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  1.  I've spoken to the guy who made the anti slosh units for the Esprit but he no longer makes them. He does however produce a better generic version and sent me the following reply:

    Hi Shaun,
    we don’t make that particular module, instead we make a more generic unit.
    the new unit has adjustable damping covering a much wider range,
    it  is more accurate and has more features.
    the downside is that it takes a bit longer to set up as it is not specific to the Lotus
    the gauge wizard
    if someone were to give me the 5 sender resistance readings at empty  1/4  1/2/  3/4  and full
    I could add them to the list of presets in all the units we ship, this would make it very easy to set up.
    best regards
    Chris Horne MSc. Cert.Ed. 
      Spiyda Ltd 

    From: Contact
    Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2018 4:21 PM
    Subject: Contact Form
    Spiyda Ltd


    Hi. Do you still make the anti slosh unit for Lotus Esprit to slow the sensitivity of the needle? Thanks, Shaun.

    About Us

    Customer Service

    +44 (0) 7859106329

    Spiyda Ltd
    54 Bridgnorth Road
    Stourbridge, DY8 3QG,
    United Kingdom

    Would anyone have these readings to hand or be able to get them? Multimeters are a black art to me I'm afraid.
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  2. Had a dabble with fitting SMD Led headlights. Had to butcher the heat sinks to fit and looked very chavtastic. Removed and replaced the completely knackered lights with a set of classic car lamps from t'eBay. Only 5 3/4 jobbies but all 4 cost half of the cost of one PNM lamp. Look fine and work brilliantly.



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  3. A dose of bacterial chest infection and lousy weather have slowed jobs to a crawl of late. Not great for pictures either but.....progress!

    rear wheel bearings done. No more 'whump'ing at speed. Tracking redone so the steering wheel isn't a quarter turn out (thanks to Stevie Wonder for the first effort but I would stick to the keyboard pal).

    abs sensors cleaned. No more random yellow light activation.

    sunroof lining retrimmed in tailors grey alcantara (incredibly close match to original but shagged trim)

    Coil packs now sorted.

    new bracket made and fitted for Larini exhaust. 

    New grille fitted to nose and under trays refitted from the rhinoplasty last year.



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  4. Managed to get the replacement pack for 2/3 on and the new O2 sensor before the rain came. Still an intermittent Miss on tickover but back up and running. Will get second pack on asap. Managed to get a quick spin out. Feels more responsive again. Placebo effect? Looking forward to getting the second pack on. Certainly testing the new pack by removing a lead from plug showed a significantly stronger spark than the old pack.

  5. Ok coil packs taken off and cleaned. Noted a small amount of cracking in 2/3 packs rubber shell. Sprayed liberally with contact cleaner. Rebuilt. Now firing on 2 ? 

    Here is a close up of the pack in question. Would these be significant enough to cause the misfire/cold start throttle issue and by dousing them with contact cleaner will it have exasperated the issue? 

    Hoping the answer is yes.





  6. Very little progress due to the first proper winter we have had for a few years. 

    Managed to test fit Petes spare O2 sensor and there seems to be some improvement. Less pops and bangs on the overrun and generally smoother all round. New Bosch sensor en route. Still have the mystery hiccup at tickover and still hesitant when started from cold. Coil pack next on the list. 

    You may recall me mentioning the loose O2 sensor when I first bought the car which I duly tightened up. Having removed it fully now I got chance to inspect it.... Guess it had been loose some time prior to my ownership...and fitted with a hammer and chisel!



    Tad of ceramic grease to aid fitting of replacement.



  7. Big thanks to Sailor Bob who came over today and ran his technical eye over the car. A clean bill of health in the diagnostic department save for one thing.

    my Lambda sensor seems to have a lazy lob!

    at cruising speeds the graph spikes and dips as expected but at tick over my 'pulse' slows considerably. Maybe good for an athlete but not normal it seems for an Esprit.

    The general consensus is an aged O2 sensor. Anyone else had similar?

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