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  1. Or not it would seem. I have some spade connectors with nothing attached. I have just had the front to Pieces to realign the front bumper and no probe to be seen. Will check the colour of the wires tomorrow to see if they are for the missing probe.
  2. My ice sensor warning has only shown red since I purchased the car (93 S4). I need to check the probe but am unsure where it is located. Any pointers please?
  3. It's on my ever growing shopping list of parts made from unobtanium and unicorn tears.
  4. Would love to but I've used my allowance already. Got plenty to post tho.
  5. Spoke too soon about the good oil coolers as one had some damp around the lower union, drivers side. No point worrying if or when it's gonna let go so new one ordered from PNM. Lower union soaking in caustic as we speak. The top union had welded itself to the locking nut in the front void so I had to get physical with it.. On a brighter note having re stripped the front bumper again and redesigned the captive plates the front looks far better.
  6. They re a tad asthmatic that is for sure. Bi lower down the list tho.
  7. Rebuilt but not happy with panel gaps so off we come again ??
  8. Yay! My oil coolers and rad are in good nick! Just a weep to sort out on one of the oil cooler unions. Tublovely and unmolested too. Thanks for the nylon bolt tip. ?
  9. Guess there won't be much gym work goin on this week at ours.
  10. Bumper and lower spoiler split using grinder and slitting disc on the corroded fastenings. Stainless M6 bolts and nuts purchased. inner edge of the bumper where it joins under the wing reglassed wher it got chavelled on removal. Indicator housings stripped out and chrome painted. Made up a captive bolt plate for inside the wings. Made from SS bolts and some alloy joining plates that I found about 20 feet of in a skip at work. Simple solution that works. Finished item will be neater. Will make similar items for attaching the rubber lower lip (very high speed humps on my work es
  11. Just picked up the prerequisite hardware to get this sorted,hopeully later today.
  12. Imagine the mischievous joy of being the initial assembler, unhindered by rust and ancillaries as you spin the new 10mm nuts on those captive bolts with your fingers and a cheeky half turn with a spanner for good measure, knowing full well that some poor bastard ha got to go thro hell in later years to get em out..... I bet it was this fella...
  13. The reverse plates are the idea I am going to employ. Not going down thestainless route tho will prime and paint the main bracket and dowse in motorcycle extreme chain lube when in place the stuff is amazing and dries to an almost tack free finish. Use it on my MTB chains and they never show any rust. They don't get a particularly kind life either
  14. Look on the bright side Loose Cannon, the only reason I had to endure that pain was because some [email protected][email protected]}d didn't put the hidden bolts back in!
  15. Ha ha, I was really appreciating Norfolk style construction yesterday. I always love working on stuff like TVRs and Lotus as things are held together with nuts and bolts, and not Citroeny one use plastic shite. This job did test my patience tho as rusty fastenings in unreachable places make hard work. It's clear that at no point in the cars evolution have they considered the effect of changes in design or additional hardware on the fastener locations making most inaccessible once the car is built. A shame really as a simple rethink makes front end removal far quicker and easier and would have
  16. This evening I have been mostly removing the front bumper. It has been taken off at some point and the corner bolts not replaced so we had droopy corners. Every nut was corroded on and all the captive bolts had escaped. Followed Mr OogieBoogies' walk through which was really useful. Had to improvise toward the end but all off now. Will remount with some redesigned fasteners to make future strip downs far quicker. Well earned beer and feet up for the night now.
  17. What in gods name were Lotus thinking!!! Just finished removing the front bumper. Goes into the top three PITA jobs I've ever had with coolant pipes on a Cayenne turbo and clutch swap on the driveway on a V8 Vantage. the sad thing is even as I was chopping and drilling out all the fastenings I was mocking up in my head the reverse brackets that will go inside the wings and be bolted from underneath upon refit. Same for the bumper to lower spoiler. would have cost pence to fabricate in the factory and would drop the strip down time for the front end to about an hour. did qu
  18. Very busy at work this week and odd jobs on the house to sort so only a few jobs completed this week so far. A very satisfying job was the repair to the console arm rest Removed, de-bananafied and strengthened with epoxy resin before refitment. Now sits nice and flat. Glovebox lid lock rebuilt, refitted and adjusted. I feared for my life when I drove her home the first night in the dark and spent a good few hours researching upgrades to the headlights. A clean and realignment however has made them considerably better. Think we will keep with the concaves
  19. Suspension is on the list. I know they are a bit marmite on this forum but there have been improvements made over the years so I am contemplating protech.
  20. Thanks pal but not that ecu. It's the ABS one in the front boot I need. Mine is just tie wrapped in a ball and want to put it back to factory.
  21. Bonus. Checked through the paperwork for the car on purchase and it was examined by Autolign in 2002 and classed as condition inspected.
  22. Good few hours spent today. Carpets reglued and cleaned in passenger side. New clips made and fitted to engine bay side covers, tidy up of wiring in passenger footwell. Found the lambda sensor was in finger tight and missing its washer (if it ever had one) crush washer sourced and refitted. The tinware on the the outer drop glass seals had rusted and deformed causing some nasty scratches to the drop glass. Repaired and adjusted. Will polish out the scratching in the coming days but will eventually replace the seals and glass. mixed down some correct colour scuffmaster and comme
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