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  1. Unfortunately I'm away that weekend have a good one
  2. Sorry, I can't make it, I'll be on holiday if i can get though customs
  3. You can just see my +2πŸ™‚
  4. What a great morning. Thank so much Megan and Dave πŸ˜€
  5. I'm still good to go, if you can send the address πŸ‘ It will my brother and myself, is the time still the same?
  6. 17, My brother wants to come with me now. Sorry 19πŸ€ͺ
  7. The JPS collection is complete, Thanks BibsπŸ‘
  8. What a great reserection, The plus 2 is such a good car to drive πŸ˜€
  9. I wonder if this company has purchased Paul Mattys car parts section, which is up for sale at the moment?
  10. I would to come, but i have to train my daughter for 100 mile ride London in May (i know, i'm a cyclist !! keep this between yourselves)
  11. I think that it's this one
  12. I wish I'd thought of that one πŸ˜•!! Apparently the late King Hussein had a 1987 Esprit Turbo!
  13. The only Lotus in Jordan?
  14. I use Peter James Insurance for the +2 and off road for my S2 Esprit Tony
  15. Only 25mins for me, the +2 is to old for the ULEZ to apply!!
  16. I hope to be there, will I be the most elderly lotus? Regards Tony
  17. I would love to give the +2 a run out, but unfortunately i will be in Plymouth that weekend. Hope the weather stays good for everyone.
  18. Hi Great news that you have a JPS, and that it will be saved. I think that the Elan +2 is beautiful to drive, its such a shame it is not as well regarded as the 2 seater Tony
  19. Hi Yes, it's original colour scheme. One of the approximate 115 JPS built. They were not numbered like the later Esprit's. As the cars were manufactured in odd batch sizesπŸ€”. So working back the chassis numbers mine would be in the mid 80s of this amount
  20. I may run something similar in the S2 when I get to that point! Tony
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