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  1. Hello all. I've got an '88 Turbo, with the PNM engineering 'High Spec' 4 pot caliper kit. (as on the picture below). However, braking is, well.. so so.. Anyways, just got a pair of original V8 Brembo calipers, courtesy of Kato (thanks) and the Parts sale. Does anyone know if the brackets that came withmy high spec it will fit the Brembo ones, or what the score is here? Eventually I want to end up with V8 front brakes, but I don't know what other bits I'm going to need given I already have the high spec calipers and 285mm discs.. Cheers.
  2. That's super.. So, your handles electrically operate the latch mechanisms then? I'd love to see some pictures.. Cheers, Glyn.
  3. I've actually fitted a fuel gauge, so I will be able to get a reading.. once the car comes back from being painted that is! I actually fitted a SPA dual battery voltage/fuel pressure gauge in place of the Lotus battery swingometer.. Looks much nice, and it's a handy thing to have there. thanks again.. Glyn.
  4. Hello all. Thanks for the info. I'll give PUK a shout and see what they can do with regards a pressure regulator. I'll need to get a base reading from it before I send it away, or I'll not be able to remap the ECU to suit the new pressure. Wonder if they can do an adjustable one? My pump is not the standard Bosch one, it's a Sytec one. Although I can't remember exactly what pressure it provides, I've looked at the ones in the demon tweeks catalogue for the time I bought it, and by it's design it's minimum 5 Bar. I'm hoping for now I can just get away with changing the pressure regulator. I don't fancy fitting bigger injectors yet.. or at least until I get it near a rolling road so I can get it remapped properly. I'm sure I should be able to get to 300-320 bhp with only 4 injectors. After all, Sierra/Escort Cosworths managed it ok. Regards, Glyn.
  5. I'm in the process of doing this myself, but my car's being repainted first so I can't say which bushes are better.. I went for SJ Sportscars ones though as they're in two halves which makes them a lot easier to fit!! As for geometry, this link on the LEW site has all the settings you'll need.
  6. Hi Dermot.. Yes, I remember you saying about this a little while back. Problem is, to get more fuel I either need bigger main injectors, or to put the two extra injectors in. The latter would be a bit of a nightmare in it's own right as I'd need to do loads of extra wiring and meddle with new fuel pipes. I'm not using the standard lotus fuel pipes now. My current injectors are Rover 220 Turbo ones, which according to Emerald Cams, should be able to supply enough fuel for 300bhp.. They actually sent me this. 'Re your injectors, the Rover 220 turbo ones @ 420cc/min (minumum) should be good enough for 300bhp at 3 BAR as they are. Karl suggests that your fuel pressure must be low and you need to up it to 4BAR then they'd be good enough for 340bhp - if your regulator is the adjustable type that is. ' So, it seems my existing regulator, being a standard one (already squashed in a vice, by the way!) is not supplying enough. That makes sense, as the standard setup should have an extra 2 injectors to supply the extra fuel. Do you know what pressure a standard Lotus pressure regulator is set at? I don't know exactly how much fuel I need to be honest.. I'm expecting to run at about 300bhp once I get my turbo back from WC in the USA. So, the injectors I currently have should be enough for this. I've fitted a digital fuel gauge, but until my car gets back from being painted I won't be able to find out my current fuel pressure to know what I need to do next. That's why I'm on an info gathering mission now, so I can start getting bits ready.
  7. We've actually got this kind of going on another thread, but I thought it worth starting a new one as a few people are asking, but not getting answers. Has anyone ever changed their stock fuel pressure regulator? (injection one). I need more fuel pressure from my car than the standard regulator allows as I'm running an Emerald Systems ECU with only 4 injectors. I have a digital pressure gauge so I will be able to tell what I'm running now, put that into my ECU, then tell it what I will be running, and it will remap all the fuel map automatically. I need to do this to get more fuelling at the top end to suit the new turbo I have coming. But.. the problem is changing the actual pressure regulator. The standard one is pressed into a block of aluminium on the end of the fuel rail. So I'm either going to need to replace the whole regulator, along with the block it is pressed into, and make a new one.. Or, find a way of getting the old one out and getting a new adjustable one to go in there. Has anyone else tackled this, and if so, how? Cheers..
