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  1. It was fine and a great show,I would have liked to put my car in but it was fully booked. Really nice to see a few Lotus's there.Seemed very organized this year.
  2. Red Espirit in Tesco fuel station at 17:15 on Friday 25 May.
  3. If it's a 6mm nyloc which mine are you will need a 10mm socket.Toolstation,Screwfix sell them at very reasonable prices.Best to renew them once they have been off anyway.
  4. I'm impressed,really nice job.Isn't it great to resurrect even the little bits.
  5. Yes I would like that,thanks for the info.
  6. Hi Peter,I paid £8 for the motor,money well spent in my eyes.
  7. Hi Peter,I replaced my purge pump motor with this one from Maplin,works a treat now.Nice easy job to. Please not that the old motor is visible in my picture and the new one installed.
  8. Nice to have a lid that stays up now.Dead simple to do and the mounting simply bolts onto the original top panel mounts and rests against the fuel tank with double sided tape to form a gasket.Struts are Hafle 80 n 268mm.I hope my mod will be helpful to others with ineffective boot stays.Higher pressure gas struts are available if needed.
  9. I understand now,yeah that's the same as mine,I'm just outside of Folkestone how about you?
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