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  1. Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section, Mods feel free to move it. Lotus Silverstone are selling the very first Exige, chassis #0001. Anyone fancy owning a piece of Lotus history? I'm sure somebody more technically adept than me will be able to post a link.
  2. For once, @C8RKH, I completely agree with what you are saying!
  3. Ok, so which is the safer option? 1; drive out somewhere remote and have a walk. 2; go for a walk from home and try and dodge everyone else and hold your breath while every cyclist wheezes past. As I said in my previous post, a GOVERNMENT ADVISER said on WATO that it was ok to do option one. If that is not the case, then someone get Boris to tell him to rescind that piece of advice. Unnecessary travel? Taking buses, trains, the tube, going to the seaside, visiting friends or relatives, sightseeing etc., basically anything that involves the potential to spread the virus. As a key worker, I am going out there and risking myself and family for the good of all. Do not accuse me of being flippant or thinking that I am above the current measures. Apparently, if I do insure the Evora for work use , I should still be locked up. Do some of you on here have something against Evoras and/or their drivers?
  4. As far as I can interpret the vague govt. measures, we should be avoiding social contact. The "STAY IN YOUR HOMES" message is aimed at those who still think it is ok to wander around aimlessly, congregate, or have barbecues in the street. Martial law/total lockdown has not yet been declared. On Tuesday I heard some adviser on WATO say that it was ok to drive out to somewhere in order to take your one piece of daily exercise, so if I go out for a blast and stop and have a walk, then that is ok. With regards accidents/breakdowns, if I stay at home should I not use any gardening machinery or not do any work off ladders, just in case? I am a key worker and still drive considerable distances daily. If the only way I can get to drive my Evora is to use it for work, then I shall get my insurance adjusted accordingly for business use. Therefore I should not be locked up under armed guard. Is that ok with you?
  5. Called in at Weston's Cider after work and they very kindly sold me several cases of Vintage. On the way home I was briefly behind a van which had scrawled in the dirt on the back "No loo rolls left in this van overnight" Currently watching "Casino Royale" ont' telly
  6. Of course you can go out for a drive if you are not going to stop and get out anywhere, unless shopping. If you need petrol, stop at a [email protected] garage and use wipes/sanitizer afterwards. If you think your car will break down, then don't go out. If you think you might have an accident make sure you have clean underwear. I went out for a blast yesterday, sunshine and empty roads. What a tonic for these awful times. Oh, and if you have a soft top, best leave it up so as not to upset the jealous/miserable/killjoys. In the Evora this is not an issue. 😋
  7. Look Dudes, it doesn't matter if it's a C8 or a CJ5 with 4 wheel drive. The only Evora that will be collectable, (note the spelling), is the S1 NA manual with all the packs. End of.
  8. Hello y'all. After 20 months of evora ownership, thinking I was the only one, on Saturday I saw at least three! One burnt orange and one in BRG with two yellow stripes (poss GTE? ) on the M40, W- bound, near Banbury. Also another Lotus not far behind, couldn't determine because of armoco, but had attached rear wing and red wheels. Then to cap it all, saw a gun metal grey one on the Westway, looked awesome........... on days like these.
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