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  1. Pictures wanted - All V6 Exige Colours!

    Does anybody have an Aubergine Purple car? Or indeed any other purple?
  2. Is there a way to find specific colours on the forum?

    As someone suggested above it would be great if someone could start a thread with examples of Lotus colours, and a photo of each example. It seems to work quite well on other single marque forums.
  3. £10k off list? Blimey. Was that for a new car, or one that already existed? That's a nice discount.
  4. I'm thinking along similar lines: Do I get a new 350 exactly as I want, or compromise on spec (and colour) and get a second hand S. A fancy gear lever mechanism can't be worth that much money. Seat runners can presumably be fixed. Decisions, decisions...
  5. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow Exige S

    Very seasonal photos - great screen savers once again. Thanks.
  6. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow Exige S

    Great photos as always. Thanks. New interior looks great, but I'm not sure about the black knob. Are you thinking of paint or black anodizing?
  7. Elise Sound "Best sounding four cylinder car"

    I fear that's a bit of sales talk. It will never get near the roar of a Xflow with a 244 cam and twin webbers. Or an Alfa twin cam, or, well the list is quite long. Best sound "currently in production", yeah, maybe.
  8. Not for the faint of heart! - Now "Exige Cup 430"

    I watched those Delanney videos. Do all theses vloggers all follow the same format? 1/ What car shall I get (they pretend they're paying for it) 2/ What colour spec should I choose, please help me decide. 3/ Take delivery of the car 4/ Drive the car somewhere sunny and expensive. 5/ Get an exhaust fitted. 6/ 10 things I love/hate about my car. 7/ Get the car wrapped (I think he skipped that part) 8/ "Sell" the car. 9/ Go back to stage one. I'm too old to fully understand the economics of how you appear to make a living out of youtube and instagram, I think the idea is that his video's influence people to want to buy a Lotus. Is that it?
  9. Not for the faint of heart! - Now "Exige Cup 430"

    George, I've seen some more photos of your car at Hethel that you posted on twitter. Is there any chance you could load them up here? It'd make my day to have a new screen saver.
  10. Not for the faint of heart! - Now "Exige Cup 430"

    What great photos. Thank you.
  11. The Lotus Conundrum

    I'd love to get into a new Exige next year. But I'm having real doubts about which model to buy. I could get a second hand S, do some mods and maybe paint it the colour I want. But then I'd be close to the price of a new one. I also have a feeling that the price of three or four year old cars is remaining quite high on the S/H market because there are so few of them. And then it seems with the production numbers they've been achieving in the last couple of years those prices will tumble when all those cars come onto the market in the next year or two. The one I want is a brand new, very basic, no frills, no carbon car with the 430 engine. Why can't I buy one of those?
  12. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow Exige S

    Great photos.
  13. Not for the faint of heart! - Now "Exige Cup 430"

    A non carbon, non fancy base model Exige with the 430 engine would be just the ticket for me. Irresistable. By all means offer the carbon nick-nacks as options just like every other carmaker does.
  14. Not for the faint of heart! - Now "Exige Cup 430"

    Whereas I cannot stand the look of black wheels. Hey-ho.
  15. Komo-Tec Exige S EX460

    I totally get all this modding of cars. If/when I get a 350 and the warranty is out I'll be doing it too. Yet, in another world I have an old 1971 Europa S2 scattered around a friends barn, all in pieces, waiting to be restored. Now many of those old Europas have been modded every way possible. Yet, oddly, I want to restore it absolutely dead standard, stock, unaltered, as it left the factory. Maybe one day in fifty years time people will be restoring all these Exiges, and putting them back to factory spec.