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  1. They could try the Telford area which, (IIRC) has a whole range of properties to rent and is a 30 minute commute from W'ton.
  2. Erm, my S1 was registered new in early January 2011. So obviously MY10, and has heated seats and boot release c/w buttons. I do have the premium pack.
  3. @Reindeer did you find out what this foam is? Or does anyone else know? I was cleaning mine today and found a similar thing going on. It looks to me like it might be some sort of packer/filler from under the windscreen scuttle. I have had a look on Deroure but can't see anything there. I suppose/fear it would be a clam off job to sort out?
  4. Hmm, interesting. I had been with FJ for four years with my 2011 reg S1 NA SR, with 3k miles pa and no track days, market value. My renewals had been creeping up, and came in last December at around £500. I shopped around and got the same but 5k mls pa for £296 with Peter Best.
  5. I had my Evora SR serviced last July at PJS under the (then) newish fixed price schedule, and well before Lotus announced that you would receive a Certificate of Service under the scheme. I was surprised and delighted to receive the Certificate retrospectively in the post today. Thank you PJS/Lotus, a nice touch.
  6. I just had a look at the sensors on Gradado and the date stamp on them says 06, but no year! I originally thought they might be sensors with a reduced shelf-life being sold off cheap, but it would appear that they are copies. I hope they work out ok for you @EGTE, particularly in the long term. Please keep us informed.
  7. I am following this with interest as I shall soon be changing mine. I recall from a previous thread that the date of manufacture is stated on the packaging. I also notice that in the top left corner of the photo of an old sensor, posted by @phil flash, there is what appears to be a date stamp indicating 12/10. So, @EGTE, what date of manufacture does it say on the ones from Grandado?
  8. My sincere condolences to you Bibs.
  9. And another one's gone.
  10. Evora GTE 03/16 no.17/20 19k miles. €110,000 (£96k) on If what folk on here reckon is correct, you could get four reasonable S1s, and still have change, instead!
  11. For an Evora battery I, like others on here, would recommend the Varta siver dynamic E38. Got mine from Tayna batteries.
  12. I reckon a quality new battery will resolve a lot of these niggles. Meanwhile, a handheld litho booster is always a handy thing to have, you don't have to disconnect or remove the battery to get started.
  13. I feel for poor Russell, Mercedes letting the Keystone Cops lose in the pit lane.
  14. Did anyone else see this on Quest last Thursday night? I think it was episode 9, and if so it is repeated tomorrow at 07.00. Paul Cowland and Heather Stanley, who both feature on other motoring programmes, offer a potential buyer a choice of four second hand sports cars. Audi R8,Jag FtypeR(?), BMW i8 and an S1 Evora. Worth a look if you're not doing anything else.
  15. FWIW, the reason I consider the Evora to be an analogue car is that when I get in and drive it to the best my abilities, it is as if all the leather, the seat heaters, air con, plastic trim, crappy ICE etc, all disappear and I am driving a totally focussed, stripped out 60's/70's aluminium and fiberglass racer. Only better. Phenomenal. I have never driven another car that does this. It is all about the driving. I assume that most on here know what I mean. The journey is a pleasure. It seems to be that most car manufacturers today are building cars for people who regard the journey as something that has to be endured. Therefore the manufacturers provide all the comfort and driver aids they require, and these are the leaden digital cars. It strikes me that most major sports car makers are pandering to this as well, but I suppose this is how they achieve higher sales. Oh well, I guess I'm just an analogue dinosaur in a rapidly digitalising world. I have never driven, yet alone owned, an EV or hybrid but, when that time comes, I hope Lotus are making a car that will match the Evora, for the Drivers (and not at Evija price levels!) Redwing
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