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  1. I will keep an eye out for you, I'm also Hampshire. If a blue VXT flashes you that's me.
  2. Red S2 spotted travelling towards Odiham today, I was in the VX and a mutual flash of lights occurred
  3. Indeed, and without GM getting involved the S2 probably wouldn't have happened. Lotus and GM collaborated before even that. I remember liking the Carlton many moons ago. All this one needs is a smaller wheel combo as it's dialed in to understeer and also my tyre choice on standard rims is limited. Putting a better set of tyres on would help I reckon. It's currently on the factory Bridgestone 's and I'm not a fan.
  4. After a moment of madness I bought a 116 aka VX220. Sorry if I have let the side down but she's a beauty. Late 06 registered 24k miles impeccable history 2.0 stage two turbo in Coral blue. I did look at several S2's but for the 16.5k I paid for her a saving was made on my original budget and I didn't find any Elise worth buying for similar money. It's about the drive not the badge for me and she is fantastic to steer.
  5. Thanks for the invite, I'm afraid Monday is a late one at work for me so won't be able to make it.
  6. Hi Pete I'm in the Basingstoke area.
  7. Excellent colour choice My old S1 was yellow and in my opinion a sensible choice as they are small cars and it helps other road users see you coming.
  8. Hello After a brief period of Elise S1 ownership back in the late 90s it's time for a nice S2. With family commitments and a house purchase the S1 had to go. Finally now my oldest is 20 and youngest 11 it's time to purchase another garage queen. I've had some lovely cars over the years from fast Fords, Honda's and M cars but the last two seater I owned was a rather heavy 350Z which was an exercise in budget two seater fun (sounded superb with a miltek though). I have recently started working for a new company and have a boring but new golf diesel for a daily. I can now hunt for an S2 The age old quandary of K series or Toyota power is the only decision troubling me at the moment. I liked the K in the S1 as it suited the car very well indeed. Having owned an S2k and NSX I'm also quite partial to the top end rev fun offered by the Toyota unit. As yet I've not tried a later car but plan to do so before deciding. Anyhow I'm here now, let the hunt begin.
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