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  1. Hi

    Yes, it's original colour scheme. One of the approximate 115 JPS built. They were not numbered like the later Esprit's.

    As the cars were manufactured in odd batch sizes🤔. So working back the chassis numbers mine would be in the mid 80s of this amount 


  2. Hi

    I thought that I would put my experience forward. I have just removed 2 turbo sills, retrofitted to an S2. 

    Once I drilled out the 50!! rivets per side, I used a series of wide Beech wedges and with a mallet hammered half part way in, then wet them as they expanded put in the dry ones, then drove in the wet wedges. It took several steps to break the black mastic that had been used. 

    It was a days work per side!!  They are available if anyone wants them?

    Good luck



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