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  1. @Kristof Thys actually seems to come from there, or we hear it very well and it is very unpleasant it is in an underground car park.
  2. sorry for the off-topic, but I circled the 2 elements, what are they used to disassemble the back more quickly?
  3. I have the noise but only cold, but it's really strong. I will try to record it.
  4. I just stripped my manual I do not see anywhere talking about lunch control. I even wonder if I know how to do it with my 410. Otherwise it's always better than 20 3. Anyway I find it too bad for a car, for the little that it gives.
  5. in case of breakage they take the logs, if you exaggerated they can claim that it is your fault. otherwise there is no limitation, on an A45 there is for example.
  6. I send you a picture of the whole and technical indications I kept everything, because there is not only the battery lotus placed, it also places a system of restart, and regulation I think. there is already a lot of battery of this brand that runs in France on S2 for a long time, hence the choice of lotus I think
  7. provided originally by lotus in my 410:
  8. Hi, I installed the PC130 in the front with acoustics around as you see in the photos. I tried without and with, there are better bass with, but it's a little less strong. to correct that I ordered the sony car radio 4x100 watts MEX-GS820BT, someone has already installed one?
  9. hi, you can explain a little more your settings ?
  10. I also have the high-pitched sound, it sounds a little like the continuous noise of the very small air leak very light and sharp. I was going to post a soundtrack during the weekend.
  11. Hi, I would like to place focal lengths in the front, but no way to remove the protective grid, I try to lift it or to turn it, I even used the following tools to be sure of damaging anything. No way out.|mp there is a trick?
  12. Here is how you see in the photo I insert a goal in the red cable, letting the air out of the room, my question: can we leave the air outlet without putting anything to the end? in any case it literally changes the noise of the car, in view of the text messages of my two neighbors.
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