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  1. New cable ordered from @internets I will get the software downloaded this week. I am however strongly convinced that the problem is being caused primarily by the ecm temp sensor mounted under the intake manifold. Any error with this faults it to tell the engine it is cold and increases the revs accordingly. I will inspect that in the coming days.

    Today however is given over to one of my other pastimes. Its all grain brew day. Home isolation has taken its toll on my stocks so 23ltrs of 'Peroniclone' currently being brewed. If I get chance ill sort an Imperial stout later. That beauty takes 4 month minimum conditioning but at just over 10% I drink it sparingly lol.

  2. With the blank in place and plenum replaced I thought I would fire her up to check the fire wires etc. I got an engine check light and an unusually high tick over. Happy I have no air leak from the intake system so read the codes and got a code 35. The IAC valve was working fine prior to the pump removal so don't think that is the culprit. Interestingly I found the TPS screws had worked loose and note that turning it clockwise, raising the tick over further and then anti clockwise drops the tick over to the correct speed for around 5 secs before the ECU ups the tick over back to around 1800 rpm.

    I read on other posts that the 35 code could be caused by a coolant sensor fault. Would this sound feasible to have damaged/disturbed this sensor whist removing the pump?

  3. Whilst I wait for my pump I thought I would check over the remainder of the system. The same crystalline white substance was blocking the charge cooler to reservoir outlet so I cleaned it through and gave the full system a good flush through as I didn't want any nasties blocking the new pump. A nice river of rusty water later and refilled the system with red coolant mix using a long pipe and our friend gravity. All ready for introduction of the new pump to the circuit and bleed.

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