  8. My Esprit is was a bog standard '88 Turbo when I bought it. And it ran like a dog, and was very unreliable! But, I've always wanted and Esprit, and I love mechanical work and engineering, so to me, it's an ongoing project. I'm trying to make my car look and function as modern as possible, and I'm very nearly there. I have all the V8 bumpers, sills and arches fitted, as well as Sport 350 wheels and rear wing and tailgate. Eventually I want to change the dash and instruments to the same as the sport 350. You may say.. 'why not just buy a Sport350'? Well, because that would be a bit boring!! Sure, at first, I'd be happy as anything for a few months.. but then, like the novelty of my Daily car which is a BMW M3, it would just become the same thing day in day out. I get a lot of satisfaction in modifying my car. And I don't mean with go-faster stripes and neon lights.. I mean making it look like the later car with OEM parts. Fitting the later parts is challening, but also, when you have completed the work you feel like you have a new car again for a bit. Then you start on the next little project. I can look at my car and know that everything on it, I have done myself. And that is really satisfying. my car looks totally like a 2002 V8 now. And although it's not, I don't mind because it's almost as quick as one, and a lot easier to maintain than one!! Let's face it.. my car was an original Turbo.. By modern standards, quite a dated look. Whereas now it still turns heads and looks like a current supercar. To me, the fun with owning an Esprit is all about the journey, not the destination. I've had over 8 years of pleasure, constantly improving it. I'm not looking forward to the day when I've got it to full Sport 350/V8 spec, as I'll have nothing else to do!! I appreciate it's probably better to leave cars standard, for resale value.. but how much would a totally standard 88 Turbo be worth?
  9. I've actually lowered my seats, which are the Sport 300 type of race seats. We cut a big hole (measured out) and then rebuilt it slightly lower with loads of fibre glass. My pal is an engineer who works on fibre glass hulls of boats, so he did a good job. I should add a word of caution.. something everyone has forgotten to mention throughout the post. Spinal injuries. The closer you sit to the road, the more chance of getting spinal injuries if you and up crashing onto something like a roundabout, where the bottom of the car will smack down onto somthing rather solid. To be fair, there are a lot of ways you can hurt yourself in any car, but it's worth remembering that you do need some padding in your seat, and your bottom should never be at or below the floor height. I'm not sure about the MOT situation with regards to this as we don't have them here on the Isle of Man.. thank God!!
  10. Hi Artie/Stuart.. the liners were clamped in place, and they were bonded in with the correct Loctite the first time the engine was rebuilt. So, when I had to work on it the second time they didn't need touching. We did check the heights though to make sure they were correct, and they were. Frustratingly, because the compression had been too high, when the head gasket had gone it had super heater the water creeping into the cylinder and putted the top of my new nikasil liner! Fortunately, that was also within tolerance but it was touch and go whether my new 1000 mile old liner was scrap.. taking the piston with it! (you couldn't get them seperately at the time). But.. 5 years and about 6000 miles later, it's still good! Interestingly, we used a different head bolt tightening sequence. Rather than torque the bolts up to a certain amount then do quarter turns, we worked out what the final torque would be and then tightened it up about 10 lbs of pressure at a time all round. Took a lot longer, but by using the same tightening sequence we ensured the new head gasket was uniformly squashed into place. As I say, 6000 miles and 5 years later it still runs like a dream! Stuart.. mine is in being repainted at the moment at Classy Chassis at the White Hoe industrial estate. Pop down and have a look sometime if you like. It's going to be metallic Black!!
  11. Hello Mark! There are various fuel pressure regulators out ther.. the issue is trying to get one for the Lotus fuel rail! And the other problem with that is that the Lotus one is crimped into the rail, so it won't come out. My plan is to first of all find out what fuel pressure I have now (using a newly fitted SPA digital fuel pressure gauge) so I know a baseline pressure figure. Then, with the help of my friend who is an engineer, we're going to make a new end piece for the fuel rail that doesn't have the fuel pressure regualtor in, but rahter just a blanked off one that will then have a pipe running to an external fuel pressure regualtor. It's the only way to go to be honest. A shame to have it external, but I don't think there's any other way to replace the Lotus one with another one the same size, and get it crimped back in. If there is a way I'd love to hear it! anyway, once I've fitted the new one, I can then raise my fuel pressure and using the SPA gauge again, tell my Emerald ECU what the new pressure is, which then causes it to re calculate the fuel injection map to suit the new fuel pressure. It means the top end fuelling will then have a lot more headroom. Also, the higher pressure will make for a slightly finer fuel mist which will also make things better. Perhaps the Sport 300 fuel pressure regulator will do what I need.. but you can't get these now, sadly (
  12. If there is low boost, it could be a couple of things. Firstly, the ECU could be reducing boost because it's picking up knocking. Another problem could be a broken or sloppy spring in the wastegate actuator, allowing too much exhaust gas to bypass the turbo. you can check that by trying to move the rod by hand, and see if it moves. It shouldn't do. You could also remove the pipe going to the actuator and very VERY gently drive it to see what the boost pressure does. Without the actuator actuating, it should run up to insane levels of boost very quickly. I would check this last though. It's not a good thing to do. I'm sure other people will post advice. In the meantime, I'd avoid thrashing it until you've found out what's up. If the ECU is limiting the boost, there will be a reason for it that needs fixing. If your belts had slipped, I think you'd have more serious problems. It doesn't take much before the valves start pinging into each other. you can check that quickly with a timing light. There are two dots on the pulleys that will line up when you are at the right setting.. It's in the manual somewhere as I can't remember what it is. Having read your post again, if you are lacking power generally, there are obviousley a load of reasons for this. Ignition, injectiors blocked, low compression in the engine.. Be cautious and drive carefully, or better, not at all, until you find the solution.
