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  1. We're just looking for one more car now! We need a 410 Sport to complete the group... does anyone here have one, or know someone who does? The date and venue are now confirmed as Thursday 16th May at Castleton in the Peak District. If you'd like to be there, and see your car int he magazine, please do get in touch
  2. Thanks for all the responses to this so far! I'be just sent a brief acknowledgement to everyone who has emailed me so far, and hope to have a better idea of the day and venue in the next couple of days. We're still on the lookout for a 410 Sport and GT430 if anyone has one, or knows someone who has one who could be pushed in my direction!
  3. Hi all, We are looking to put together a group test of Evoras for the next issue of Absolute Lotus magazine. If you can spare a day and would like to see your car in print, read on... Ideally, the group would be as follows, but we're open to all models of Evora. Launch spec n/a car Evora 400 Evora 410 Sport Evora GT430 The photoshoot will take place on the week beginning 13th May, the date and venue to be confirmed once we know everyone's availability and location to make it as convenient for everyone as possible. We'd meet at 10am and be done by 3pm, and the day will consist of a group photo of all the cars together followed by an individual shoot with each car. We'd need to drive each car to get a feel for the differences between them, and there will be only one driver (me). We'll also provide lunch. If you fancy joining us, please send me a photo of your car, together with your availability on the week beginning 13th May and your location to [email protected] and we'll hopefully firm up the details over the next week or so. Any questions, just yell – but please note that I'm away for the weekend from tomorrow with limited screen access until I'm back on Monday. Many thanks, Adam Wilkins Publisher, Absolute Lotus magazine
  4. Hello all, We are looking for a couple of Elans to complete the photoshoot for the next Absolute Lotus magazine group test. We need an S1 and an S3 to complete the set. Would any owners be able to come along? The date is next Tuesday (19th March) and we will meet at Chateau Impney near Droitwich (WR9 0BN). We'll meet at 10am and should be finished by 3pm (probably earlier). The day will consist of a group shot of the cars all together, and then individual shots of each car. We will also need to drive each car – not for too long, just enough to get a feel for their differences. There will be only one driver (me) and we have fully comp insurance for the purpose. Ideally the cars will be as standard as possible, but some light modification is OK. If you're keen and you could can make it, please drop me an email on [email protected] Many thanks! Adam Wilkins Absolute Lotus magazine
  5. Hi all, we need just one more car for the photoshoot now! Does anyone have a launch spec S3 Exige S or Exige S Roadster that they could bring along to the photoshoot? It's next Thursday (1st November) and will be at Newlands Corner near Guildford.
  6. We're still in need of most of the cars for this shoot... If anyone has one of the following, and could make it along to the photoshoot on w/c 29 October, I'd love to hear from you! S1 Exige S2 Exige S S2 Exige Cup S3 Exige S (launch spec) If you have one of the cars listed, please drop me an email on [email protected] (@pete – we already have an na Exige confirmed, hence it wasn't on the list!)
  7. We could live with a 250 if that makes it more likely...
  8. We are looking for an Elise Cup 260 for a photoshoot and drive feature in Absolute Lotus. It's short notice – it's taking place next Wednesday (27th). You'll get to meet Elise designer Julian Thomson who will drive the car alongside his Sport 160. As it's short notice, it would be great if anyone with a suitable car could call the editor Ian Stent directly on 07595 021922 or email [email protected] Many thanks!
  9. Just a quick thanks to those who came along to the photoshoot today! Ian's pics are looking great, and I really enjoyed driving the cars. Not long until it'll be in print... it'll be on the shelves on 6 July! So I'd better get writing!
  10. I was hoping to prove we're nothing like the BBC
  11. Thanks chaps. @Dan E - can you send me an email with your mobile number, and I'll send back more details for the day itself. @JNW3 - would the 19th be good for you?
  12. OK, let's try for Tuesday 19th. That really is the last day we can do it to get it into the issue. Who's in?
  13. Hi chaps, Right... we're getting somewhere with some firm plans now! We're going to be doing the photoshoot on Monday (11th) at Burton Dassett Hills Country Park, which is close to J12 of the M40. It'll start at 10am, and we'd hope to be wrapped up by about 3pm, and will get pics and drive of the cars that have come furthest first to get them on their way. Could @Dan E, @Chillidoggy and @Llewelyn82 let me know if this date suits? (@Sparky – I've emailed you!). Cheers, Adam.
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