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  1. Following on from the success of taming the tick over Sunday will involve an annual service. 

    Its also time to renew the brake fluid. I do get an intermittent ABS light blink to which i thought i would dedicate a few hours trying to resolve with a full bleed following the Delco Moraine walk through. 

    I know the braking system on the S4 is unloved and leaves something to be desired but given the option i would rather keep its originality.

    Continual problems down the line may seek me to entertain an ABS delete but not at this stage.

    I might even take some pictures...

  2. Good Job!

    On 07/03/2021 at 13:21, dclare said:

    Mine is R472AAH and was used as one of the motorshow cars when the update was announced. Painted in Nautilus Blue.

    According to the letter that came with the CoP it was signed off from production on 24th Sept '97 and then passed to engineering for homologation use (hopefully not crash testing!!).

    Currently mine is on axle stands while Im fitting Lotac Bilsteins (I didnt like my Nitrons and sold them to ChrisW for his 350) and a bigger brake master cylinder to go with the bigger brakes. I just wish Lotus would deliver the rear shocks so I can get the job finished....they have been on order since November!

    Its good to know that these cars are still around and being loved.


    Naughty Lust Blue. One of my fave colours. I bet that looks amazing on a Sunny day.

  3. Looks like the many perished hoses, gaskets and elbows that I replaced chasing down the high tickover would have solved it..... had I not also had a fiddle with the idle screw part way through replacing stuff.... I’ll get my coat.

    I know Barry, I know. NEVER TOUCH THE SCREW!!!

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  4. Tick over has been tamed. Big thanks to sailorbob for giving me an afternoon of his valuable time to nail down the offending issue. Turns out it ‘may’ have been self inflicted while trying to chase down other niggles. Either way tickover is now playing ball again so a steady list of jobs can commence with the target to be a return to the road for the full April unwind. Just a quick spin round the block brought a huge smile to my face 👍

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  5. Hi. Really interested in these. Can you confirm regarding the diamonds which go in the pod area. Are these to affix the very corners of the front bumper which if not used cause the front corners of the bumper to sag? 

    I removed and replaced the bumper getting a better alignment but the corners still look a little droopy and would like to get this sorted correctly come repaint time 👍

  6. With the Larini and sports cat its just too loud at the moment. I'm wanting to work with a standard exhaust to try and find a better (for me) solution. I have other toys that make your fillings rattle and your ears bleed. I would like the Esprit to be a little more refined than currently. 

  7. Question for the faithful (things that pop in your head in the wee hours)

    My handbrake handle when knocked off doesn't sit flush to the sill top and has no spring to pull it back toward the sill.

    On my Aston (slightly different set up as its a true knock off handle) it is pulled flat to the sill when not in use.

    Should the Esprit one do this or at least sit flush as it annoyingly catches your foot when you enter. I think the gator may add to it sitting proud.

  8. No matter how much lube/heat/pry I gave two of the lock nuts and one end were seriously mated. Having finally freed the end I had to resort to cutting off the locking nuts. Probably a good job as the threads underneath were shot. Lots of easing oil, patience and a Dremel later the threads were recut, the ends zinc painted and the adjusters re assembled and replaced. I had one spare nut the right size but need to order another. It can get popped on when I have the rear properly aligned. A good coating of chain wax to help with future corrosion was applied after.



  9. Todays lockdown job was to finally get round to tackling the rear upper links which were just a mass of seized rust.


    Believe it or not that is after a good wire brushing on the threads.

    Time for some alchemy with Mr Orthphosphoric.



    overnight soak for the rest and hopefully there are enough flat faces left on the nuts to break em free

  10. I spend a lot of my life on motorbikes 12 months a year and for many years suffered from having to layer up to avoid the cold.

    I use one of these now which is a god send. I never put Winter linings in my gear now just have an thin armoured waterproof jacket, this and a t-shirt. soo much more comfortable.

    The seat pads work on the same principle, carbon fibre elements which take very little power to heat up. My jacket has a 10amp fuse and its never blown. On high it would broil you after an hour!


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