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  1. So I had focals, updated HU with BT and Hands Free alot with an alpine sub. All sound proofed. All fitted by Toby, lovely guy and did an amazing job couldn't fault him or his work. Pics attached! Dave
  2. Hi, What other mods do people recommend? I've now got:- - 2bular -soft top conversion with soft top - focal speakers due to be fitted I was thinking of things like. - better headlight bulbs if so what? - number plate bulbs? - induction kit? What have you done? Dave
  3. DJV83

    2bular Road

    Quick interim post before I get a full review up with videos. Had the 2bular fitted on Saturday and it's absolutely amazing the noise it generates! It's not just loud, it sounds good with it. The car should sound like this from the factory IMO. Videos coming soon... and for anyone thinking of buying one, do it! You won't regret it. Dave
  4. DJV83

    2bular Road

    Indeed @GFWilliams Looking forward to getting out to the meets this year. Few names I want to put a face too ?
  5. DJV83

    2bular Road

    Thanks to whoever nudged Jim for me, he emailed me today and advised he can post mine next week. Excited is an understatement :-) Thanks Dave
  6. Hi, I got a response from Jim just before Christmas asking me when I need the exhaust for, I responded but haven't heard anything since. I left it over the Christmas holiday before chasing and still haven't heard back. Should I be offended or is this normal for him? Thanks Dave
  7. DJV83


    Thanks mate. Will order from you ?
  8. DJV83


    I'm going to hazard a guess and say traditional but I haven't looked to be honest.
  9. DJV83


    Hi, I was told to get an Optimate for winter storage. I can't find anything on the forum and when I Google it I only get Optimate charges for bikes. Can anyone point in the direction of which one or an alternative to get please? Thanks
  10. Hi, I would also like to upgrade the speakers and add a sub but don't fancy myself being able to do it. Anyone in Hampshire that can help? Dave
  11. ...but as a new owner expect more to come from me ? I'm going to give her a good clean this weekend and to add to the challenge of it being matt. I've also started to wonder what happens when it comes to water/shampoo and the vents to the side of the glass panel over the engine. Is it a case of avoid any water going down there? Or will it be fine. (I know some of you will be highlighting the fact rain will go down there, my question is more aimed at larger quantities of water i.e. jet wash and shampoo ?) These vents... Thanks Dave
  12. Hi, Who are you insured with for your Exige S3? Thanks DV
  13. It's a lovely car, you looked after it well and I will do the same whilst thoroughly enjoying it at the same time ? I'm probably going to use it 70/30 road being the majority so will keep it standard. It certainly feels quick enough standard... for now!
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