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  1. My Lotus Exige S is up for sale....carsales ad can be found here: LINK Details: 2014 Lotus Exige S 16,000km Race Pack Premium Pack Leather pack Convenience Pack FSH - Services by Tutti Motori under my ownership SSC Air Filter SSC Harness Bar & 4 point harness SSC Fire Extinguisher Titanium Exhaust Front Canards HID kit Rear Tow Strap Full Paint Protection Film Brand new AD08R's DBA 4000 rotors front & Pagid Pads (std rear) Custom plates included [XIG 350] Regularly detailed by Alchemy - including stage 1 polish and paint protection Car presents in flawless condition. $99,000 ono
  2. Shout to this thread for helping me with my own HID install. For anyone attempting this, it's pretty straight just need the supplier to send you the right bulbs to start with!!! Check out the vlog to see how it went wrong...and then how it all went right. If it helps just one person out, I'll be happy.
  3. Would love one of these for my S V6! Watching in anticipation...
  4. I went to look at a V6 Exige S on the weekend and although the car looks brilliant and drove great I had a few reservations that perhaps the forum can help me with; - context: the car is a 2014 with 12,500km on the clock. It has an aftermarket pod filter fitted - otherwise standard. - the tyres are not factory Pirelli, they are the Yokohama Advan R-spec tyres and there is very little life left on them. The holes in the cross drilled factory front rotors have cracks emanating from them. All of this points to track use, which is confirmed by a pre inspection report the 2nd buyer (current) had done 2000km ago when he purchased it (comment reads: "vehicle has seen some track day use"). I also thought I heard a weird little chirp noise when he went down into 2nd gear on the odd occasion (maybe synchro??). Didn't do it when I shifted down. There is a good service history attached to the car, has had 3 over its life (1400km, 7000km, 10100km). So my concern is that the poor thing has been thrashed. I know they are good on track but the condition of the brake rotors really scares me. I'm also cautious of the effect of the air filter without a ECU remap to match. So my questions would be... 1. Should I be worried about the hairline cracks in the rotors at such low kilometers? Or can this simply happen from one track day? 2. Do these gearboxes have issues with synchros (2nd gear especially)? Is this an expensive fix if that is the case? 3. Is there a risk if you simply stuff a pod filter onto the intake without remapping the ECU? My heart wants this car (it has every factory option pack) but my head has alarm bells going. Am I justified in my concerns? Oh and it has the factory sports exhaust with titanium tips....from my understanding this deletes the exhaust flap, although the seller insists it has one. The dash does display the message exhaust open or closed when the button is pressed. Is this the case?? Cheers guys...
  5. Trance


    Holy thread revival batman! @ColinH just wanted to voice my appreciation for this thread. I'm looking for a V6 Exige S and have struggled to find too many complaints about them. Your thread has helped create a more balanced opinion on whether or not to move forward with the hunt. Coming from 2010 M3, I'm all to familiar with the notion of disliking your car due to the fact that you never know what the 'next' issue will be and whether you will need a flatbed today! In the case of the M3, the car is simply too complicated, and I now find myself looking for something simpler...hence the Exige. From what I've read, I still believe that the enjoyment of owning/driving the Lotus will out-way the quibbles (if mine ends up having any)....but I really appreciate your notes and opinion. Cheers Alex
  6. Thanks for the very warm welcome guys. Budget is obviously a big player in my decision however I also don't want to take a step back in terms of acceleration figures (and yes I'm aware that there is more to enjoying a car than just how fast it gets to 100km/hr). Once you've been in a 4 second to 100km/hr car it's hard to go backwards Changeover from the M3 into an S2 Exige will be financial painless...and as much as I'd like to stretch to an S3, I'm not sure the bank will want to play along, but we'll see. Perhaps I can use a staged approach...S2 first and then work up to the S3! Thanks again...
  7. Trance


  8. Just a quick intro as I'm sure I will be utilizing this forum greatly going forward. I'm Alex and I live in Perth, Western Australia. After churning through a myriad of different cars and bikes (CBR600RR, 848, 3 MPS, WRX, 350Z, Senator, Golf R, New Focus RS) I find myself in my current ride being a BMW M3 E90. Although I love the M3 to bits, it is beginning to give me the sh!ts. The car is a marvel of modern engineering however the complexities of its systems means there is rarely a drive when some sort of issue doesn't arise. Most recently the car can't decide if it has too little or too much oil via it's electronic oil detection system (BMW in their wisdom did not fit a $10 dip stick to this engine and so it relies on an over-complicated set of sensors to tell you the oil level!). This matched to the fact that I have recently changed the rod bearings - a known issue with these engines (and yes they were worn at 50k kms) - has made the ownership of this car the most expensive per kilometer of any of my previous rides. Long story short, I'm looking at moving it on after just 6 months of ownership, and as I perused the carsales ads I came across good old Lotus. To be honest, Lotus has never really been on my radar due to the fact they are completely impractical. However now, as with the M3, it will be solely used as a weekend car and so I can live with its impracticality. My original budget saw my searches limited to the S2 Exige S (4 cyl supercharged), however I have now spotted an S3 Exige S (V6 S) and although it's considerably more expensive, it does seem you get a lot more car for your money. So now the hunt is on - and it really is a hunt as these things are very rare in Australia. In the interest of research, my question to the forum would be around known issues with the V6 model? Will I be looking at stratospheric ///M3'esqu maintenance bills, or are they relatively trouble free? Is the V6 worth the $30kAUD extra over the S2? Cheers Alex Pic of current beasty for no reason
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