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  1. You read my mind Barry. Been trying to score a can of brake and clutch cleaner all day. May as well be asking for unicorn tears, everywhere is on lockdown.
  2. Cable arrived today so straight outside and revealed TPS showing .51 at tick over so about bob on. The temp readings were also raising on the readouts suggesting the ECM temp sensor is fine. Reset the IAC which momentarily lowered by a smidge then back up into the teens tick over. Swapped out the IAC for a spare and identical performance. Looking like vac leak is the last remaining option. Pump not arrived yet but when it does ill strip everything back out and check the piping again.
  3. Pnm are still working and posting daily if that helps.
  4. Rattle or wadding burnt out not a problem. Wanted for a little side project.
  5. I would be cutting and inserting a 200cell cat into the de cat pipe. Would probably sort your booming and still give enough noise to worry the Fokkers
  6. I know the sound well... So do my neighbours lol.
  7. That's a great offer thanks. I'm hoping to source an old standard exhaust system so will keep you posted and in mind. Out of curiosity how much louder was she when you swapped out the old cat?
  8. If all else fails any good locksmith should be able to spring the 1980s locks fairly quickly.
  9. If you haven't used those door keys in a while they may well be gummed or seized up. a gentle wiggle, turn and patience may be all that's needed. A small amount of WD or similar may help but make sure you blow it out with compressed air at a later date or it will just attract further crud in future.
  10. Ha ha, no worries Barry. Hopefully someone else will have one lying around. Steve Strange has one in but I would rather my beer tokens stay 'in house'
  11. Star man Barry. I intend to keep both set ups but I have to get her pinging hot to get through emissions so a quiet system to go on for MOT time is always an option. My local garage always take the Michael somewhat when I arrive with any of the 'loud' ones in the fleet (particularly the Ducatis as they are bloody shouty!)
  12. I currently run a Larini with a 100 cell cat but would like to see how much quieter the standard back box is. Has anyone got one taking up space that some beer tokens may be swapped for??
  13. Noted Derek. Once the pump assy is in place I think I will rip the plenum back off again and check everything over once more. She wont be going anywhere for a few weeks so no hurry really.
  14. Clarky5150


    I have a micro micro brewery at home and love brewing all grain. One thing we aint running out of in this house is beer lol.
  15. New cable ordered from @internets I will get the software downloaded this week. I am however strongly convinced that the problem is being caused primarily by the ecm temp sensor mounted under the intake manifold. Any error with this faults it to tell the engine it is cold and increases the revs accordingly. I will inspect that in the coming days. Today however is given over to one of my other pastimes. Its all grain brew day. Home isolation has taken its toll on my stocks so 23ltrs of 'Peroniclone' currently being brewed. If I get chance ill sort an Imperial stout later. That beauty takes
  16. Drop her off Derek. Ill sort your calliper/door lock and you sort my rich and lumpy running/ABS flashing on the Esprit lol.
  17. Thanks Derek. Hope you are keeping well. Have you finished that Mister 2 yet?
  18. I know what you're saying Barry. The screws had backed out a fair way so it would have been out of spec already. I need to sort this tick over/check light issue before I can even think about WOT.
  19. I can cross that bridge when I do a full service next month. Need to get her running first tho.
  20. I agree Barry. I need the interface though so any pointers for a USB version would be great.
  21. With the blank in place and plenum replaced I thought I would fire her up to check the fire wires etc. I got an engine check light and an unusually high tick over. Happy I have no air leak from the intake system so read the codes and got a code 35. The IAC valve was working fine prior to the pump removal so don't think that is the culprit. Interestingly I found the TPS screws had worked loose and note that turning it clockwise, raising the tick over further and then anti clockwise drops the tick over to the correct speed for around 5 secs before the ECU ups the tick over back to around 1800 rp
  22. Whilst I wait for my pump I thought I would check over the remainder of the system. The same crystalline white substance was blocking the charge cooler to reservoir outlet so I cleaned it through and gave the full system a good flush through as I didn't want any nasties blocking the new pump. A nice river of rusty water later and refilled the system with red coolant mix using a long pipe and our friend gravity. All ready for introduction of the new pump to the circuit and bleed.
  23. Thought as much. Ideally I would want an ALDL to USB as I don't have a laptop old enough for serial port. Any clues as to the best place for them. Eastern shores wont be a problem as im not in too much hurry.
  24. May be a strange question but I have seen adapter cables from GM OBD1 to OBD2. I have a really comprehensive OBD2 machine and wondered if one of these would allow it to read my S4 or is ALDL to USB and laptop my only option?
  25. I'm certain of that Barry. When I drove her through the 2018/19 Winter I was always surprised how well she performed on cold crisp days.
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