning to ask....Wheres the best place local for a service? Am due a 'B'....Was going to take it to Dutton Farshaw at Canterbury, the Ex lotus team for Motorway sportscars are there apparently?..... Regards Paul
  13. Yep catch up soon, Saw the guy's from the Hipperdrome the other day turned round to go and see him, and like most Esprit drivers Gone................. like a 90mph wind... Will try again sometime...
  14. Yep tis me that lives in Carlton Hill..... Lotus tucked away yesterday too much rain :crybaby: ....Bibs do you live Greenwich way? I brought PUK suspension set from someone up there of Ebay.....
  15. Driven as an Esprit should....FAAAASSSSSTTTT!!!!
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