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  1. I know the SE and S4 engines can show ridiculously low oil pressure when warm at tickover.. Saw this on a performance site. Would one be a possible solution??
  2. Yes it does matter but does it matter enough to stop you from creating the car you want. For me an S1 always looks perfect in white. An S2 however looks amazing in Yellow. Just the addition of the extra black trim on the S2 and the black centred wheels does that for me. S3, Essex or JPS, Stevens calypso or white. S4 Norfolk mustard or Silk red S4S azure blue. V8, quite liked the greeny grey and the lovely light metallic blue for the facelift cars..... Sorry got a bit carried away there but to me colour makes or breaks a car even by different models.
  3. Old man gold as my wife calls it
  4. I couldn't see it either but it should be trapped by the glass unless someone has removed it. If not here are some more photos for reference.
  5. Here's a link to a walk through to repair the lacking detente. Hope it's useful for someone. about halfway down page 7.
  6. Put a walk thro for the mirror repair on my resto blog Barry.
  7. I used a large head rivet and shaped the head to fit. A rivet gun won't fit all the way in so add a small nut to the rivet shaft to give the riveter nose something to push against. Rebuild is simply reverse order. once the detente is working you may need to fine tune the position of the body. This can be done by sliding up the black plastic collar (very brittle, patience required) and loosening the small hex head grub screw. Twist the body to the desired position and re-tighten. Jobs a good'un!
  8. the Spring tab lives here Drill out the old rivet supporting the frames from behind so as not to stress the monkey metal main body and do the same for the spring.
  9. The tab can be seen at 9 o'clock on the image. The ring is quite stiff and the plastic brittle so I advise lining and freeing up before relocating at the end of the repair. Next remove the glass adjust motor ring by removing three small torx screws. Remove the 3 Philips head screws securing the painted outer cowl.
  10. DRIVERS DOOR MIRROR REPAIR For the uninitiated the door mirrors used on the SE onward Esprit is sourced from Citroen (a company synonymous with reliable and robust creations) used on the CX so as you can imagine it is held together with crappy plastics and monkey metal. The central turrets are known to shear but another common problem is the detente which locks the mirror back in place after being folded in for tight spaces gives up the ghost. Thanks to Eeyoreish for suggesting it might be the spring which may have come detatched. Trawled the tinternet for a walk through but couldn't find one so made one. Fiddly to do but can be done in situe. Far easier if you happen to be removing the door cards etc for another job. The mirror glass is removed by sliding the small tab under the gas in the centre toward the left. This unlocks the ring and the mirror will come away. Inside you should find the broken off Spring.
  11. Plenty of time to rebuild that wing mirror then Barry... Plenty of photos or video please
  12. I've spoken to the guy who made the anti slosh units for the Esprit but he no longer makes them. He does however produce a better generic version and sent me the following reply: Hi Shaun, we don’t make that particular module, instead we make a more generic unit. the new unit has adjustable damping covering a much wider range, it is more accurate and has more features. the downside is that it takes a bit longer to set up as it is not specific to the Lotus the gauge wizard if someone were to give me the 5 sender resistance readings at empty 1/4 1/2/ 3/4 and full I could add them to the list of presets in all the units we ship, this would make it very easy to set up. best regards Chris Chris Horne MSc. Cert.Ed. From: Contact Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2018 4:21 PM To: [email protected] Subject: Contact Form Message Hi. Do you still make the anti slosh unit for Lotus Esprit to slow the sensitivity of the needle? Thanks, Shaun. About Us Customer Service +44 (0) 7859106329 Spiyda Ltd 54 Bridgnorth Road Stourbridge, DY8 3QG, United Kingdom Would anyone have these readings to hand or be able to get them? Multimeters are a black art to me I'm afraid.
  13. A very neat install Barry. You would have certainly failed the TVR spaghetti birds nest wiring course with those skills.
  14. Well done Barry. Amazed at the speedy turn around. Looking forward to your detailed wing mirror repair as I have one exactly the same. Also have big wind noise from the door seals. must be a mustard thing with the wind.
  15. Ahhh I see you are recommending the number 2 tapping stick. I'd go with a number 3. Requires more effort but better precision. Would also suggest having a 3rd leg to agitate the brake pedal whilst the thraping takes place. Should do the trick. Does the S4s have a bias valve for the rear brakes. Could be jammed if so.
  16. Went to the launch of the new Porsche Cayenne at Sheffield Porsche last night. Mrs C was out in ours so gave the Esprit a run to test the new lights. Was running late and as I haven't detailed the paint properly yet I broke my own rule and took it to the local Polski wash. Give the lads there due they were very good and didn't start at the bottom and work up as I've previously witnessed. They all took turns having their photo took with the car. At JCT600 I watched as several parties (including staff) walked past the row of Gt2RSs, Caymans and Macans to look over the Esprit. As I left a guy with his young lad was taking photos so stopped to have a quick chat. Total car nut who announced if he could have any car there it would be the Lotus. Topped off whilst I was queueing to join the M1 going home 4 guys in a new CLA Amg pulled along side and shouted nice car mate! I have owned some very nice cars and driven a fair few more but I have ever experienced the love that this car gets. No wonder the prices have firmed up massively over the last few years.
  17. Had a dabble with fitting SMD Led headlights. Had to butcher the heat sinks to fit and looked very chavtastic. Removed and replaced the completely knackered lights with a set of classic car lamps from t'eBay. Only 5 3/4 jobbies but all 4 cost half of the cost of one PNM lamp. Look fine and work brilliantly.
  18. Lip on bonnet returned to textured black instead of body colour Lip on bonnet returned to textured black
  19. A dose of bacterial chest infection and lousy weather have slowed jobs to a crawl of late. Not great for pictures either but.....progress! rear wheel bearings done. No more 'whump'ing at speed. Tracking redone so the steering wheel isn't a quarter turn out (thanks to Stevie Wonder for the first effort but I would stick to the keyboard pal). abs sensors cleaned. No more random yellow light activation. sunroof lining retrimmed in tailors grey alcantara (incredibly close match to original but shagged trim) Coil packs now sorted. new bracket made and fitted for Larini exhaust. New grille fitted to nose and under trays refitted from the rhinoplasty last year.
  20. Barry the picture of your new toy outside for the first time looks epic. Your blue S4 is nice but surely you have seen the light when it comes to Norfolk Mustard.
  21. Looks great Pete. I need to get the O2 sensor back to you. Snow sort of got in the way. Will you be at the garage Sunday?
  22. Managed to get the replacement pack for 2/3 on and the new O2 sensor before the rain came. Still an intermittent Miss on tickover but back up and running. Will get second pack on asap. Managed to get a quick spin out. Feels more responsive again. Placebo effect? Looking forward to getting the second pack on. Certainly testing the new pack by removing a lead from plug showed a significantly stronger spark than the old pack.
  23. Did both Barry Pack 2/3 still down. New packs en route. No point playing the guessing game. On an aside finally got the coilovers set about right. Felt nice today on the way home from work.
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