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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I tone traced the crank wire from the ignition switch to the connector you mentioned. I took the connector apart and cleaned it, still no avail. Was not aware there was still a relay between that connector and the solenoid in the ignition box. Tone traced the wire to there and found out the relay was bad. Replaced the relay and everything works fine. Thanks again.
  2. Have a 1989 SE, starter dead when you turn key. Have accessed the ignition switch and checked voltage in start position between ground and white/red crank post and reads 12.75 volts. Removed white/red wire from top of solenoid and checked to make sure I was getting 12 volts to it also, it was dead. So I know why the starter won't work. Now I have to trace out the white/red wire to determine where I have a break or corroded connection. Anyone experience this before and if so any suggestions, know several cable connections and harnesses involved. Not sure if there is an easy way to access. Thanks for any suggestions. Russ Friedrich
  3. Have an 1989 Esprit SE and the Warning Light Control Module is bad. When you first start up the car all warning lights come on but then some continue to stay on and won't go off. If I remove the module all is fine. The module is solid state, no relays. It is made up of three transistors, one capacitor, numerous diodes and resistors. Generally diodes and resistors do not go bad, capacitors and transistors do especially over a period of thirty years. The capacitor is a 10uf - 50v, and the transistors are a C547, BD681, and BD682. I replaced those four components and the module now works properly. You can buy the components for around $10 or if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself, you can take it to an electronics shop and have them do it for I guess around $50. I know this module is hard to find but mine had one transistor burned out but replaced them all. Hope this helps someone and thanks for the people on this forum that offered input.
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