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  1. With the blank in place and plenum replaced I thought I would fire her up to check the fire wires etc. I got an engine check light and an unusually high tick over. Happy I have no air leak from the intake system so read the codes and got a code 35. The IAC valve was working fine prior to the pump removal so don't think that is the culprit. Interestingly I found the TPS screws had worked loose and note that turning it clockwise, raising the tick over further and then anti clockwise drops the tick over to the correct speed for around 5 secs before the ECU ups the tick over back to around 1800 rpm.

    I read on other posts that the 35 code could be caused by a coolant sensor fault. Would this sound feasible to have damaged/disturbed this sensor whist removing the pump?

  2. Whilst I wait for my pump I thought I would check over the remainder of the system. The same crystalline white substance was blocking the charge cooler to reservoir outlet so I cleaned it through and gave the full system a good flush through as I didn't want any nasties blocking the new pump. A nice river of rusty water later and refilled the system with red coolant mix using a long pipe and our friend gravity. All ready for introduction of the new pump to the circuit and bleed.

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  3. Both correct. The insert was turning free and the whole system was gently flushed today. The vanes inside the charge cooler itself were very clean so I can only assume the crud in the pump was a result of stagnation and heat transference at that point. All required items now ordered and en route. Hopefully the whole system will be installed, primed and functioning in no time.

  4. Aye. I've put the order in to a friend who has an engineering firm (currently on lockdown due to CV19 so twiddling his thumbs) for a blanking plug. I refuse to pay £40 plus postage for one when a bottle of red will suffice ;) . Ordered a Bosch 0392022002 pump which is the one used on the supercharged cobra so should be more than adequate. Need a few feet of hose to make good the circuit and Roberts your Dads brother!

  5. But a hell of a lot easier to deal with in that state.

    On mine they will be either 'finger tight' = most load bearing nuts and bolts when I bought the car or gazillion pounds foot which appears to be the standard torque for all non stressed nuts and bolts on my Esprit. Of course the piece de resistance is to make them out of monkey metal and spray them with salt water for a few decades post fitting.

    I've had it easy with those Porsches....Its good to be back!!

  6. One look at the rotten jubilee clips made me realise this hadn't been off for a while. Once the 10mm was out using a ratchet ended spanner, a gentle persuasion with a No2 tapping stick (see hammer) started the housing to trun. Further pulling and twisting finally got clearance and out she popped.

    The impeller within is an unusual thing as it is designed to brush along part of the slightly ovaliod housing and looks a bit like a submarine screw prop. At least it should do....



    The shaft was spinning within the plastic impeller but that sucker was seized in and had been for a while by the looks. Seems my hunch about power loss was right.

    Now to decide on either a PNM kit of bespoke with a more powerful pump.

  7. Wow, time flies. Just to update the thread I took the peril off the road for Winter this year having scratched my Porker itch again with not one but two Cayenne turbo S's that needed a little love and attention. It was always the plan to put her back on the road for May 1st with the fortnight running up for prep. Then came the home isolation/lockdown for the Coronavirus. All change!

    Time to get some of those 'on the list' jobs done.

    A few hours on the battery conditioner before hooking the battery up and a few seconds of WOT turnover to get the oil moving and up she fired first time and settled into tick over. Ran up to temp with no histrionics and once up and down the (private) road for good measure. All good.

    Job 1 is something I had been contemplating for a while, electric charge cooler conversion. A slow use of coolant from the system and a nagging feeling that performance dropped a little when warm added to the argument.

    Off with the plenum cover and charge cooler for a clean up and access and following good advice off with the oil filter. This gives plenty of access to the pump itself which is held on with one 10mm bolt.


  8. Thanks Ian. I guess a bit more work goes into them than I imagined. Would you recommend the PNM kit or are there more effective solutions. It wasn't on my to do list as I intended to put her back on the road for 1st April however it appears I may have some time at home to kill..

  9. I know its more work Barry but I am looking to do the oil pump refresh as discussed in this thread

    . That oil pump looks temptingly easy to get at in your picture and for a few hours fettling might be a worth doing? Imagine no flickering oil light on hot days, just imagine it! A head gasket and turbo rebuild seem a small price to pay.


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