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  1. Looking fantastic now. Would love to see it in the flesh to give me inspiration for my S4.
  2. Haha half asleep and not concentrating. Still need the pics tho if anyone can oblige.
  3. Morning all. In my attempt to put my S4 'right' I need a few pics of the correct mounting for the relays and ecu underneath the black cover on the passenger (UK) side of the front boot area if someone could oblige. I'm sure lotus didn't just tie wrap them all together and leave them dangling! Thanks in advance. Clarky.
  4. I'm hoping it's not called a fire wire for the wrong reason...
  5. IT LIVES!!!! Checked all the items suggested by the kind board members but to no avail. Absolutely dead. Checked power at battery again and it was still fully charged. Thought I would then follow the cable runs to see if there was a break. Stuck the tester prong on the starter live and earthed the other prong and heard a click of a relay somewhere up front. Checked the live cable and gave it a wiggle and everything came to life! Turns out it was pure coincidence that I was working in the centre console. Gave me a good chance to look under the front bonnet alarm ecu cover tho. The two bi
  6. Great. Will check that out when I get home tomorrow. Did have my hands inside there checking stuff.
  7. I want to do the roof lining including lift our panel and inside of rear window pref in light grey alcantara. The boot can wait a while but the headlining is very saggy and dirty.
  8. When you recovered the headlining did you have to do any stitch work or was it one piece? Also have you redone the rear window surround? Mine is a grubby, saggy grey mess.... and still the best part of the interior.
  9. Booked a local auto electrician to visit next Thursday. Says he loves working on classic stuff. In the meantime I can get on with other non power jobs and have a few hrs to figure it myself. The old alarm was removed by a lotus garage 3 months ago so I am convinced now that this is where the problem lies. Whether I find the fault or the ae does all previous tampering will be 'de connectored' as I am not a fan of scotch blocks, spade connectors or other bodge efforts and resoldered/heat shrink wrapped.
  10. Both I believe. I will join as a full member next month. Just had to join Club Lotus again for first time in 12 years for insurance discount. Nothing has changed there.
  11. Hi Ian. All elbows goosed so waiting for new ones. Not a battery issue for certain. I would put money on it being aftermarket intervention but the full shutdown is what is vexing me. I have a manual on cd rom. Got to get the old desktop up and running as I moved solely to iPad a few years ago. Knowing it's already been tampered with and the fact that when they removed the auto watch unit they also removed the lotus security makes me think bite the bullet and get a mobile auto leccy in to go through the dash wiring get the last of the old alarm out and fit a current basic immobiliser system for
  12. Battery showing 12.3v by the way. Complete electrical shut down including hazards...
  13. FIRST MAJOR PROBLEM !! Happily fiddling away with the vacuum t pieces under the stereo console isolating the bad elbow. Turning ignition on and off to check 30 second prime of pump then.... nothing! No dash lights, no ancillaries, no central locking, nada. i know it had an aftermarket alarm/immobiliser removed due to starting issues by po but surely this wouldn't kill the central locking. Took top of steering cowling off and can't see anything untoward. Would there be anything in the colnsole area that is a master fuse/relay which could cause this?.
  14. Managed to get a few hours on project painful this afternoon. New rear hatch rams fitted so the broom handle is back where it belongs. Boot now raises half way when the lever is pulled.... Nice! Had a quick look at the HVAC system. Pump running constantly. Checked the T piece in the O/S/R wing and found when I block the cabin pipe the pump runs correctly and stops after 30 secs. Hopefully then this explains two problems away I.e just cold air blasting from centre vents,no temp or direction control and secondly wooden brakes. Will take her a spin tomorrow to see if they are any more respo
  15. quick pick of the interior 'enhancement' carried out by p.o. He was a lovely chap but not mechanically minded in the slightest. He trusted all maintenance to local specialists. Looking at his reconnolising skill that was no bad thing. Copious amounts of cleaner and some gliptone leather conditioner revealed a really nice leather with just the right amount of patina for its age. 2 hours work and a third of the cabin done.. long day at work hampers any progress today. Ps. Anyone got a fix for the banana shaped console lid??
  16. Clarky5150

    Scam advert

  17. Scam advert. Saw loads of identical ones when looking for a boxster earlier in the year. Avoid like the plague!
  18. Love Porsches. Had a cracking 3.2 Carrera that I sold 12 years ago for 7k that would be worth a bomb now. Had all manner of 911s, boxsters, 944s, a Cayenne Turbo for seven years and recently got a Cayenne diesel for the 'family' car (I paid, wife's private plate on it. Go figure!)
  19. Will do. I wasn't actually in the market for a car myself but fell accross the advert and had to get it. I still have the Top Gear episode on VHS somewhere and I guess it was a contributing factor in my love for all things mechanical. Had a few M100s and several TVRs but not had a fibreglass car for years. First responses are amazing. Neighbours on my street who have never spoken in 10 years have come to chat. Because of the fumes I only put small amounts of fuel in on the jeourney home but on each of He three fuel stops someone complemented the car including a guy in a brand new Alfa 4
  20. FFS! It will be reglasses and sandwiched with alloy strips for a proper permanent repair in due course. Other bills include a £40 charge from the company who have just made over 300 quid refurbishing the wheels to fit newcentre caps..... I kid ye not.
  21. Chavtastic sticker removal was no1 job. I know Barry but give hozelock their dues it was the only good bit in there. Within the bills was a receipt for 388quid from a well know and respected specialist for a repair to the body chassis mount.
  22. A good iron X, tar, snow foam and wash later revealed..... So the good bits are. Muuucho history and bills including full top end and gearbox rebuild at Lakeside 5k miles ago, RC injectors, sports cats and a Larini exhaust. Not so good bits a bit longer list including faults with drop glass, heater, oil pressure sender, oil temp sender, one wheel bearing and an interior painted with2 gallons of scuff master using a wallpapering brush.
  23. Horrendous fuel vapours in the cab which were cured with some new breather hoses. Note the colour coded link hose In Hozelock mustard yellow and for some reason a ford fuel line connector...
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