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  1. Managed to get a few hours on project painful this afternoon. New rear hatch rams fitted so the broom handle is back where it belongs. Boot now raises half way when the lever is pulled.... Nice! Had a quick look at the HVAC system. Pump running constantly. Checked the T piece in the O/S/R wing and found when I block the cabin pipe the pump runs correctly and stops after 30 secs. Hopefully then this explains two problems away I.e just cold air blasting from centre vents,no temp or direction control and secondly wooden brakes. Will take her a spin tomorrow to see if they are any more responsive with the cab pipe feed bunged. finished stripping the scuff master from the interior and whaddaya know the interior is charcoal grey, not black at all. The head unit the previous owner raved about has been removed and will be placed in the 'bling bling head unit' section of t'eBay. Scouring for a suitable 90s head unit to replace it. The stereo harness has been butchered and front speakers not even connected. Soldering fun later this week then. Rear speakers have been replaced at some point with some marine spec drivers in white which will be the next to be removed. They will be going in the back garden for outside music in the summer. drop glass silicone lubed and not auto reversing now. not bad for a few hrs graft.
  2. quick pick of the interior 'enhancement' carried out by p.o. He was a lovely chap but not mechanically minded in the slightest. He trusted all maintenance to local specialists. Looking at his reconnolising skill that was no bad thing. Copious amounts of cleaner and some gliptone leather conditioner revealed a really nice leather with just the right amount of patina for its age. 2 hours work and a third of the cabin done.. long day at work hampers any progress today. Ps. Anyone got a fix for the banana shaped console lid??
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  4. Scam advert. Saw loads of identical ones when looking for a boxster earlier in the year. Avoid like the plague!
  5. Love Porsches. Had a cracking 3.2 Carrera that I sold 12 years ago for 7k that would be worth a bomb now. Had all manner of 911s, boxsters, 944s, a Cayenne Turbo for seven years and recently got a Cayenne diesel for the 'family' car (I paid, wife's private plate on it. Go figure!)
  6. Will do. I wasn't actually in the market for a car myself but fell accross the advert and had to get it. I still have the Top Gear episode on VHS somewhere and I guess it was a contributing factor in my love for all things mechanical. Had a few M100s and several TVRs but not had a fibreglass car for years. First responses are amazing. Neighbours on my street who have never spoken in 10 years have come to chat. Because of the fumes I only put small amounts of fuel in on the jeourney home but on each of He three fuel stops someone complemented the car including a guy in a brand new Alfa 4C. Never get that in the Cayenne...funny that.
  7. FFS! It will be reglasses and sandwiched with alloy strips for a proper permanent repair in due course. Other bills include a £40 charge from the company who have just made over 300 quid refurbishing the wheels to fit newcentre caps..... I kid ye not.
  8. Chavtastic sticker removal was no1 job. I know Barry but give hozelock their dues it was the only good bit in there. Within the bills was a receipt for 388quid from a well know and respected specialist for a repair to the body chassis mount.
  9. A good iron X, tar, snow foam and wash later revealed..... So the good bits are. Muuucho history and bills including full top end and gearbox rebuild at Lakeside 5k miles ago, RC injectors, sports cats and a Larini exhaust. Not so good bits a bit longer list including faults with drop glass, heater, oil pressure sender, oil temp sender, one wheel bearing and an interior painted with2 gallons of scuff master using a wallpapering brush.
  10. Horrendous fuel vapours in the cab which were cured with some new breather hoses. Note the colour coded link hose In Hozelock mustard yellow and for some reason a ford fuel line connector...
  11. So a friend of mine popped round this morning to look at my new toy. He's a mechanic and part time British Super Bike pit technician. After a good peruse he raised one eyebrow and with a chuckle said "You should have bought the Astramax van!" In fairness I was part way through ripping out the degraded fuel breather hoses so she did look a bit worse for ware but he knew better. If anyone was wondering, I just bought the 93 press car which was used for several magazines and the infamous Clarkson V plumber episode of Top Gear where he coined the phrase Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious... what could possibly go wrong? erm...many things. She's a bit tip toey and a lot grubby. Driving her home I was convinced the car had the biggest blow off valve that Halfords make attached. Turns out it wasn't so much what was as what was not attached...
  12. Fab ain't quite there yet. Every job I look at reveals 2 more. I knew this was going to be a long term project to get her road worthy (even tho it has a full mot by Helen Keller motors)
  13. Well the deal is done and she is on my driveway. After giving her a good clean and inspection I have tackled a few minor jobs and ordered the first batch of parts. Some good points, some work to do but all in all she's gonna be a good un I can feel it. Pics and thread to follow when I get chance.
  14. Had another long chat with the owner tonight. Agreed a price we are both happy with and will be inspecting and collecting this week if the car is right. The fact that it has been run, serviced and mot'd for 20years after said claim sort of swung it. Thanks for the responses.
  15. Thanks Mark. I guess you are right on that front. Not a blue one. Azure blue with cream is perfect for an S4S in my eyes. s4 needs silk red with mushroom or NM yellow with black/yellow piping. always been picky when it comes to colours...
  16. No an S4. Should this car fall through is that one to avoid or snap up Mark?
  17. Thanks gents. I will of course give the car a good going over but unless there is chassis damage I think after this time any faults with the repair would have raised their head by now. I am still keen on the car and have amended my offer by about 30%. 2 things I have to consider are a)that the car does need some work which will obviously now add up to a far larger percentage to the value of the car and b) That I want to keep her for the foreseeable future. All the parts to repair the vehicle would have been available new in the late 90s but due to their expense and lead time I could quite easily see a write off scenario for panel damage. Awaiting the seller to make their mind up on my offer.
  18. Have the opportunity tobuy an Esprit that i have been wanting for some time. Needs a little work to bring it up to where I want it and a price had been agreed however it transpires now that the car was a Cat C write off in the 90s. I have owned various newer cars and bikes on the register but these were far newer and so knew exactly how that effected their value. The car has been run, serviced and loved by its current owners for well over 10 years and I honestly believe they were unaware of the previous damage as they state they bought from a garage who didn't inform them. was hoping you guys would give some indication of the effect on the value of the vehicle. I don't think it will be the 40% you would expect on a newer vehicle but a second opinion is always helpful. Thanks in advance, Clarky.
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