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  1. Yeah, definitely still getting it replaced, last thing I want is preventable issues popping up at inopportune times. I've given it an other drowning tonight and will see how it feels tomorrow
  2. Update: After hosing it down with WD40 yesterday evening, I checking it this morning, and there is a good 90% improvement, almost back to normal. Probably still worth booking it in as I can get this and a few other little things done at the same time. Got a 400 mile round trip at the end of April so best to know it's right.
  3. There it is! Just given it it's first soak of WD40. When I get the new one, is it something I should give a good slather of grease, or will that just make it pick up more dirt?
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks very much for the replies, brilliant advice. I'll set about covering it in WD and see if it makes any difference. I've also spoke to PNM to book it in for a new one.
  5. I can see one under the steering column in the drivers foot well, there's another I assume? How do I get access to it? Do we think it's still drivable then until the UJs are sorted? I might at the very least have to get it 19 miles (40 mins including going through the Mersey tunnel) to get it to PNM.
  6. Yeah, the UJs would make perfect sense with it being on the half turn. I'll look into that. Thanks guys
  7. This is with the front jacked up to take tyre friction out the equation. I don't know how well this comes across, and I've never tried the steering while jacked up before so I've nothing to compare with, but it doesn't seem right. About every half turn there is resistance and then normal. (not as bad as my huffing makes it sound, I was just reach over). Can't see anything wrong under the front of the car, nothing obvious anyway. VID_20190407_155824_428x240.mp4
  8. It's an '82 Turbo, no power steering (of course). Just out for a drive, all was fine, then coming off a round about, letting the wheel straighten up, and it didn't. The steering had gone really heavy, and I have to push it back to centre now rather than it doing most of the work on it own. Felt like a front tire (or both) had just gone flat, pulled over to check and all tyres where fine. So, the obvious question is, what could cause this and how to fix it. But also, is the car safe to drive or am I going to suddenly find myself with no steering at all at an inopportune moment? Cheers Rick
  9. That sounds exactly like my problem! I think door seals are my prime suspect at the moment!! Thanks!
  10. Ah, yes, mine is the non A/C black top engine. The alt was the first job I did and my first learning curve into differences between models and years 😂 Yeah, I'll be sure you check I get one that fits, if there is one available for mine.
  11. They sound great, going to seriously look into it. But I'll still attempt to stem the leak also
  12. Sounds pretty amazing, I'll look them up, but likely the price will be the deciding factor. And I would be taking the car in and out of it regularly, so it might be a bit awkward?
  13. Brilliant, thanks for the reply, definitely gives me hope of getting it sorted!!
  14. Good shout, there are a couple of cracks in the grp, I'll get those to sorted too! And I'll check the other areas you've mentioned. Thanks!
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