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  1. That'll be me. Car now has silver turbo stripes and silver wheels, although the Andy Graham states it originally had Gold stripes, said that none came from the factory with gold wheels, which seems strange as so many do.. Think it got it's Essex stripes fairly early on, although with dark blue wheels and a blue interior wasn't a particularly convincing copy. Jack bought it off Stocks.
  2. Hi Ben, I have a January 84 Turbo Esprit, do you have a system that will fit to that? Looking for complete system. Regards, Mark
  3. Typical, now this group buy is closed, I appear to have a number of exhaust leaks... it would be prudent to replace the manifold at the same time. Is there any chance that an extra G car set can be added?
  4. VIN SCC082910EHD11670 Engine CC910840121281 Essex blue (A34) 1984 Turbo Esprit Sunroof, blue half leather interior, no air con. First registered 02/02/1984 Thatcham
  5. Thanks for the welcome! Yes I bought from Jack a few months ago, think he’s missing it! Some good vids on you tube if you search No.27 Lotus Esprit. Its in good original original condition, only 52k on the clock.
  6. Just moved from Excel to Esprit ownership. 1984 A34 blue.
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