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  1. One look at the rotten jubilee clips made me realise this hadn't been off for a while. Once the 10mm was out using a ratchet ended spanner, a gentle persuasion with a No2 tapping stick (see hammer) started the housing to trun. Further pulling and twisting finally got clearance and out she popped. The impeller within is an unusual thing as it is designed to brush along part of the slightly ovaliod housing and looks a bit like a submarine screw prop. At least it should do.... The shaft was spinning within the plastic impeller but that sucker was seized in and had been for a wh
  2. Wow, time flies. Just to update the thread I took the peril off the road for Winter this year having scratched my Porker itch again with not one but two Cayenne turbo S's that needed a little love and attention. It was always the plan to put her back on the road for May 1st with the fortnight running up for prep. Then came the home isolation/lockdown for the Coronavirus. All change! Time to get some of those 'on the list' jobs done. A few hours on the battery conditioner before hooking the battery up and a few seconds of WOT turnover to get the oil moving and up she fired first time
  3. Thanks Ian. I guess a bit more work goes into them than I imagined. Would you recommend the PNM kit or are there more effective solutions. It wasn't on my to do list as I intended to put her back on the road for 1st April however it appears I may have some time at home to kill..
  4. Anyone got one they are not using or for sale? Paying £30 plus postage to SJ for one rankles when its a simple cnc'd blank.
  5. I know its more work Barry but I am looking to do the oil pump refresh as discussed in this thread . That oil pump looks temptingly easy to get at in your picture and for a few hours fettling might be a worth doing? Imagine no flickering oil light on hot days, just imagine it! A head gasket and turbo rebuild seem a small price to pay.
  6. Bad luck mate. On a positive note the bugger let go in January and not June so she should be in fine fettle for the Summer
  7. Wow! She looks a different car now. Must have a drive over and see the job in the flesh. The yellow peril will need painting next year.
  8. Can’t wait to see the results. Is it a local shop to us?
  9. So the next job is front discs and pads. I know it’s a hub off job. Does anyone know of a walkthrough posted anywhere to assist with torque poundages etc?
  10. For the size of the disc £80 plus VAT a corner is hardly cheap. Would be interested if anyone can cross reference the rear discs. Front ones are Toyota Celica BTW
  11. That’s a Brahma right there Barry (or maybe a Cochin) lol.
  12. Thanks for the reply Ian. Its actually the adjuster knob not the spring platform. I keep these lathered with chain lube which seems to do the trick. My wife gave me that knowing glance when I mentioned I was asking advice on the forum for problems with a stiff knob.
  13. I have coil overs on myS4 and the platform had to be wound up 20 mm on off side rear to get the car level. Quite common apparently.
  14. The aircon has been fantastic over what was the hottest weekend of the year btw. Very pleased in that department
  15. Brake overhaul started this weekend with disassemble and clean rear callipers. Slides were solid on one side and the piston was very stiff to wind back in on t’other. New pads and a clean up of the discs which although have been on a few years had done very few miles so we’re retained. One ABS sensor had been replaced but the drivers side was original and in solid. I needed to clean it to hopefully eliminate an occasional ABS light flash so had to persuade it out and replace with a new one from SJ. One of my pro tech damper adjusters has seized. Annoying after only low miles. Has a
  16. Just had mine completely refilled with the R12 equiv. 1300g If its just a top up watch the sight glass and do by eye. See here..... Bottom of page.
  17. Wow! My poor S4 lives outside and is driven 12 months a year and has no where near that amount of corrosion. The before pictures look like they have been continually sprayed with salt water for years.
  18. ‘‘Twas a loose connection on the sender. I must have nudged it at oil change.
  19. A full day today sorting all the HVAC system and reversing some heinous bodge work by a ‘Lotus specialist’.Just been for an extended test drive on a warn moist muggy evening with air con blasting out resulted in almost frozen face! Result indeed. All the work under the dash seems to have sorted several annoying squeaks and rattles too. Bonus.
  20. Thanks for all the help gents, we have a winner!!! So here is the answer to the puzzle. On a previous repair on behalf of the p.o for which I have the receipt from a 'reputable' Lotus specialist they had taken the recycle flap out of the loop and removed the T-Piece (the elbow at the recirc. actuator was crumbled and obviously couldn't be arsed to skin the required knuckles to get to it. It transpired that when they put the remaining bits back together they used the wrong vac valve. I swapped that back, reinstated the recirc pipe and T piece but STUPIDLY assumed when said specialist
  21. OK all plumbed in correctly now but still having issues. Once the valves have been opened and pulled the front flap down for outside air and the vent flap for windscreen demist is engaged when you close the vac valves surely there should be some kind of de vacuuming happen to allow the recirc flap to raise and the eyeball vents to be fed with air?
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