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  1. For those interested in this, see also "Good Morning Good Night Lotus Shifter Adjustment" on YouTube. (I'd post the link, but I'm sadly lacking in this respect)
  2. Dare I say it, but I think the Evora looks better from that viewpoint.
  3. Redwing

    Formula One

    Outside of Quali, the main story of the weekend seems to be 'Hissy Crissy' Horner and Helmet Darko protesting to the FIA that Aston Martin have copied RB's aero/bodywork. Well, judging by the results, it obviously paid off for AM, not. I'm sure that this was purely a move made to add spice to next year's 'Drive to Survive' on Netflix.
  4. Redwing

    Formula One

    Long arms, short pockets. Or is it the other way round?
  5. Based on my experience of an S1 NA, just be careful separating the velcro attachments and you should have no problem.
  6. Mine comes up as an S with insurance companies, its MOTs always say it's an SR, but the VED is always correct. I suppose I've got the best of all worlds.🤣
  7. Apropos of nothing, and as a matter of Interest, so many of us on here hold great stock on the issue of whether the clutch has been changed on early Evoras. I have had mine for five and a half years, (01/2011 NA sport pack), and gone from 28-37k miles (I know, sad innit) with no problem. At every service, with a reputable, but now disenfranchised, specialist, they report that the clutch is good. When I bought the car I had the money for a clutch replacement in my fighting fund, and still do. My question is, (and I have tried the forum search) . How do you know when the clutch is on the way out? Does it slip? Do you get a clunk, and there is nothing there? Or can you not select a gear? Or does the pedal do nothing? Just interested to know is all.
  8. Redwing

    Formula One

    Not a bad race I suppose. But the Americanisation of F1 is obviously now in full swing. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I imagine that next year, the drivers on the podium at Las Vegas will walk on wearing Roman Centurions helmets. Gerri and Chrissy are obviously lapping it up. But the long and short of it is that the American owners/viewers/fans(?) will only tolerate not seeing the stars and stripes, and hearing the star spangled banner on the podium for so long. We can all look forward to money ' a la Stroll' flooding in.
  9. I'm sure that somewhere on the back of the 'computer ' there must be a sticker that says "Not Calibrated. Indicator Only ."😉
  10. "Ok, we've got the gearstick covered. Now let me introduce you to the Joystick. "
  11. Pulled into local Shell garage today, computer said range 10 miles. I was sweating a bit, as never having run so low. Put £60 of the best in, @£1.79.9999999 and computer said range 235 miles. Did 9 miles cruising on an A road, then 7 miles blasting down a twisty B road. When I got back to base, computer said range 245 miles. My God, these Evoras are so fuel efficient, who cares about prices?
  12. Matey, enter 'Windscreen Seal' as a search on here. About 10 results down you should see a post titled 'Exterior A Pillar'. Click on this and then 12 results down you should find a post from @Phil S1, dated July 24 2018.
  13. I drive past PM occasionally, and noticed a month or two ago, that his former showroom was now a totally unrelated business. If this is the end of Paul Matty, then it is a sad day for the entire Lotus community.
  14. If you delve/trawl through previous posts on this issue, you'll find out that to which I refereth. If you go on to MLOC's website, someone has put up a simple DIY fix for this. If I wasn't such a tech luddite, I'd post the link, but I'm sure you'll find it easily.
  15. If I was a betting man, I'd wager, as has been said, that it's the double sided foam tape that secures the A-pillar trim to the windscreen starting to fail. If you open the window a bit, does it stop? Also, if you get to three figure speeds (on track ha! ha!) does it stop? If so, you have your answer.
  16. It was LHD, res ipsa loquitor.
  17. At first it was hard to tell as it was drowned out by the cars it was shepherding. But once, it did pass at speed ahead of the pack at a restart and sounded good. I have a vid of this (on phone) but cannot post as it is too big apparently. If someone can tell me how to compress it, I'll gladly share. Also, I don't know who was driving it, but they managed to stall it twice while at the back of the grid! Plus, only half of the brake light strip was working.
  18. The design, the tech, the quality control and the attention to detail that they put into these cars is mind boggling. Their adding of lightness would impress CABC. You can certainly see how they can justify the $3million price tag of the Jenko. However, I do wonder how many of their customers understand, appreciate or even care about any of the above. Ultimately what they want is supercar looks, stunning performance and handling, along with exclusivity. Which makes me appreciate, in comparison, what an absolute bargain a Lotus is!
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