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  1. As above, I’d have a look around the ignition wiring for cyl 1 also checking the coil pack and sparkplug if you can. An excellent opportunity to enjoy a glass of port on your own.
  2. I contacted Rimstock and they couldn’t give me a code for my LE forged wheels. They said that the finished colour was the result of a number of layers that have been heat treated and couldn’t give a specific code. I think you’d have to get a colour specially made to match.
  3. Ledlights

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    In case you missed it... I saw this and it made me smile!
  4. If you have a look at page 41 in the manual (linked below), you can go through the settings to make sure they are correct on your car: If it still doesn’t work, it’s probably as Bruss said above, a faulty connection with the trigger wire.
  5. It should activate when the reversing light comes on, so I imagine it’s a setting on the HU which means it isn’t automatically selecting it. It can’t be the power supply because it works when you manually select it and the camera should only be powered up when in reverse (well, is on line anyway). Hope this helps.
  6. Ledlights

    Oil Filter Change

    Yes, mine also has the multi flats but the 2 prongs do all the work.
  7. Ledlights

    Oil Filter Change

    The first one I bought “removed” the filter using only the multi-faceted part - and broke. The second tool additionally had 2 vertical parts that located on fins higher up the housing. Make sure whatever you buy is like the latter. Mine was made by Unipart, I think.
  8. If that fails, I’ve used a rubber adhesive called Black Witch before. It’s actually a neoprene adhesive, but it has good gap filling properties and works on EPDM too.
  9. If you’ve ruled out that it’s a plug playing up and that you have power to the unit even after it stops working, it sounds like it might be caused by thermal expansion, a failing LED or a dry solder joint. I think I’ve seen a post on taking the HL apart, in case it helps. Here it is:
  10. Have you seen the white one in Peterborough or the yellow one in Northampton (you probably have)? Both look doable for your budget and v nice...
  11. Mine doesn’t behave like this, once warmed up the temperature is pretty stable all the time except in summer traffic when it will go up by one pixel- I wonder if your thermostat is getting sticky (particularly when open) so that when you raise the revs the increased coolant flow drops the temperature. It would be exacerbated by the low air temperatures at the moment too, particularly at speed.
  12. There’s another common leak point around the rubber seal on the steering column, where it goes through the bulkhead. Do you think that might be the source?
  13. On mine the dealer put sikoflex behind the seal where it pushes onto the door aperture to move it outward toward the window.
  14. Okay D, I've had a look at my car and the door seal is packed out where it meets the top the mirror plinth so it's in contact. If your isn't you can either a) adjust the seal so it meets the plinth (and once you're happy pack the seal out with sikoflex) or b) adjust the window runner inwards using the adjustment behind the speaker (but you'll need to remove the door trim first). Hope this helps, Steve