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  1. I bought my borescope from Amazon (other vendors are available) and it was very reasonable at £30, so a good investment. The cat/decat is very easy to get off so should be possible to do without taking it in somewhere. Good luck!
  2. Only thoughts I had were: Pre-cats melting or breaking up; Loss of wool packing in silencer changing back pressure; Loose supercharger hose. You might be able to check the pre-cats by dropping the de-cat/cat pipe and using a borescope from underneath. Hope it helps, Steve
  3. I can’t think of a reason why the pedal would drop halfway because of a mechanical clutch (plate, bearing or pressure plate) issue so I would think it’s more likely to be caused by a hydraulic failure. Might be wrong but hope I’m not (£££).. Hope this helps, Steve
  4. This one sounds more like the clutch M/C or slave to me. If the slave doesn’t depress the clutch plate fully then gears are going to be difficult to select.
  5. I checked mine today and these look like the cover mats that sit on top of the insulated carpet underneath.
  6. I don’t know whether the foam is attached but if it isn’t you could always raise the height with a piece of camping mat glued underneath. I’m sure ES would be able to tell you if they include the sound deadening foam.
  7. Elise Spares do these - Is that the same as in yours? When mine got wet I washed them in the washing machine and dried them on a low heat but that won’t help if yours have shrunk...
  8. Hi Bernard, The ground clearance on the Evora is very good - mine doesn’t make contact going onto my drive whereas my E Class does, so that will give you an indication. I’m sure there’s someone on here who lives near to you but you should be fine getting in and out with a 3m drive. Hope this helps, Steve
  9. My window drop on opening the door stopped working last week and I investigated today. I took the inside panel off but it was unnecessary as I managed to free the micro switch using silicone spray lubricant (although WD40 would probably work too) through the latch on the back edge of the door. I’ve attached 2 photos below in the first, I sprayed diagonally down through the gap at the opening to the latch slot. In the second photo I used a bolt to move the latch to the locked position which gave another 2 access angles, again I used the straw on the van to spray in and down onto the mechanism. I opened the latch using the exterior handle and repeated the spray lubrication a couple of times and it started working again. Only thing to remember is to make sure the latch is in the open position before trying to shut the door.
  10. Yes, very strong cars. If I remember correctly, the Evora that the guy rebuilt in B is for Build on Youtube had flipped on its roof after a big frontal impact and he got that back on the road (if I were him I’d have used a new front subframe though).
  11. It might be the micro switch in the lock - have you seen this thread? My suggestion would be to take the door trim off and soak the microswitch in wd40 to see if you can bring it back to life. Hope this helps, Steve
  12. There’s a guide on this thread if you scroll down:
  13. I did a bit more looking into the Blueprint discs and it turns out the brand is part of the Bilstein Group. Based on that, I’d say there would be nothing wrong with them either.
  14. Mine had done this before I bought it and eventually it wouldn’t come back at all. It seems that the housing seals aren’t perfect. Replacing the camera was one of my first jobs on the car.
  15. I’ve not heard of them used either but they might be okay - I have heard of these used though:
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