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  1. Ive seen them remove bonded in side windows on campervans with cheese wire. I have plenty of guitar strings around so will try that method. Its a tight channel so cant see an issue with alignment. The window itself has positioning dimples on the bottom edge so rebuild will be fairly painless. Paul, don't forget a stripe of window primer on the glass before using the Sikaflex or it may not adhere properly. rather than buy a tin you may want to call past a windscreen fitting company for a quick application in return for a couple of quid to their tea fund ;)
  2. If all else fails it will be vice, hammer and dustpan/brush action. Heat gun should sort the remnants.will have to wait til after family holidays now. Yet another ‘should take an afternoon.....’ special.
  3. Thanks Glyn. Its actually the weather strip retainer that corroded and curled back creating steel claws that have gouged the window over the years. However the po could stand it was beyond me and 2 minutes trimming off the offending items cured the cause. The damage however is very deep, I would say over 1mm so no chance of a flat and polish im afraid. Still need to figure out how to remove the guide trim from the window once its free.
  4. Ok after doing some research and applying a little warmth I have managed to pop the mounting balls nylon retaining slides so glass is free to move. No amount of adjustment on the rear of the frame seems to assist the window leaving the vehicle. Have I got to completely remove the upper window frame to jiggle the window glass out?
  5. The drop glass in my Esprit S4 is scratched to death. I have managed to purchase two new panes but immediately noticed they come without the metal guide trim on the bottom. I will need to somehow remove the old one from the glass as new ones are now obsolete. Can anyone give any advice on: the removal of the actual window (I have already removed the door trim etc) and if it is possible to remove and refit the metal trim from the bottom. Thanks, Shaun.
  6. Good call on 5 3/4 light surrounds Barry. Might need to mock up a prototype but well worth the effort
  7. Wow, not updated the blog for a while I notice. I must admit the running resto has given way to just enjoying the car over this lovely weather (and a bathroom refit). I have however completed a few little jobs including... 1. finally finding the last of the leaky breather hoses and giving the cockpit a full valet to finally rid the exhaust/fuel smells. 2. New door seals. 3. Engine general clean and spruce. 4. MOT (first pass without advisories on the car for about 15 years so must be doing something right).
  8. That Raptor stuff is fantastic. The Yanks cover their pick up backs in it from new. Next time I have the wheels off yellow peril I will be applying some. Smell is everything when it comes to car products but for the love of god what makes us have a sniff in the first place???
  9. With the Esprit you end up redoing most jobs at least biannually anyhow so get used to the 'twice' scenario. If god had wanted us to play with reliable and easy to work on 80s style coupes we would all have 944 turbos.... but where would the fun be in that. (love 944t btw)
  10. Welcome to the 'FFS how hard is this (insert job title) on an Esprit compared to every other F'ing car I have ever worked on' club. The bad news is its always the same. The good news is all jobs on other toys become laughably easy from here on in! OMG I see you have an Alfa.. I am preaching to the apologies.
  11. Its a few hours work and then piece of mind. Barry is right once that belt has been run on that sprocket its scrap as its integrity cant be trusted... Like the board says you have recently removed all the hardware so should come away without issue. Good luck.
  12. Spotted whilst looking at a possible property purchase. Looking at the ground erosion around it I would think its been there a while.
  13. I use a Gibson LP as one of my gigging guitars. Bought it after years of grief from our lead G as I play a PRS CE24 mainly with a couple of Hamers as fall backs. The Gibson is a nice guitar no doubt but the Hamer SATQ double cuts I own (both under 250 quid second had and then fitted with SD re-issue bridge pups) are as good and a damn site less fragile for stage work. The PRS is in a different league. Same goes for customer support. Best guitar I own by a country mile (and I have a fair few). Just my two penneth.
  14. ....The car that coined the phrase 'Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious', Top Gear circa 1993. Press car used in several articles...
  15. Mine are the struts for the winged tailgate sourced from SJ but just not quite powerful enough to do the full lift.
  16. I am trying to find a better version of the clip from Top Gear where JC races an Astramax van in an S4. The ones on Youtube are quite poor quality. Can anyone help with this please??
  17. I think we have crossed ideas here. Here is a photo of how high the tailgate lifts by itself. Maybe 60cms, not 30... This is how high with a little human assistance... The company who make the aftermarket struts is based in a town near to me. I intend to visit to see if they can make a set with extra pressure to do the full lift as in the video. Will post my results.
  18. I put new struts on mine about 6 months ago. on a warm day they lift the tailgate around 30cms. I have never seen an Esprit tailgate open so far as the video. I think an out of shot hand may have 'assisted'
  19. Listen to the gremlins in your head... 'Go ORANGE my son'. Its what you wanted. I don't think it will affect its value one jot if the resto is good.
  20. Now that I can believe! Amazing what you can buy for a few quid now Barry, that would have been hundreds prior to eBay and such.. If the gauge in the car does read low is there any way to put something inline similar to the anti slosh for the fuel to rectify? I can hear Barry gasping in despair but I always have an eye on what a potential buyer would think come sale time. Red light spells danger to the uninformed. or find a more suitable sender....
  21. I hear what you are saying however in this recent hot weather I have been getting the red light illuminating briefly when up to temperature when pulling away from standstill. I appreciate this may be within specs but they couldn't have done that when new or owners would have been returning them. There must be something that can be done in 2018 to sort this 1980s engineering issue (pulling the red light is not an option)
  22. Nicely done Barry. Did you sort the low oil pressure when warm issue?
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