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  1. Jack nut Rivnuts are much more of a pain to seat. I assume they are called Jack nut as they collapse like a scissor jack. Can of worms opened??
  2. Question for the faithful (things that pop in your head in the wee hours) My handbrake handle when knocked off doesn't sit flush to the sill top and has no spring to pull it back toward the sill. On my Aston (slightly different set up as its a true knock off handle) it is pulled flat to the sill when not in use. Should the Esprit one do this or at least sit flush as it annoyingly catches your foot when you enter. I think the gator may add to it sitting proud.
  3. You can fit them with an overlength hex bolt, allen key, ring spanner and a 13 mm nut Ian. Far easier than using the unwieldy tool. Getting the old ones out not great fun tho.
  4. New Jacknuts arrived for boot floor yesterday along with a new weather seal. will have a happy morning grinding whats left of the old ones out.
  5. No matter how much lube/heat/pry I gave two of the lock nuts and one end were seriously mated. Having finally freed the end I had to resort to cutting off the locking nuts. Probably a good job as the threads underneath were shot. Lots of easing oil, patience and a Dremel later the threads were recut, the ends zinc painted and the adjusters re assembled and replaced. I had one spare nut the right size but need to order another. It can get popped on when I have the rear properly aligned. A good coating of chain wax to help with future corrosion was applied after.
  6. Todays lockdown job was to finally get round to tackling the rear upper links which were just a mass of seized rust. Believe it or not that is after a good wire brushing on the threads. Time for some alchemy with Mr Orthphosphoric. overnight soak for the rest and hopefully there are enough flat faces left on the nuts to break em free
  7. I spend a lot of my life on motorbikes 12 months a year and for many years suffered from having to layer up to avoid the cold. I use one of these now which is a god send. I never put Winter linings in my gear now just have an thin armoured waterproof jacket, this and a t-shirt. soo much more comfortable. The seat pads work on the same principle, carbon fibre elements which take very little power to heat up. My jacket has a 10amp fuse and its never blown. On high it would broil you after an hour!
  8. If it helps this is the kit I bought.
  9. Bloody hell Barry I knew id forgot something!
  10. Hog rings, pliers and heat pads arrived this morning. Refit was slow and careful as it was a new type of job for me. when putting in the hog rings and green clips it gave me the opportunity to tighten up the cover a little to compensate for the natural stretching of the leather. now nice and taught and looking much more factory. Heated seat tested and working great. Really simple to fit. The pads have self adhesive edges but I supplemented that with high temp carpet adhesive. Rather than cut into the dash I have left the switch protruding and fixed to the console side of the front of the seat (close to the lumbar pump) so can be reverted at a later date without damage to the car. Nothing nicer on cool mornings.
  11. Yep, and done the old carb cleaner spray test round every joint and pipe. Engine has never been so clean lol. I will find it eventually its just so annoying !
  12. My dear old Mum said its not the length, its the width you have to worry about. You seem to have that very problem. Shame the weather has broke or it could have all been done outside.
  13. then simply pull up and off with the headrest (held with a little carpet adhesive) and unzip the rear. I didn't need to fully remove the cover to get to the offending break and a little of my kamikaze Pidgeon welding later and she was sorted. I've ordered some new hog rings and a tool rather than reusing the old ones as I have a future project of the air cooled variety coming for the 17yr old daughter that will invariably need retrimming so they will be useful. Also thought I would treat myself to a heated carbon fibre heat pad set. Once these all arrive I can rebuild and re install.
  14. Then remove the hog rings which fit through the canvas stitched to the seams of the leather cover and pull it tight to the frame which in turn gives the seat is sculptured shape rather than a baggy cover look. Lol, they are feisty those green springy suckers. Sorry for the blurry pics, my iPhone is well past its prime.
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