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  1. That sounds exactly like my problem! I think door seals are my prime suspect at the moment!! Thanks!
  2. Ah, yes, mine is the non A/C black top engine. The alt was the first job I did and my first learning curve into differences between models and years 😂 Yeah, I'll be sure you check I get one that fits, if there is one available for mine.
  3. They sound great, going to seriously look into it. But I'll still attempt to stem the leak also
  4. Sounds pretty amazing, I'll look them up, but likely the price will be the deciding factor. And I would be taking the car in and out of it regularly, so it might be a bit awkward?
  5. Brilliant, thanks for the reply, definitely gives me hope of getting it sorted!!
  6. Good shout, there are a couple of cracks in the grp, I'll get those to sorted too! And I'll check the other areas you've mentioned. Thanks!
  7. Had a good feel around this evening. Under the driver's seat is soaking! Nothing higher up or further forward is damp so at a guess, it's getting in through the door seal at the B pillar and running in through the bottom of the door. I'll have to get it replaced and make sure it's all a good fit!
  8. That actually makes a lot of sense, as I think I've not got the fueling quite right on it at the moment. So definitely worth me looking down that avenue, and possibly kill two birds with one stone. Although, I do like the idea of the up rated alt either way.
  9. They look like a similar concept to the cat litter hack. Like your say, very cheap and worth a try. I've a feeling finding where water is getting in is going to be the key to long term prevention
  10. Hi Mike, Yeah, absolutely loving it (when the inside of the windscreen isn't frozen ha ha).
  11. Brilliant tip!! When I had the MR2 I bought a kg of silica and put it in tights, but it was expensive, didn't think of cat litter, thanks!
  12. Brilliant info. The idle was set by PNM while they had it in, and then upped a little more because I was having a stalling issue. It does now idle just below 1k with no load, so I'll check that. TBH it sounds like I want the Bosch AL49X, is it a straight swap? Yeah, tell me about the belt, it was a massive pain!!!!
  13. It's an aftermarket sun roof so there are no slots in the roof for it. I've ran silicon all the way round so it doesn't even open any more. I don't 'think' there is anything getting in through there now as it used to drip on me while driving.
  14. Definitely a good idea, I think there glued down though
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