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  1. Well the pack went from weak spark to no spark with a dousing of contact cleaner so something is definitely amis there.
  2. Ok coil packs taken off and cleaned. Noted a small amount of cracking in 2/3 packs rubber shell. Sprayed liberally with contact cleaner. Rebuilt. Now firing on 2 ? Here is a close up of the pack in question. Would these be significant enough to cause the misfire/cold start throttle issue and by dousing them with contact cleaner will it have exasperated the issue? Hoping the answer is yes.
  3. Interesting Barry. I used to have an XR3i back in the day and when the rammle motorcraft leads went bad you could see the spark tracking down the wire at night. Looked great and made me think how cool a mod it would be to have clear spark lead sheaths....... I was young and it was 1987.
  4. Very little progress due to the first proper winter we have had for a few years. Managed to test fit Petes spare O2 sensor and there seems to be some improvement. Less pops and bangs on the overrun and generally smoother all round. New Bosch sensor en route. Still have the mystery hiccup at tickover and still hesitant when started from cold. Coil pack next on the list. You may recall me mentioning the loose O2 sensor when I first bought the car which I duly tightened up. Having removed it fully now I got chance to inspect it.... Guess it had been loose some time prior to my ownership...and fitted with a hammer and chisel! Tad of ceramic grease to aid fitting of replacement.
  5. Saw this in the flesh today. A very nice job indeed! Makes my transit headlining trim look rather poor by comparison.
  6. Noted. Hope its more reliable than their shonky dishwashers.
  7. I think ive found a suitable replacement on Alibaba Barry. Is 'The Hammamatsu Lawn Mower and Dangerous Toy Company' a decent brand or should I go for one of them BOSCH jobbies??
  8. Its a long and not very interesting story but due to contractual idiosyncrasies I have no choice in what time I finish. Don't get me wrong, I don't have to dig holes in the rain and am paid reasonably well for my efforts. I have a plan to reduce my hours a fair amount upon reaching the big five O but that is a few years away yet.
  9. Big thanks to Sailor Bob who came over today and ran his technical eye over the car. A clean bill of health in the diagnostic department save for one thing. my Lambda sensor seems to have a lazy lob! at cruising speeds the graph spikes and dips as expected but at tick over my 'pulse' slows considerably. Maybe good for an athlete but not normal it seems for an Esprit. The general consensus is an aged O2 sensor. Anyone else had similar?
  10. Washed and dried 'Damien' today. I might have to rename the car now because now the suspension is about dialled in and geo something like an amazing transformation has occurred. The car no longer wants to kill me every time I take a bend!
  11. Man, I wished I didn't work 60 hour weeks. It's amazing how fast you can turn a project round with enough time, knowledge and a financially unobtrusive other half.
  12. Looking great. Well done for getting stuck in with the flu. My office is like a ghost ship since Christmas.
  13. Anything is an improvement. Bass response is generally poor as the enclosure behind the rear speakers is about a litre and the speakers have no room to move air. I considered putting a port in but the results would have been negligible. A slim under seat woofer is the only option I can think of behind the passenger seat but it would mean I could only carry an Umpa Lumpa as a passenger.
  14. They are NOT the keys. They fit the BL door locks prior to 93. These are.....
  15. Not sure on the screw hole widths as mine are in now. If it helps mine are Pioneer Ts and the original grilles went straight on. Those RFs should sound significantly better. I run the components as the treble is either lost or very brittle due to positioning of front speakers. The rear tweets allow you to run significantly less treble but have a far better sound and sound stage.
  16. 18 ft crusader with an 80 merc with power trim and tilt. Did the round Isle of White challenge with my mate skiing behind it. Had to link to pull ropes together because the swell was sooo big. Good times. I worked at Mill Rythe.
  17. Lived and worked on Hayling as a younger man in the late 80s life guarding at one of the Warners camps. Had bugger all money but a half share in a ski boat. Spent most of the summer skiing in Langston harbour or cruising my MG Metro up and down Southsea. No cash and not a care in the world. Good times ?
  18. If I'd have known about that one it would have been on my drive not yours lol.
  19. Nope, crimp connectors. If your fronts are like mine were the paper cones were shot. Marked improvement with some decent aftermarket coax's in there. Don't be tempted with the Halfords stuff, better off getting some used infinities, pioneers etc off fleabay for same price. fyi I mounted some infinity components in the rear. Big improvement in clarity but bass response very limited due to the tiny enclosures. You may still struggle with the far screws with the drill chuck. Think there is only about 30mm clearance! Old v new front drivers.
  20. I did mine binnacle in situ. Get a Philips head bit from one of the multi head screw drivers they sell at most petrol stations halfrauds etc and put it in the end of a small ring spanner. Secure it with blue tack or tape. Slow and steady is the name of the game.
  21. Ahh, the plot thickens. A mate of mine said he was buying an S4S locally that needed work. Guess you beat him to it.
  22. Mine gets out most days. Bit too icy up our way today however.
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