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  1. Hi everyone! So after a nice test drive I'm convinced; I would like to buy a beautiful second hand Evora :) But after a careful research on the internet my enthusiasm has suffered a little shake because I've read not much great stuff ... I found out that all evoras (and I'm not just referring to models from 2009 but also more recent ones like from 2014) have tons of misfuncions: air conditioning that does not work, infotainment that does not start, cluch/transmition that does not work, windows that do not close, etc. Now, I do understand that people complain about anything and sometimes one is simply unlucky, but what got me is that I found many people describing the same problems ... EVORA owners over here, what do you tell me? Is it so troublesome? What problems have you guys had and how did you solve them?
  2. thank you all, you have indeed helped me out; now i just have to rent one for a weekend
  3. Hi everyone, my name is Lorenzo and I have a big doubt that I hope some of you can help me deal with. I'm young, with no back problems or anything else and I'm thinking of buying a car for my daily (or almost) driving ... I'd go either for a second hand lotus evora 2 + 2 (about 2013 or down there) or a porsche cayman of the same year. I am here because I'd prefer the evora because of its originality and unique character, but the cayman is famous for its ability to be "daily used" with no problems... How is it like to go around with an evora every day ?? And I'm not talking about driving emotions (I'm already familiar with those) but of practicality "inconviniences" like maybe parking it, feeling every single bump on the road, etc... Thank you all!
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