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  1. I do find myself wondering how long Geely will tolerate the financing of a small company, employing 100s of people with the associated overheads, that, apart from a few deposits,  has seemingly generated no income for months. As @spinney has said, other manufacturers have several models to sell.  Lotus have only the Emira and that is not going well, with none delivered to date.  I worry that Geely will say "enough is enough" and pull the plug.

  2. I happened to have a roll of silver plastic bubble wrap type radiator insulation knocking about and when cut to shape works perfectly well, fitting it on the inside and using the sun visors to keep it in place.   It rolls up or folds, eventually it starts to crack and become translucent but hey ho just use it as a template and cut another one off the roll, £12.56 for 10m from B&Q.

  3. On 17/06/2022 at 16:25, exeterjeep said:

    Not been on since April.

    I don't know @Karl M Roberts personally,  even though he lives only a couple of miles away from me.  However, we do have a mutual acquaintance, who I saw today,  who told me that Karl had changed his choice to an i4.  This, therefore, enables Lotus to supply the 'first' Emira to whoever they want.  Considering that Karl put his deposit down some 12 months before the Emira was even announced,  I sincerely hope he gets the first i4.

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  4. Outside of Quali, the main story of the weekend seems to be 'Hissy Crissy' Horner and Helmet Darko protesting to the FIA that Aston Martin have copied RB's aero/bodywork.  Well, judging by the results, it obviously paid off for AM, not.

    I'm sure that this was purely a move made to add spice to next year's 'Drive to Survive' on Netflix.  

  5. Not a bad race I suppose.  But the Americanisation of F1 is obviously now in full swing.  I don't know whether to laugh or cry.  I imagine that next year,  the drivers on the podium at Las Vegas will walk on wearing Roman Centurions helmets.  Gerri and Chrissy are obviously lapping it up. 

    But the long and short of it is that the American owners/viewers/fans(?) will only tolerate not seeing the stars and stripes, and hearing the star spangled banner on the podium for so long.

      We can all look forward to money ' a la Stroll' flooding in.

  6. Pulled into local Shell garage today, computer said range 10 miles. I was sweating a bit, as never having run so low.  Put £60 of the best in, @£1.79.9999999 and computer said range 235 miles.

    Did 9 miles cruising on an A road, then 7 miles blasting down a twisty B road.  When I got back to base, computer said range 245 miles.  My God,  these Evoras are so fuel efficient, who cares about prices?

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