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  1. If I was a betting man, I'd wager, as has been said, that it's the double sided foam tape that secures the A-pillar trim to the windscreen starting to fail. If you open the window a bit, does it stop? Also, if you get to three figure speeds (on track ha! ha!) does it stop? If so, you have your answer.
  2. It was LHD, res ipsa loquitor.
  3. At first it was hard to tell as it was drowned out by the cars it was shepherding. But once, it did pass at speed ahead of the pack at a restart and sounded good. I have a vid of this (on phone) but cannot post as it is too big apparently. If someone can tell me how to compress it, I'll gladly share. Also, I don't know who was driving it, but they managed to stall it twice while at the back of the grid! Plus, only half of the brake light strip was working.
  4. The design, the tech, the quality control and the attention to detail that they put into these cars is mind boggling. Their adding of lightness would impress CABC. You can certainly see how they can justify the $3million price tag of the Jenko. However, I do wonder how many of their customers understand, appreciate or even care about any of the above. Ultimately what they want is supercar looks, stunning performance and handling, along with exclusivity. Which makes me appreciate, in comparison, what an absolute bargain a Lotus is!
  5. Can't see me ever having one, but it's a helluva thing and I really hope that it is a success for Lotus. With all that porosity going on I'd be interested to see what one looked like after going down a muddy road.
  6. Re sitting down with an IFA. The advice that you would receive today would be totally different to what you would have been given before that little sh1t Putin started his antics, and more than likely be different to what would be offered in a month's time. My IFA always tells me that what the markets like is certainty and stability. Two commodities that are seriously in short supply at the moment. Now is not the time to be making life changing financial decisions. HOLD!
  7. Matey, don't hang around. These go just like that. They will only become more desirable. As others have said, wheel colours should not be a deal-breaker. You can have any colour wheel you want for a few hundred quid.
  8. A man is out walking in the countryside and comes across a very welcoming looking pub. He goes in, orders a pint, and then notices a Labrador in front of the fire washing himself. Man turns to the barman and says "look at at that eh? Lying in front of a roaring fire and licking your balls. Wish I could do that." Barman says "give him a biscuit, Sir, and I'm sure he'd let you."
  9. Redwing

    Formula One

    Yes, Karma for Max der Strapon and Hissy Chrissy. Good to see Ferrari back in the mix.
  10. I'm in a similar position as you, but thankfully healthy. I was considering finishing this July, the end of my company's financial year. I'm 61. However, since the commencement of that little sh1t Putin's antics, my partner and I have seen £37k wiped off our pensions and investments. This could easily get worse and certainly will not be re-bounding any time soon. This, coupled with the increase in the price of everything, of which we ain't seen nothing yet, is making me think of hanging on for another year, maybe. My point is, tread very carefully.
  11. I was out for a blast on Sunday, and took a slight detour along a lovely twisty B-road in order to call at one of the few local Shell garages for a squirt of V-max. I suddenly had a rear view mirror full (limited admittedly) of black bonnet and could see his right hand indicator flashing. How very dare he! And indeed he didn't. When I pulled up at the garage, he pulled up at the other side of the pump and I noted that it was a Yaris GR from the badge on his wing. A very polite young man then stuck his head around the pump, and said that he hoped I didn't mind what had just happened, but he and his dad used to share an S1 and he had given it everything and couldn't believe he couldn't get past. I told him that I hadn't even troubled the "change up" LEDs. He looked at me blankly, and I realised he must have thought I was in an Elise. Anyway, it gets better. Pulled up at an adjacent pump was a red Ferrari F8 Tributo (£250k?). When I went in to pay, the dude behind the counter asked me if I was in the Corvette. I said no, it's a Lotus. He then asked, if I could, would I swap my Lotus for the Ferrari? I gave it some thought, and replied that if the guy with the Ferrari wanted to do a straight swap right here, right now, I'd take it. Otherwise, it wouldn't happen.
  12. You have a point. A couple of passes by a pair of A-10s, at 10 minute intervals (four aircraft required) from the front, followed by a similar sortie from the rear would mess them up.
  13. Pistonheads have just done a review.
  14. Redwing

    I'm back!

    Kimbers, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you, but if I did, my advice to you would be to be good to yourself. Otherwise, you may not have enough good to share out to those who need it.
  15. Every time I switch on the news, i hope/dream that the headline will be, "Breaking news from Moscow, there has been a Palace Coup/Military Coup/Putin has been assassinated". I find it incredible that the military, financial, political hierarchy over there are allowing one arrogant little sh1t to effectively return themselves to the dark ages. For every day that this mayhem is allowed to continue, Russia is effectively alienating itself from the international community by a matter of years. I can't see a way back for them as it stands. If someone offered me the opportunity to go to Moscow with a gun, and a guaranteed clear shot at the little c***, but on the basis that I would not be coming back. I'd take it.
  16. Is that Christian Horner (on the left)? If so, surely that can't be Geri?
  17. Redwing

    Formula One

    I'll stick my head up above the parapet here and say that Mazepin should be excluded from the forthcoming season. Also, any F1 team with any association with Russian money/sponsorship should be required to prove that they have terminated any such agreement immediately, and I'm not talking about just peeling stickers off. I know that in F1 cash is king, but in the aftermath of the debacle that was the finale of last year, perhaps some credibility could be restored. Some teams will obviously suffer in the short term, but it could well be beneficial to all, long term. The world is watching.
  18. I can't comment on the S, but, having owned one and kept track of S1 NA prices for over five years, if depreciation is of concern to you, as a rule of thumb, I would suggest that 10K miles equates to £1K depreciation. If prices continue to head the way that they are at present, then this could become irrelevant to you. With regards to buying, don't think only LE. A later NA, with all three packs (sport, premium, tech) could be a better buy. Sport pack is essential, 2+2 much more desirable, IPS are "rare" because few people ordered them originally. Good luck with your search, whichever you buy, but get in there soon! You won't be disappointed.
  19. I am surprised by the lack of outrage on here for what is happening in Ukraine.
  20. Having previously read about this road on here, thought I'd take detour via Tintern on my way to Caldicot this morning, in the daily dustbin. Made me smile to see AU55 FZA going the other way.
  21. Would you be interested in a lime?
  22. Sorry to have wasted your time. I just thought this was a well produced, mildly entertaining video that shone a good light on Lotus, and the Evora in particular. Yes, us lot learn nothing new, but some of the 61,000 other people who have watched it just might.
  23. Mornin' all. Just watched a couple of good vids on the Evora. Go to YouTube, search drivetribe, Evora sets world record. There's a second vid about the making of the first. I'm sure one of you tech savvy youngsters can post a direct link. Enjoy.
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