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  1. I thought I'd clean the Esprit properly yesterday and used some Autoglym Super Resin polish for the first time. I was well chuffed with the results!
  2. What about this for a wing? I found the picture in the file of documents that came with my car...
  3. The car has recently been advertised on eBay. I bought it from Fraser at Hilton & Moss, he was very straight forward and easy to deal with. It appears to be in great condition and certainly drives very well. Here are some more pics.
  4. From Stansted to West of Oxford via Aylesbury. The car was absolutely covered in dirt by the time I got it home. I had to spend an hour or two cleaning it but it looks great again now.
  5. Hello all, I've just picked this up today. Great drive home, (110 miles) no problems apart from the weather. What a fantastic car to drive, I loved every minute of it. Why does it always piss down when I collect a new car? Does anyone on here know this car? I'd love to know more about its history. Cheers, Andy.
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