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  1. Hi, when the window is completely lowered, it makes trembling noises. I had this with my lotus after 7 years. But here she is only 1 year old. Should I play with the two small screws at the bottom right and left of the door ? Best Regards,
  2. Hi, do you have any news regarding this tire reference?
  3. interesting you know how to take some photos, and give the reference of the parts you ordered? you have to go to the dealer?
  4. What do you use as software for your measurements? you know how to explain your graphics
  5. is there a real difference in T ° or are we talking about a deviation of a few degrees?
  6. we have placed double sided on mine for 6 months, and even after several washes it still holds.
  7. I had seen time compensators to place between the flat bottom and the chassis to not have to remove the flat bottom when for example we want to work on the running gear. No way to fall back on these pieces.
  8. This is the blue part of admission that you would like like that?
  9. Hi Alias23 Still with the new adaptations for a 410?
  10. we must remove the flat bottom? there was a kit for S2 requires to strengthen the rear amount but especially avoid disassembling the flat bottom for work on the brakes for example
  11. otherwise I can look at the following model, but feel less reassured
  12. Good evening, I am looking to buy some for the house. Could you tell me that there is no risk that the car will tip over or for me.
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