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  1. This is exactly what I am doing at the moment, but I thought maybe if seat is lifted a bit it would improve visibility
  2. Hi, I would like to make driving seat a bit higher as I am just 5'6" and side view mirror is an obstacle. how do I go about it? Thanks
  3. No didn't try that. Will overinflate again and try a drive....
  4. Tried overinflating but did not work I'm afraid. Any other suggestions?
  5. Problem with going to a dealership is that there isn't one where I live - Malta, otherwise I would have done so as the car is still under warranty. The closest is Rome in Italy. Thanks B30M. Will try out your suggestion of overinflating.
  6. Hi, I just got an Evora 400 (2016 model). The tyre pressure lamp in the dashboard is constantly. I checked tyre pressure on all wheels and seems fine but lamp remains on. any idea how to reset/switch it off?
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