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  1. Sorry to have wasted your time. I just thought this was a well produced, mildly entertaining video that shone a good light on Lotus, and the Evora in particular. Yes, us lot learn nothing new, but some of the 61,000 other people who have watched it just might.
  2. Mornin' all. Just watched a couple of good vids on the Evora. Go to YouTube, search drivetribe, Evora sets world record. There's a second vid about the making of the first. I'm sure one of you tech savvy youngsters can post a direct link. Enjoy.
  3. Wow! It's years since I heard Stargazer. In a previous existence, I played keyboards in a 70s covers band and we did this one. Although I was initially reluctant, not being familiar with it, it became one of my favourites to play, because it gave us all the chance to express ourselves as musicians. Though I say it myself, we did a pretty mean version. Our vocalist was the guy who sang King of the Mountain, the theme to TV coverage of the IoM TT racing. Nevertheless, I am amazed that someone can read so much into RJD's interpretation of the song.
  4. Started watching on my phone, thought WTF! Put it up on the widescreen, just as crazy. Love it. Well spotted Bibs.
  5. Phew! So those of us with +2s can sleep easy tonight.
  6. That has been the case for many years, but I'd still like to hear him opine.
  7. Could everyone please start spreading rumours of an imminent shortage of Anusol, to give those who love to queue for/panic buy something they don't really need, an alternative to the filling stations.
  8. That may be the situation literally. But I would be interested to hear their take on this, from the affected businesses.
  9. I can't see how this can be deemed to be a good move. Yes, those of us in the know will hopefully continue to use these now disenfranchised garages, unless you have a full official Lotus service history, and wish to maintain that. For prospective newcomers to the brand, the reduction in the number of service centres could be offputting. I know two people who would have bought a Lotus, but for the perceived lack of a nearby official garage. Also, no matter how you dress this up with corporate speak, it must be a hell of a kick in the teeth for these garages who have, no doubt, invested time, effort and money in conforming to Lotus' requirements.
  10. Recently, I had all four tyres changed on my daily drive (diesel mondeo), at a local large independent, as used by my tame mechanic. A few days later, whilst driving on a fast Welsh mountain road I suddenly had a serious vibration/wobble on the NSF. I pulled in and found that one wheel stud had sheared, two were missing, including the locking one, and the other two were easily tightened with a socket wrench. On further inspection, every stud on the other three wheels was loose. I didn't touch the locking studs. I removed one stud from each rear wheel to replace the missing ones on the front I tightened them all up, apart from the lockers, so that when I took it back to the fitters, they would be the first to check them, and I was confident that these would be loose as well. Take car back to the tyre place. "Oh no, sir. We have eight torque wrenches here, all calibrated. Impossible." Have demonstration of one of such torque wrenches on my wheel studs, all tight, surprise, surprise. "Okay. " says I, "Here's the locking nut. I haven't touched them. Let's see how you get on with them." A quarter and then an eighth turn to tightness. "Someone has tried to pinch your wheels, sir." " Impossible." "You can buy locking nuts on the internet these days!" "Since I was last here, when not being driven, this car is kept in a secure place both night and day." "Well, even though it's not our fault, you'll have to leave it here so we can sort out that front hub" Leave car, cancel next day's appointments. Arrive to collect car, young f'wit drives it round to front of premises and hands over keys. Exit car park, ABS light comes on. Take car back. "Well, it was alright when we test drove it, sir. But, even though it's not our fault, you'll have to leave it here so we can sort out that ABS sensor." Leave car, cancel next day's appointments. Collect car. Vow to never, ever go to that place again and spread the word accordingly. Thank you Delamere Motors of Telford.
  11. This is well worth watching. Our government seems to be waking up to the potential of hydrogen as a fuel. I hope/wish that Lotus/Geely do the same. I will never own an electric car, never mind a Lotus. A hydrogen powered Lotus? Now that would be something I would seriously consider.
  12. Do Valetpro offer this service? If so, are there any additional benefits for TLF members?
  13. Ah, you've had a glimpse of the future @Bibs. These air quality limits are starting to creep in all over the place. Speed limits are the opposite of prices, once they go down, they rarely go up again.
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