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  1. Bit of a wash and polish. Much better. Esprit off to Winter storage tomorrow.
  2. Off to see Bond now. Was going to take the Esprit (as you do) but I've SORNED it. Luckily we have another suitable Bond brand chariot (hiding behind old yeller)to fill the gap 👍
  3. A happy day off in a borrowed garage rebuilding window runners, adjusting the hood and repairing the door seals and general tidy up of the interior. Got to get her watertight and outside as the garage was borrowed to sort the Esprit jobs over Winter... mission creep.
  4. Shes Green... Not me in the reflection btw 😀
  5. Had a great Summer using the Esprit and other than the core plug failing in the inlet manifold (26mm cup and less than a quid) which I repaired with the manifold in situ the car has been completely reliable. Decided to SORN from today as I have plans to do some odd jobs over Winter. I have also bought another Loti to keep me busy on the cold dark nights….. more to follow.
  6. Esprit SE,S4 and GT3 inlet manifold core plug = 26mm Cup type. (can be removed and replaced in situ)
  7. ****UPDATE**** The Land Rover .99inch plug is too small. 26mm cup type plug fits spot on. Damn, another 37p plus VAT. Turning into an expensive repair... Put new spade connectors on the reverse light switch whilst the boot was out and somehow sorted my little boost leak at the same time so now we are running faster, brighter and a damn sight cooler! I guess its a £ well spent
  8. Land Rover 25.1mm (.99ich). 37p from local off road place 👍👍👍
  9. Scratch that, managed to pop the little sucker out 👌
  10. The one to the rear of the engine (nearest turbo) has sprung a pinhole. Can this be replaced in situ having removed the luggage tub or has the manifold got to come off? Asking for me, I haven't got any friends. 🙃 Thanks in advance
  11. Quarterly check in. Been using the car a few days a week since the MOT. Running better than ever! Nothing really to report other than the headlight flash has become intermittent (relay I'm guessing as normal usage remains unaffected) and although still functioning the air con isn't cooling at 100% so will need a little top up. Had a nice little care package arrive from SJ that i forgot i had ordered (back order parts). Car now sports the nice Lotus design badges on the front wings, a lid to the fuse box and new caps for the cooling system. My main concern now is the nice lady along the road who has allowed me to use her garage over past Winters has evicted me for her grandson's work van. The Beetle currently resides in a garage in the locale which could take another 3 cars (but full of stuff) and sits on its own plot. The elderly Gentleman who owns the garage refuses to take payment for me using it but also wont entertain selling it.
  12. Had a quick skim through eBay and with import duty and shipping we are looking at around £40 for 8 o-rings!!!! I think the baskets can probably be cleaned in the ultrasonic bath so if anyone can give the correct measurements of the o rings ill get a batch made up from a local supplier.
  13. Thanks Derek, i knew you would have the correct name for the thing. I knew it wasn't the balance adjustment but struggled to put it into context. Put a couple of hundred miles on her since your lifesaving surgery and the engine is now running night and day better for them. Thanks again for the help.
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