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  1. I use a Gibson LP as one of my gigging guitars. Bought it after years of grief from our lead G as I play a PRS CE24 mainly with a couple of Hamers as fall backs. The Gibson is a nice guitar no doubt but the Hamer SATQ double cuts I own (both under 250 quid second had and then fitted with SD re-issue bridge pups) are as good and a damn site less fragile for stage work.

    The PRS is in a different league. Same goes for customer support. Best guitar I own by a country mile (and I have a fair few).

    Just my two penneth.

  2. 1 hour ago, Jacques said:

    Mine opens much more than 30 cm. But it cannot lift itself as it have a heavy spoiler on it's back.

    I hope to solve taht sometime in this autoum with a bit of carbon fiber etc.


    I think we have crossed ideas here. Here is a photo of how high the tailgate lifts by itself. Maybe 60cms, not 30...


    This is how high with a little human assistance...


    The company who make the aftermarket struts is based in a town near to me. I intend to visit to see if they can make a set with extra pressure to do the full lift as in the video. Will post my results.

  3. 6 hours ago, s4simon said:

    Lotus installed 0-5 senders and 0-7 dials on the S4.  It will always read low. 

    Now that I can believe! Amazing what you can buy for a few quid now Barry, that would have been hundreds prior to eBay and such.. If the gauge in the car does read low is there any way to put something inline similar to the anti slosh for the fuel to rectify? I can hear Barry gasping in despair but I always have an eye on what a potential buyer would think come sale time. Red light spells danger to the uninformed.

    or find a more suitable sender....

  4. I hear what you are saying however in this recent hot weather I have been getting the red light illuminating briefly when up to temperature when pulling away from standstill. I appreciate this may be within specs but they couldn't have done that when new or owners would have been returning them. There must be something that can be done in 2018 to sort this 1980s engineering issue (pulling the red light is not an option)


  5. Yes it does matter but does it matter enough to stop you from creating the car you want. For me an S1 always looks perfect in white. An S2 however looks amazing in Yellow. Just the addition of the extra black trim on the S2 and the black centred wheels does that for me. S3, Essex or JPS, Stevens calypso or white. S4 Norfolk mustard or Silk red S4S azure blue. V8, quite liked the greeny grey and the lovely light metallic blue for the facelift cars..... Sorry got a bit carried away there but to me colour makes or breaks a car even by different models. 

  6. I used a large head rivet and shaped the head to fit. A rivet gun won't fit all the way in so add a small nut to the rivet shaft to give the riveter nose something to push against.




    Rebuild is simply reverse order.

    once the detente is working you may need to fine tune the position of the body. This can be done by sliding up the black plastic collar (very brittle, patience required) and loosening the small hex head grub screw.

    Twist the body to the desired position and re-tighten. 




    Jobs a good'un!


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  7. The tab can be seen at 9 o'clock on the image. The ring is quite stiff and the plastic brittle so I advise lining and freeing up before relocating at the end of the repair.

    Next remove the glass adjust motor ring by removing three small torx screws.




    Remove the 3 Philips head screws securing the painted outer cowl.



    For the uninitiated the door mirrors used on the SE onward Esprit is sourced from Citroen (a company synonymous with  reliable and robust creations) used on the CX so as you can imagine it is held together with crappy plastics and monkey metal. The central turrets are known to shear but another common problem is the detente which locks the mirror back in place after being folded in for tight spaces gives up the ghost. 

    Thanks to Eeyoreish for suggesting it might be the spring which may have come detatched.

    Trawled the tinternet for a walk through but couldn't find one so made one. Fiddly to do but can be done in situe. Far easier if you happen to be removing the door cards etc for another job.

    The mirror glass is removed by sliding the small tab under the gas in the centre toward the left. This unlocks the ring and the mirror will come away. Inside you should find the broken off Spring.




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