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  1. I agree with @black eclat. Fit an override switch. If my Eclat gets in a traffic jam, I hit my manual override immediately. If not, and the temp increases, the fans never catch up, especially in a prolonged jam.
  2. I remember seeing him perform in my local area TV in the 70's. (Granada Reports, I think). It was suppose to be his first TV appearance. Though he was brilliant. Bought all his early albums. Then watched his annual concert. I've recorded the sky Arts programme, am looking forward to watching it. There has been quite a few documentaries on Sky Arts recently on electronic music. i.e. Tangerine Dream etc Makes a change to watch something decent!
  3. Yes, The rings go round the mounting bracket AND the silencer.
  4. Attended a really nice car show at the weekend. Little place called Audlem (near Stoke) I wanted a good run out before I go to The Silverstone Classic at the end of August. (It was a 160 mile round trip) Behaved impeccably. (the car, not me!) The whole village seemed to have turned out, waving, cheering etc as we convoyed around the village before settling on the village green. Of course everyone loved my flashing headlights! When I parked up, I nearly got as many comments on my revolving model car that the real thing!
  5. I agree with @pbharcourt. Brilliant article. I have often though of this conversion but never got round to it. (my pods actually stayed down for a couple of days using the vacuum for a long time) However recently they have been popping up which I hate. So I will be using your conversion. Many thanks.
  6. I have 2 gearboxes stored exactly like that in my garage. Can I ask why I shouldn't? Cheers.
  7. Hi Mike, Many thanks for replying. I can see from your photo, as I suspected, my spring is broken. As you suggest, I will try and replace the spring in-situ before I do any drilling. Thanks again.
  8. I am having problems with my door catch. (its on my Eclat, but the same mechanism is on the Elite and Esprit. - not sure about the Excel) Sometimes the door wont shut properly because the catch is fouling on the plate. However sometimes I can 'flip' the catch up with a screwdriver then its ok for a while. Today I decided to take the latch off and see what the problem is. After cleaning it up it looks as if the small spring that moves the catch is broken. (the one in the middle of the zoomed in photo.)So will need replacing. it looks as if I will have to drill out the rivet in the centre of the mechanism to get to it. What do you think? Does the spring look broken to you? Any other ideas on how to get into the mechanism would be much appreciated.
  9. Years ago, it was recommended to me to get my wheels balanced whilst the were on the car. My local tyre supplier had a machine that you actually sat on, offered up to the tyre then set it going. A disc that touches the tyre spins it round, and then tells the operator where to put the weights. It seemed to be a lot more accurate than the modern balancing machines and I never had any vibrations. However, I dont know of any tyre fitters in my local area that still does balancing this way. Probably too old fashioned!
  10. Think I would have just bought a new wheel!!
  11. Didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!!
  12. Is this the right forum for an argument?
  13. @USAndretti42 you may be correct in thinking about what section it should be in. However, I bet a lot of various 40+ year old Lotus have some of the same imaginative bodges! (although my 40+ year old Eclat doesn't seem to be afflicted with the same problems, but then, I've have had it over 30 years!)
  14. Before this new age of micro breweries, pop-up bars, beer festivals and the like, years ago at my Local we had a 3 day Real Ale and Cheese festival (which was unheard of at the time) The idea was to promote English cheese. The idea was you tasted a bit, then if you liked it purchased a lot. However most people were 'only here for the beer'. Being a cheese fanatic I got fairly well known to the guy who was selling the cheese. On the last night, due to him having loads of unsold stock, he let me be a pig with all his cheese. (and no I wasn't sick!) 😋😋 Many years ago when I was at school, you had to pick a subject and make a folder about it. I choose cheese as my topic. It was all going so well, cutting out pictures from magazines, collecting cheese labels etc so you can imagine how many time I had to write the word "cheese". Unfortunately, my spelling wasn't great and my teacher pointed out that I had spelt cheese with a 'Z'. so it read cheeze. I wasn't happy!!!
  15. Unfortunately I have! However its been interesting rectifying everything!
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