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  1. Thanks gents. I will of course give the car a good going over but unless there is chassis damage I think after this time any faults with the repair would have raised their head by now. I am still keen on the car and have amended my offer by about 30%. 2 things I have to consider are a)that the car does need some work which will obviously now add up to a far larger percentage to the value of the car and b) That I want to keep her for the foreseeable future. All the parts to repair the vehicle would have been available new in the late 90s but due to their expense and lead time I could quite easily see a write off scenario for panel damage. 

    Awaiting the seller to make their mind up on my offer.

  2. Have the opportunity tobuy an Esprit that i have been wanting for some time. Needs a little work to bring it up to where I want it and a price had been agreed however it transpires now that the car was a Cat C write off in the 90s. I have owned various newer cars and bikes on the register but these were far newer and so knew exactly how that effected their value. The car has been run, serviced and loved by its current owners for well over 10 years and I honestly believe they were unaware of the previous damage as they state they bought from a garage who didn't inform them.

    was hoping you guys would give some indication of the effect on the value of the vehicle. I don't think it will be the 40% you would expect on a newer vehicle but a second opinion is always helpful.

    Thanks in advance,





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