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  1. My spare is a Silca branded aftermarket key which says YM and 27P on it. Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks Barry. I could only find the parts section. Need my eyes sorting as well as the geo.
  3. I am struggling to find the geo settings for the S4 and mine is going in on Monday for set up. I'm sure I skim read a post some months ago where someone posted the best settings which may or may not have been factory spec. I ideally want to dial out some of the chronic oversteer I am currently suffering. any pointers in the right direction would be gratefully received.
  4. Great car Barry. Are you happy the engine was out solely for the tanks, manifold and clutch or will you be splitting it just to make sure?
  5. Nope both in use. Original springs so one may have sagged more over time I guess. Don't think any more work will get done till post Christmas now.
  6. To get the rear to sit evenly I've had to wind the off side damper up another 15mm compared to the near side. Is this normal?
  7. Snow halts play unfortunately. Had a chance however to start setting up the shocks. Rear now about right on near side. Off side still low. Took her for an extended bedding in run today. One really good positive of the new dampers is the braking is now very good. 80 to zero pulls straight and true and stops really well. Unbelievable really to say most people hate the delco system.
  8. I think he has enough on his plate right now without another project. Would even pass muster with some futuras and backdate the back end for me but don't like it as is I'm afraid.
  9. Even if it's tatty it should fetch 15k plus....Then 5k to sort it and return it back to S4 spec ?
  10. Chillidoggy 2,054 Posted Sunday at 01:38 I'd be interested to see those front damper bushes if you can find them, Barry. The parts manual shows something similar front and rear The rubber is formed into the inside of the top mount. Mine was shaped to the end of the pigtail on the spring but that might be wear as oppose to design.
  11. Changed plenty of springs in the past. Yes they are long goddam springs. It took 2 of us to get the top nuts on so not looking forward to disassembly to put the aftermarket ones on. Will get the rear height set properly and see how she looks.
  12. Just a pair of sealey spring compressors, small ones. Did em nice and gently with the air gun. Think I might end up changing them out for the pro tech aftermarket ones. Will they fit on the larger adjustment rings does anyone know please?
  13. Woohoo. Good good news! Got around to fitting the Protechs yesterday. Good bad news. Front still looks very tip toey. Maybe keeping the standard springs not a good idea. Bad bad news. Reintalled my iPad and lost the photos from the fitting so no pics to show alas ?
  14. Threw it in temper. Bolt holding front damper in place. Will sort this week. Honest. Thinking keeping the standard front springs with the pro techs may have been a mistake. Horribly high on the front at the mo. Will retention everything at the weekend to see if it drops a little.
  15. Ps. If you’ve got a nut with a very fine thread to fit the bolt holding the front lower bush in the suspension in your box of bits I’ll gladly give it a new home In the name of originality I agree with your solution but drilling out them bolts be a lot of work when you can just drill 10mm to the side ?
  16. Big bar on socket. Shear off bolts. Remove seat. Unbolt subframe. Drill and tap runners. Insert stainless m8 bolts. Drill new holes in floor. Refit. 1 hr max. Lotus specialist would charge 250 for the privilege.
  17. Body to chassis mounts in rear both now repaired using steel plate sandwiching the glass fibre. Tiger sealed riveted and bolted. Well over engineered and reminds me of a girl I once new. She ain’t pretty but she sure is strong! rear end now raised a good 20mm and no longer looking tip toed. Suspension feels far more compliant too but might be just placebo...... on the subject of sussies. New toys from SJ arrived today. Early Christmas pressie from the long suffering Mrs C. Spangly new coil overs. Next job I guess.
  18. Hated it when I saw it in acid yellow launch photos. Much better in the tungstenish grey. Still hate the front end. Interior looks chav corsa. in fairness I hated the DB11 from the launch photos but it looks far better in the flesh. Fingers crossed for the same here. I guess the difference for me is when I saw the press launch of the 05 vantage I was so smitten I put a deposit down the following day. Glad I didn’t this time around.
  19. Still getting a whiff’o fuel from the engine bay. I’m hoping I have disturbed a breather pipe while sorting the HVAC. Will investigate at some point. I do have RC injectors and noted when they were fitted that the specialist was concerned about their sealing and suggested they may leak. Anyone had similar experiences??
  20. Light deteriorating so sorry about the photo quality. Top plate offered up ready for shaping. Both bits from u/s items Some bending, fettling, sikaflx and fibreglassing and we will be ready for the anti vibration mount. Plates will be riveted together with a fglass filling to make a strong and permenant repair.
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