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  1. Hi Dave, My first thought was whether you’ve blow a fuse? This has happened to others on here when fuse C3 had blown (but it might also be the CDL module). Hope this helps, Steve
  2. I don’t have any experience of the one you mentioned but I purchased a Kenwood DNX5160DABS about a year ago and am very pleased with it. It has CarPlay, a Garmin sat Nav with free traffic subscription and many other toys.
  3. Congrats - looks to be a lovely car. Noticed in the description that the car has afterburner rear lights. In case it helps, I seem to recall that Gregs Race Parts halo lights have been linked to TC light issues see:
  4. I don’t know the thread spec but the head is 24mm A/F in case it helps.
  5. FWIW, I occasionally have a check engine light from the ETM that goes away if I clean both sides of the the connector with contact cleaner. I assume this is caused by oxidation of the (non gold) pins.
  6. Ditto. I service it myself and keep a full record of what’s been done along with receipts for parts. Evoras are straightforward to work on for a low volume production car. When I’ve been to see cars there seems to be no clear correlation between dealer servicing and car quality, so I’d rather see evidence of work along with car condition.
  7. When I changed mine, I seem to remember that there were some screws on the old HU that caught up on the frame as I pulled it out. Is there anything that you can use to act as a wedge to move the mounting frame out from the side of the HU casing as you gently wiggle and pull it out? You’ll need to push the unit back in before you try it in case the screw head is caught around something. That’s what worked for me (I can’t remember if I used a small screwdriver or the trim removal tool).
  8. Good find, I bet you’re relieved to have found it.
  9. Any good?
  10. I’m looking for a switchable V6 exhaust to improve the sound of my car. Does anyone have a used item that they no longer have a use for? Thanks, Steve
  11. @paranoidandroid I saw this today and wondered if you might be able to retrieve the side binnacle to fix your fault:[subcategories_also]=1&b[search_text]=Lotus+evora&b[whole_word]=0&b[classified_auction_search]=0&b[leveled_page][cat][1]=1&b[subcategories_also]=1&c=0
  12. Okay. When I had a release bearing go, you just had to take up the slack by touching your foot on the pedal to stop it. Hope you get it sorted soon, Steve
  13. I’m sure you’ve thought of this already but if you start to depress the clutch does the sound go? If so, could it be caused by the release bearing?
  14. Still looking for one.... @Bravo73 pm sent.
  15. Sorry, I thought the thread was about what colour you should go for. Shame they are only offering 2 colours, anthracite was a standard colour and looks really good too, so they should be able to offer that.
  16. I piggy-backed my dash cam supply onto the input into the HU on my S1. Seems reliable and neat. Hope this helps, Steve
  17. I’d see if you can somewhere else. These guys will do any colour you want in either 2-pack or powder coat:
  18. I think I saw you driving over the Ridgeway a few days ago! I nearly waved until I realised I was in my DD and it would have looked weird...
  19. I think @Bravo73 has this and has described it his car development thread. If it helps, I’ve seen a number of rear views through louvres on Evora vids on YouTube, if you have a look on this one at about 5:20 you get an idea .
  20. I’m looking to upgrade by standard exhaust to a MY12 valved model. If anyone has one that is surplus to requirements, please let me know. Thanks, Steve
  21. I bought my borescope from Amazon (other vendors are available) and it was very reasonable at £30, so a good investment. The cat/decat is very easy to get off so should be possible to do without taking it in somewhere. Good luck!
  22. Only thoughts I had were: Pre-cats melting or breaking up; Loss of wool packing in silencer changing back pressure; Loose supercharger hose. You might be able to check the pre-cats by dropping the de-cat/cat pipe and using a borescope from underneath. Hope it helps, Steve
  23. I can’t think of a reason why the pedal would drop halfway because of a mechanical clutch (plate, bearing or pressure plate) issue so I would think it’s more likely to be caused by a hydraulic failure. Might be wrong but hope I’m not (£££).. Hope this helps, Steve
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