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  1. More like the set for the 2019 film Vivarium.
  2. 9.30 this morning, on the A38 in Bridgewater. Looked zackerly like mine.
  3. Two weeks ago I had the dreaded clutch pedal drop happen at 6pm. The car, on 38.5k, was parked facing uphill on my extremely steep drive for several hours with full handbrake and left in first gear while I gave it a full valet. I lifted the pedal and pumped it, and got it back into the garage on the flat. The dilemma I had was that the next morning I was off to Europe, on a much anticipated roadtrip with my son, taking in Spa and the 'ring. Le Tunnel and hotels were booked, a track day at Spa paid for, track day insurance paid for, new helmets purchased, European breakdown cover arranged,travel insurance arranged etc. What would you do?
  4. If you have multiple cars, as you say, then try getting quotes to insure your Elise on classic insurance, with agreed mileage and see if that helps.
  5. This has been discussed at length on here before. To give you my 2p's worth, when I bought my 2011 Evora, back in December 2016, the headlights had been re-coated. The car is kept garaged, except for the odd week at the seaside in the summer and days out. After three years the film/lacquer started cracking and flaking and a year later I sanded them down properly and fitted the clear film as supplied by without re-coating them. To date, all is fine and they look as good as when I did them. The key to all this, as I see it, is that the lacquer/coating that everyone, including Lotus, use is absolutely fine on clear plexiglass. The Evora has areas of the lense that are black, ie, the top and the edges. I reckon that it is the thermal expansion differential in sunlight, between the clear and black that causes the problem, or that the lacquer/coating is not suitable for using on black areas. I have seen this on several Evoras, the flaking always starts at the top and sides. In the future, if I am correct, then I would expect to see the film I have fitted start to mist in areas that are losing their adhesion or, hopefully, due to the flexibility of the clear film, this will not be an issue. I will update if and when I have any issues. Meanwhile, I would recommend using the film (which does offer UV protection) and forgetting about using lacquer or clear coating.
  6. Redwing

    7 Elises - A48

    Spotted just now, 7 (yes seven) Elises on the A48 East of Carmarthen. Surely at least one on here?
  7. Try searching for the same holiday on a different device.
  8. The Evora reaches new heights!
  9. I live in the environs of Telford, where our progressive and right on council have installed paved, dedicated and signposted cycle lanes, some 1m away from most of the main thoroughfares, yet still all the MAMILS and d****heads insist on riding in the middle of the roads. What more do they want?
  10. Matey, I was a lurker on here for a while, but your personal email to me, encouraging me to sign in/up, prompted me to join. Since when, I have contributed nothing of any consequence. However, I do appreciate the wonderful insight, information and opinion that the good folk on here offer. The site would be a poorer place without you. To quote KC and the Sunshine Band, please don't go.
  11. I would be grateful to hear how others are dealing with this. I used to insure the Evora with Footman James, and you could buy 'bolt on' track day insurance for, IIRC, about £60 per day, with a discount for multiple days. I never did any track days so did not take advantage of this. For the last couple of years I've been insured with Peter Best (cue drum roll from @jep), but they do not offer track day insurance. This year I've decided that, life being so short, I would love to take my son on a driving holiday into Europe and do a track day at Spa and have a day at the 'Ring. Peter Best referred me to Grove and Dean, for insurance, who have come back with a price of "around" £265 per day, which is somewhat more than I was expecting. Is this reasonable? I know from previous threads that some of you used to have annual insurance that included track days. Is this still the case? If so, who do you use? I would consider swapping my annual policy if it meant that I could do a couple of UK days as well, ie Oulton and Castle Coombe. Any advice gratefully received. 😉
  12. Redwing

    Blue Emira

    Yes, I think you are right. It's reg. began with AO, same as their blue demo.
  13. Redwing

    Blue Emira

    15.45 on the A453, West Bridgeford. First one I've seen in the wild. Impressive
  14. I'm somewhat older than you, but similar circumstances. For the last two years, Peter Best have been the cheapest I've found. It's well worth shopping around. Good luck.
  15. I think I saw this last week. If it was, it was painted a slightly darker shade of primer grey with no reflective tape etc.
  16. Good to see him giving it the beans on the unrestricted roads.
  17. £1.58.9 for diesel yesterday at the Murco in Wormbridge, on the Hereford-Abergavenny road.
  18. Saw this pic of an Evora, venting it's hot air, in the latest Club Lotus magazine.
  19. 430, or stick with what you've got, unless you want to go for one with lower mileage.
  20. I'm not being pedantic, but the dash button is handbrake and/or ignition sensitive. Can't remember off the top of my head, but worth double checking.
  21. When I saw this, I was reminded of a desperate Saddam Hussain firing his scud missiles at Israel in order to stir up a complete sh1tstorm. If these were Russian missiles, and not Ukrainian, as Russia is suggesting, then what in hell's name is Putin up to?
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