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    Elan +2 (JPS) Should be finished early next year. Esprit S2 (complete) but needs restoration!
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  1. As I own 601G, I can confirm this. They were a pig to remove!
  2. Hi I thought that I would put my experience forward. I have just removed 2 turbo sills, retrofitted to an S2. Once I drilled out the 50!! rivets per side, I used a series of wide Beech wedges and with a mallet hammered half part way in, then wet them as they expanded put in the dry ones, then drove in the wet wedges. It took several steps to break the black mastic that had been used. It was a days work per side!! They are available if anyone wants them? Good luck
  3. It's great another JPS has been saved, I maybe biased, but still one of the most beautiful Loti ever made. Keeping it on a jewellery/silversmith theme!!
  4. It's great when you find gem among the chaff. I find it very sad to think of the beautiful pieces of art deco and art nouveau I have altered in the name of fashion!!. I'd love to show some of the big things that we have made but the clients are a bit touchy about it!! Dan E asked if my +2 is with GST, I don't know who that is. The car currently at Spydercars. They have now painted it and the gold metal flake roof looks amazing.
  5. Sorry, forgive my ignorance GST.? The sort of thing that you make after 5 years of training. Made by my Apprentice as her finishing piece. All made by hand!!
  6. As a Diamond Mounter working in central London you may this helpful (if are willing to travel to the capital)
  7. A good spot. But the 240 is not mine. The picture was taken by the previous owner, one of a few old Japanese cars that he had. It's the only decent photo of the S2 I have!
  8. Thanks for the post. Your car looks great. This is why this forum is so good that people can share their experiences. When my plus 2 is finished (late spring next year I hope!) I shall start on the S2.
  9. Hi I too need sills for my S2 (fortunately not the front spoiler). The only 2 company's I thought that can supply sills are SJ Sports cars or Boss Motors, the latter supplied me a rear section for my Elan+ 2, I believe from the original moulds and fitted by spider cars looked great. If it was one of these company's that you purchased your sills from, you could try the other. Sorry that's the best I can offer. I love to know how you get on as I'm going to be in the same predicament.
  10. Woodie


  11. I thought I put down a few notes on this topic. I was one of the bidders who felt that the Blue Esprit s2 was worth more than 12 grand. But I had to set a limit so I was outbid. I was in contact with the seller and informed me that he had another s2 and might sell it privately. I went and viewed the car and the deal was done, for slightly more than the blue Esprit. This one in red, is complete and showing 60, 000 miles. Unfortunately someone has fitted turbo sills (to be removed). It turns out (according to Lotus) the original colour is Gold and this can be seen trying to se
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