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  1. I'm going to email him now and see what the chances are, and if there is a reduction for getting a bit of a group buy going. If he's up for a group buy, I'll post back here.
  2. Ha ha!! I'm so used to the IBS intelligent battery system on my BMW. I think on a Lotus it's more a case of when all the bad earths occasionally manage to make some contact! 😂
  3. I spoke to the company in the US I got the alternator from and they tell me they never have issues with the actual alternators, so they also suspect the regulator. I think it's somehow set too low, so it's only kicking in below 12.3v or something. Which is actually fine in a way, but I'd rather it right. So yeah, sounds like you're correct there Ian. They're sending me another one to swap it. I've also ordered a new plenum chamber gasket as I've worked out it's going to be easier to remove the plenum box to get to the regulator than remove and refit the alternator again to do it!
  4. This is odd. Tried the car again tonight and it wasn’t charging again. Ran a temporary Earth lead to check if it was a bad earth but that made no difference. I decided to see if it really go flat so I put all the fans, lights and stuff on to draw as much load as possible. Then a few minutes later it started charging again fine! as it’s not a genuine Lotus alternator, is it possible it’s some sort of intelligent system that only starts charging when the voltage drops below a certain amount?
  5. It is pretty tight now, yeah. I fair swung on it last night. Hard to get to, but I did make it quite tight.
  6. I checked and tightened it all last night, and it was fitted with new bolts when I installed it in August, so it should be ok. I'll check though for sure. It's weird how it wasn't charging this morning, then after being left alone all day worked perfectly on the way home.
  7. Well, how about this for odd. I had to use the car today to go on a course, and all the way there it had the battery light on as it has been for the last few journeys. I parked it up all day, but when I drove it home after being in the course for about 6 hours.. no battery light. I checked when I got home with a meter (engine still running) and it was showing 13.6v! I shut the engine off, and the battery was still at about 13.4v, so fully charged. So somehow, it's mysteriously come back to life while it was say for 6 hours.. either that or it's just going to be intermittent from now on. I'll leave the other one on order with SJ Sportscars anyway as I'm always going to be worried about it otherwise. But any idea what would cause it to do this? Most strange. As you say, they either work or they don't, normally.
  8. It is an alternator meant for the Esprit. its only 13.3v when I’ve just taken it off the battery charger. It drops back to about 12.5 pretty quick after the charger comes off. i tested it with the engine running at the alternator output and it was just going down from 12.5 which I’m pretty ire was just reading charge from the battery. going to order another from SJ today. Pretty sure it’s faulty. I’ll see if I can get a refund.
  9. It showed about 13.4v before starting the car, then 12.5 when I had, and then gradually goes down rather than up. New alternator I guess.
  10. I did check the connections last night which did seem to be ok. But I’ll do some continuity checks this morning to make sure. Thanks everyone.
  11. Ok, it’s just that the big wire goes to the starter and then the battery so am I not just going to read that? or do you mean to check if I’m getting a loss along the cables? I was only seeing the battery level drop when I tested at the battery end, so yeah, I’ll check what I get directly at the alternator when I pull it out today. I need to the use it to go on a course today, typical! My daily driver is in having the bumper painted.
  12. Ok, do I disconnect the wire from it first? Otherwise I guess I’m just reading the battery voltage.
  13. Is that on the smaller connector or the main one? The smaller connection gives me 1.95v at idle.
  14. Just checked the bent tension which seems ok. But it’s definitely not charging. Ran the engine with amultimeter on the battery and watched it slowly going down.
  15. I recently fitted a recon alternator I got from the USA which is a straight swap for a standard one. Sure enough it went on fine. The main pulley was slightly larger so I had to go up one belt size (only a couple of cm longer) When driving though, the red battery light is staying on, although not as bright as normal. ive just driven about 20 miles, checked the battery, and it has 13.43v in it so I’m not sure exactly what’s going on to be honest. I’ve checked the smaller wire is connected to the small terminal and it is. Any ideas? If it wasn’t charging, would it have gone flat in the 20 miles or so I drove the car? I’m wondering if it’s the ecu giving an incorrect reading or something like that, as It’s possible my battery warning wire comes from the emerald m3d ecu I have. I can’t remember exactly as I fitted it about 18 years ago Any checks I can do?
  16. That’s a good idea. Polarised sunglasses also reduce this type of reflection significantly.
  17. Yeah, it’s worth it to get the best possible option. super, I’ll eagerly await your results.
  18. Bah. Just bought the Yaris arm as well. I think I’ll wait now until you’ve finished all your testing.
  19. Ah right, got you. Well I’ve got the arm coming so if you do put a kit together for the rest, I’d certainly buy one off you. Excellent work!
  20. Could you buy a couple of each if you can, and I’ll send you the money? Ill try and make a nice aluminium spacer instead of those washers you have and send you one.
  21. Awesome work. Just ordered a Yaris wiper myself! Should be interesting to see if I can make any of the required bits on my new mini lathe.
  22. You can do everything from above with the boot floor out. No need to jack the car up. The critical part is adjusting the length of the rod ends when you're done. If you can change the rodends having measured the length first, so that they will be the exact same length with the new rodends, you may not have to do much/any adjustment. Having said that, it's what I did but the alignement still isn't 100% and 1st and 2nd are a bit tricky to get, but I need to get some help from someone to adjust it. Following the book settings hasn't worked for me so I need some fine adjustment.
  23. I think that the circuit is earthed or powered elsewhere, so it’s only the wire with the spade connector you need to worry about really. It can go brittle and the wire break. Happened to mine. Then you have to go quite far back to get to a decent bit of wire to connect to with a new length of wire.
  24. There is a mod you can also do, which I did to mine when I first got it. I forget the exact details but I think you turn the brackets on the tailgate that the struts mount onto around 180 degrees so the ball that the strut pops onto is a bit further towards the back. I think it only moves the ball on the bracket about an inch or so, but that translates into about another 6” of height when the boot is open. I seem to remember there were already holes there that were threaded, but I had to run a tap through as they’d gone a bit dirty and rusty. I’m sure I have some pictures so I’ll see if I can find them tomorrow.
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