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  1. Haha. I watched Chesterfield briefly when I was at college because I couldn’t afford to go to Derby County. It’s not a cylinder thing for me Alan. I bought the Esprit completely on a whim in fairness. I have been a petrol head since I was a teen and my first ‘proper’ car after Mk2 escorts, MG Metros and XR3is was an M100 SE at 24. I had a number of car programs on video and Clarkson racing an Astramax van in a yellow Esprit was one of my favrorites. When the actual car he drove came up for sale and I fell a cross it I knew I had to burden myself with it. After 6 weeks of slog she is now drive
  2. Boom!... I salute you Alan with the Starbucks egg nog latte I bought with some of the savings. Whether it stops the exhaust fumes is another matter.. the gaiter, not the egg nog.
  3. Esprits are like Tesco’s.....Every little helps! Special thanks today go to Swindon Alan. Feeling a little irked at spending £32plus postage for a bit of rubber i trawled the TLF posts and fell across a cross reference from the above stating a £7 GT6 gear lever gaiter would fit my car. Took a punt and ordered...
  4. Of course the Mazda Cosmo?!? And the landy defender rate above Aston Martin DB5, DBS, Porsche 356 speedster, F40, TVR Cerbera etc etc etc. who writes this utter rammle?
  5. Also found the starting point for my damper heat shield creation. One o these. Charity shop to the rescue.
  6. New idle valve arrived from Rock Auto today. Definitely a smaller pintle. Will report on difference over the coming days. Centre consol out reveals what’s left of a hacked out inner rubber. Why am I not surprised. New one en route. Spent the morning repairing a £600 (non repairable, must replace with new) alarm control unit for an Aston Martin that once cut open just needed a new internal battery soldering in £4 online.... Job done, alarm now fully functional. Also repair3d a Smeg multi function microwave that had been butchered by a domestic appliance shop causing it to trip fuses.
  7. Really pleased with the radio reception. Kicks the arse out of my 2010 T5 camper van! Should be top drawer now then.
  8. Just read this on an RX7 forum of all places: ’Is aluminum really a good heat shield since it radiates heat so much? Would it not just absorb heat from exhaust pipe and radiate that heat upward towards intake and floor?"Heat transfer by radiation is proportional to the Temp of the source raised to the 4th power, minus the temp of the receiver raised to the 4th power. This is not a linear function; it is a very steep exponential function.Lets assume you have exhaust pipes at 1600 F = 2040 Rankineassume heat shield is 400 deg F = 860 deg Rankineassume intake manifold is 120 deg F = 580 deg
  9. Pulled off the loose and charred original tape, left the rest in situe. Gave the panel a light coat of high temp carpet spray adhesive to assist with tack. The aluminium tape is like double thickness tin foil with an adhesive back, maluable enough to do corners and grooves. Took about an hour. Got to find a suitable material to fab up the strut top heat shield. SJ make their own but buggered if I’m paying for someone else’s McGyvering skills.
  10. Had a squint at Mr Oogieboogies S4 today and confirmed it does need a gaiter. also realised I am missing a number of heat shields around the cat area and that I deffo need to get my new idle control valve in. A bit chilly on the driveway tonight so the project went indoors! one of those satisfying yet probably pointless jobs completed with the help of daughter who loves cutting and sticking stuff. Bling bling! Speaking of bling I’m not sure about Wayne’s ring. Would have to see one in the flesh.
  11. Thanks Barry. Confusing the hell outta me as it locks and unlock fine wth the key on the drivers side.
  12. Spent a few hours trying to sort the remote central locking today. Still getting multiple lock unlock when I press the buttons on the fob.i have noticed that if I try to lock my passenger door with the key it cycles lock unlock. Is this normal or could this be compounding my problems? Also noticed today that I have no inner gearstick gaiter. Should an S4 and if so is it the GT6 one? any help much appr3ciated. Shaun.
  13. The indicator side light pods are painted with chrome silver paint. They have a polished piece of aluminium wedged in on the side to increase the throw. I painted mine with some chrome spray from a craft shop recently and they are nice and bright now. Note the captive mirrors. My seals were goosed so I siliconed the rear of the lights to the bumper and made a new front gasket from adhesive neoprene strip from ebay
  14. Someone else’s turn to get their hands oily today. Big thanks go to Gav at Unit 4 Lotus in Burton on Trent. Cam belt change and front bearing repack. Gav obviously knows these Older cars well as he was workshop foreman for Peter Smiths for a good few years. Also deals with the latest motors as can be seen. Turned the job round in the day and very reasonably priced. A good chat and some pointers later I left for the very rainy trip back home. New wiper required!
  15. Morning all. Think I should have pushed sorting those heater vac hoses up the list. Won’t be driving her this morning!
  16. raised the silencer on the exhaust as it hung waaay ow nd looked very 80s Cosworth.
  17. Nice steady weekend this week balancing time with the family and pulling in a few less stressful jobs after the bumper/oil cooler marathon. finished wiring in the rear tweeters for the rear infinity components. Put them to the outside of the seatbelt appatures on the rear screen surround. One of the few changes I wanted to do from standard but I do like my audio and even without the amp (yet to be installed) the sound quality is much improved. Photos to follow in due course. commenced fitting of the alarm immobiliser. Car is now immobilised and alarmed but struggling to get the c/loc
  18. Looking forward to seeing you do the bonnet floor as it’s on my list of jobs.
  19. Thanks Ian. Mine was very porous, no sealant to speak of. It had been wiped over with really thick coats of black dye so I was amazed how light raven grey was darkened once the leather food was applied however. I also use a hot air gun and warm the area before and after spraying. That allows for a diluted thin coat to be flashed off in seconds ready for another coat.
  20. Special thanks to SJ who mirthfully put the spade connectors the wrong way round on the pressure sensor. An hour of confusion at massive oil pressure solved with a swap round. In all seriousness I’ve read a lot on the forums about recent issues with parts from SJ. I hope this isn’t going to become a theme as it can be easy to become complacent when you have market share of something and I would hate it to affect SJs reputation.
  21. Took the opportunity whilst I waited for parts to finish the leather. Here is a pic of the passenger seat post redye prior to feeding interior looks really good now. I’ve done several older Porsche’s with the Scuffmaster/HVLP touch up gun technique before but due to the majority of the interior being leather in the Esprit this transformation has been the most impressive. My tip for anyone doing this is forget the expensive solvent cleaner sold by leather companies, go to your local motor factors or paint suppliers and get a litre of cellulose thinners. Works far better at degreasing and r
  22. It’s a yes from me. Pay day = membership upgrade. New oil cooler installed. Caustic alchemy used to full effect.
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