  13. Hello all.. Further on from this.. I have a similar situation. I am currently running 4 Rover 220 Turbo injectors (supplied by Emerald cams who I bought my ECU from) but I'm not getting enough fuelling to run any more boost.. and with a stage 1 WC engineering turbo on it's way.. I need more fuelling! My injectors already run dangerousley close to maximum now. I don't use the secondary injectors.. the holes are blocked off. Seems there are three ways to got. 1. fit secondary injectors, and get those going. 2. Fit new primary injectors with more flow. 3. Increase fuel pressure to get more fuel from the existing injectors. I prefer the last option as it's simpler in that I don't need to meddle with resistors, changeover maps, etc.. Also, higher fuel pressure will deliver the extra fuel I need, and also cause the fuel to be atomised more due to the higher pressure which will benefit throughout the rev range. Only issue I have is with the standard fuel pressure regulator!! currently, I'm using the standard fuel pressure regulator on the end of the fuel rail. Ideally, I'd like to keep as similar setup as possible as I don't want to have big bulky thinks attached seperately, requiring seperate fuel pipes making up. Has anyone done anything to replace their fuel pressure regulator? And if so, what? My ECU has a setting where I can tell it the current fuel pressure.. then tell it the new fuel pressure.. and it will remap the car accordinly so I get the same fuel delivery as before but with shorter pulses.. obviousley that gives more headroom at the top. Cheers all!! Glyn.
  14. I intend changing the dash on my car for the later style one at some stage, and I'm quite looking forward to it. As for wiring, that should be an absolute doddle. I'm a bit of a dab hand with wiring anyway, so that'll be the easy part. With the wiring diagrams in the service manual, a good soldering iron, some heatshrink and a multi meter, there is no part of the Lotus esprit that can't be easily changed or re wired. The hardest part I suspect will be getting all the parts to physically fit in the car. As most of it is made of fibre glass, actually fitting won't be a problem. Some cutting and shutting will do. the fact that the dash is covered in leather I suspect will be the only showstopper. Obviousley trimming is a specialised job, and that's not something I fancy doing myself. It may be possible if it's only minor changes, where a tin of impact adhesive can be used to 'move' some bits of trim slightly. The only issue then.. is the lack of gauges! I actually use all the gauges on my car. I'd hate to lose the boost dial, or the oil pressure gauge. One solution would be to usa SPA or similar gauges that have two readouts. For example, I've recently fitted a battery meter/fuel pressure gauge in place of the standard lotus battery meter. another option would be to fit some of those pods things on the A pillar.. but these would probably look shite.
  15. I've been looking at doing this myself for ages as well, and my car is actually mid-paint. But as Mark says, it's not a simple system to change. Incidentally, Mark, I was trying to email you to ask how you were getting on with your Esprit but I think you've changed your email address.. You've answered my question anyway! Love to see the pictures of what you've done though. I did consider using actuators, but was a little put off with the fact that it would also be complicated, add weight (probably) and also provide a few issued if you left your car in the garage for winter, flattened the battery, and couldn't get back in!! Let's hope someone does find a neat solution.. it'll also mean that I won't have to rely on door locks that can be opened with a garage door key!!
  16. I believe the way to go is stick with cast liners. Nikasil/Aluminium ones (from the SE) wear at a greater rate and don't like water in them. In fact, they stopped using nikasil on the V8 and went back to cast liners. They're stronger, last longer and will take more power before distorting under load. I think nikasil coated aluminium ones are just a bit lighter.. Hope that helps. Glyn.
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