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  1. Hey Seb, Welcome to the forum! It was great to meet you and I’m glad you’ve made the most of the car so far (it’s possibly the nicest car on the forum ;-)). I hope you have as much fun and as many happy miles in it as I have. Steve
  2. That may well be the case...
  3. I would never have guessed that I’d cause so much controversy by putting my car up for sale 😉
  4. Switchable Komotec and Radium CAI combo... IMG_7783.MOV
  5. Hi Jai, The ABS ringS looks like one of these and sit behind the hubs. Sometimes corrosion builds up and “rounds off” the signal detected by the sensor making them play up.
  6. Another possible cause... Can you see corrosion on the ABS rings behind the hubs? If so, clean it up with some wire wool and see that gets rid of the fault. Also, have you checked all your fuses? A long shot too...
  7. If you turn the leather over, can you see if it was glued in place? If so, I’ve used Timebond successfully on upholstery before.
  8. A while since I took the panel off but seem to remember the loom went straight from the switch to the window regulator inside the door panel. It’s worth seeing if you can close the switch and test the connector at the regulator end too.
  9. Just a thought, if the window drops when the door opens and the switch it good could it be the loom or connector between the switch and regulator?
  10. Hi, I’m not sure this will help as it’s Evora S1 related (and I don’t know if the 400 has the same alarm) but here’s a link to the manual. If you read through to the end of the section it looks like you can debug to see what triggered an alarm event. Perhaps, there’s a way to identify the cause of your problem using this facility?
  11. Another option, these fellas were top notch when I last used them:
  12. Hi, Here’s the wiring on my 2009 LE. Hope this helps. Steve
  13. Could be fuel pump related. I had a 3200GT that did something like this and it turned out to be the fuel pump relay. Other thoughts were battery connection, ignition switch or a rogue connector somewhere!
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