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  1. Hi George I got the charcoal grey t-shirt. Great colour and the t-shirt feels like really good quality. Think I will order another :-) Simon
  2. Another great episode George, really enjoying the series. I just watched the episode while sitting in my hotel room in Costa Rica. My ‘Soup’ t-shirt even made the trip with me! Simon
  3. Simon TS

    Simon TS

  4. Hi, Simon here. Thought I'd introduce myself as have just bought an Exige S Club Racer and hope to collect it in 2 weeks. I was admiring the 2 Exige's at Snetterton a couple of weeks ago (12th September) as I was there with a friend in our 260bhp Caterhams a few garages along. Wanted to try and have a chat but didn't manage it. My Caterham is now sold hence the Exige. Really looking forward to getting it - it's the only thing I've driven that comes close to the rawness of the 7. I'm sure I won't be disappointed. Simon
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