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  1. When my starter stopped working, it turned out to the be the chassis the engine earth strap. The chassis end was corroded really badly, I assume because of contact with the galvanising. I know you're said you've checked this, but it may be worth running another thick earth directly to the starter negative terminal to definitely eliminate anything like that.
  2. I think I need a set of cables as well to be honest. I did the complete front mechanism on mine, and my gearbox was recently overhauled and the rear ball joints all replaced and it's still quite stiff to operate. I've also not got the up to down alignment right as it's a bugger to go from 1st to 2nd, so before sorting that I may as well swap the cables.. or I'll only end up doing that job twice! Are we using SJ for cables, and how much are they at the moment? Mine are the original ones from '88 so I suppose they've done pretty well!!
  3. The Peugeot guys are saying it’s not listed as a separate part. So somehow swapping the bulbs on the existing ones is the only way to go.
  4. They look like they actually go through the plastic but I'll check again tonight.
  5. Ah thanks @sailorbob that makes sense. @tomcattom the bulb has long wires on it that go through and around the plastic moulding of the holder so I don’t think the bulb on it’s own can be swapped.
  6. Thanks. They look like they're moulded into the holder though which is why they look to be a tricky fix to just swap them, as no doubt the bulb on it's own would be something that's easy to find. But the holder has to be there to give them the bright/dim function when they are pressed in.
  7. I've actually just registered and asked the question on a Peugeot 106 forum, so I'll see if that yields anything and post back here if it does. Although it doesn't look like a massively active forum!
  8. Thanks for checking @sailorbob I've not been able to find these separately at all. I did find someone selling a few Peugeot 106 fog light switches though on Ebay, so I've bought a couple so at least I can raid them for bulbs as they were only about £2.50 each. Be nice if there was an actual source for the bulbs, but possibly not. I'd need to find a Peugeot 106 parts manual I guess!
  9. A valid point, and I did worry a bit myself yeah. But the rake of the windscreen means the reflection is really high up towards the sun visor so it doesn’t obscure your vision at all. I tried it yesterday as it was sunny! also I wear polarised sunglasses so whenever there is sun and therefore more reflection, I’ll be wearing sunglasses which reduces the reflection by probably about 80% or so. But like I say it’s not in my field of vision anyway. That said, I’m 6’4” so my seating position may help as well! May not be the same for everyone.
  10. So when I changed my interior to the latest 98 onwards type, I also changed the front loom and fitted a new factory Cobra immobiliser system. The immobiliser works fine still, but the siren has failed. I've had it unplugged a while as it had been misbehaving. When I plugged it back in tonight, it was making strange sounds, then started to stink. I opened it up and one of the voltage regulators is toast. I could replace the voltage regulator, but the rest of the board doesn't look in too great a shape anyway. The siren itself is a Cobra 5370 I don't suppose anyone knows a source
  11. No, the guy who skinned it put such a thin skin on it didn't affect the holes. He stopped just short of the actual holes with carbon as well, so inside the switches are just black. Looks really good though!
  12. Cheers Mike. Looks like I could do with one after all. I had a spare but it doesn’t seem to work. And on closer inspection that switch didn’t even have a bulb in there to begin with!
  13. I’ve actually got a spare switch I’ve managed to pinch one from thanks Mike, but as time goes on we’ll run out of spare switches which I later why I wondered if it was a part available separately. It may be the bulb itself can’t be gotten separately. Be a shame if that’s the case though.
  14. Cheers. Yes I found they are on the 205 and the 106 but I can only find complete switches. I’m trying to find if the bulb on its own is available if poss as it would save us all buying entire switches when the bulbs go. They're easily removable so must have been designed to allow the bulb to be changed with a spare one.
  15. I got my carbon skinned bits back. Very pleased with them! Can't really see them both from this image, but the finish is amazing.
  16. Does anyone know where to get replacement bulbs for the centre panel switches on the later dash cars? These types of buttons as below. The bulb itself just pulls out of the back of the switch easy enough, but it's a complete unit with the plastic holder thing. I've attached an image of that also. These are apparently late Peugeot 205, but I just can't find the bulbs anywhere. I only need one, and it's not that essential really.. but it's bugging me I have one not working! Cheers.
  17. I think you are talking about the bush for the reverse inhibitor. SJ Sportscars sell these.
  18. Carbon Sport 350 instrument cluster cover and centre switch console, you lucky sod. How did you get those? I’ve just had mine skinned in genuine carbon for the same effect as you can’t get these bits for love nor money!
  19. Hi all. Does anyone know how to remove this piece of trim? I actually fitted it when I swapped my older interior to the new one.. but I can't for the life of me remember how! There are two machines screws at the front underneath, I've got those out.. but I can't remember what's at the back and it's a vipers nest of wiring behind my dash so I could do with at least an idea where the rear fittings are (if any) so I know what I'm fumbling around for. I'm going to get it skinned in genuine carbon fibre, along with my instrument cluster cowling. That's the plan anyway. Cheers.
  20. I did swap my sills years ago.. but I'm talking 15 years ago! They are indeed riveted and bonded. I think you just have to get in there with a hacksaw blade and seperate them from the body that way. I bonded them back on with the same method, rivets and sikaflex which is a polyurethane adhesive used in marine applications. I think 'no more nails' is fairly similar so would probably do as well! One pointer though that I remember is that when the sills are off, it's easy to get to the bottom door hinge and handbrake mounting plate which you can't normally do that easily, so take the ch
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