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  1. I forgo that the speedo doesn't go past 60 mph! When I first drove the car, I though it felt fast for 60 when I was whizzing past all and sundry on the motorway! Looking at it its quite distorted and bends upwards thus fouling on the glass front. (quite a common problem it appears) Ive now coaxed the arm to return to something like straight again by using a hair dryer and being VERY careful! I protected the dial by some strategically place cardboard.
  2. Yes, Im trating it with kid gloves. Do you mean the 2 wires on the rear? I wondered why they had been wired like that. What the meaning of it?
  3. Ok, so dismantled the binnacle as a prelude to getting the demister bits that are missing. As I thought absolutely nothing in the binnacle so am hoping that Lotusbits can come up with the goods. Ive managed to source a demister vent for the passenger side. So just in the process of cleaning that up. I need to source the 2 1/4" diam ducting that is missing as well. Whilst I have the instrument panel out, I checked all the bulbs and their all working! Anybody know the significance of the " dots" that surround the speedo and rev counter dials? (see photo) I thought at first they were bits of dirt but then realised they are in pairs and evenly spaced. More on the rev counter than the speedo. Im sure someone on here must know! Anything else I should be checking whilst the binnacle is dismantled? Cheers.
  4. Even though the weather forecast isn't good -- I will!!
  5. Hi all, I going up to Scotland next week. (Sun - Tues 13th Oct to 15th). Im giving my Eclat a run out and am going to visit the Jim Clark museum in Duns on the Monday. If anyone's around that area on that day, perhaps I'll see you there.
  6. I guess that's the problem when buying a 42 year old car! There's been so much bodging, 'updating', aftermarket stuff put on, taken off, additions etc etc, that the muggins present owner, (me!) sometimes has no idea what was original. On the present engine I can see an A/C unit bracket but no actual unit. In fact on the batch of photos you mention you can see an A/C unit present.
  7. I agree, Ive emailed them a couple of time with no reply. With the phone, your talking direct -- to an actual person! Wow!
  8. Thanks Rob, I'll take a look. Thats very helpful. Lotusbits have asked me to send photos/diagrams of the bits I need and they will see if they have some. Fingers cerossed! Cheers.
  9. I need to source the demister vents and the bits that it attaches to. The manual is calling them demister vanes, demister vents, grommet and adapter. Any ideas anybody? Cheers.
  10. Hi Pete, Thanks for the info. I have 1 vent near the gearstick but am presuming its very similar to what you describe. At least now I will know what trunking goes where. Cheers.
  11. You could also try Oakmere Motor Group in Northwich. They also specialise in Lotus.
  12. Hi Steve, photos are great. Shows exactly what I need. Just what I wanted. Much appreciated. I'll start ringing round on Monday and see if Lotusbits etc has any. Unless anyone on here has them????? Cheers.
  13. Hi Steve, That would be much appreciated. Im really struggling, what with 3 different diameters of trunking to sort out, and then finding it out where they are suppose to go. its a bit of a mess under there!
  14. Hi Steve, thanks for the photo and confirmation. Yes, I see it! Do you have a photo of the demister unit that attaches to the binnacle? On mine it looks as if the slot is aimed INTO the cockpit instead of onto the screen. Is this correct? How good is the demister? I take it the blue 'thing' next to the gear lever in your picture is No 16 on the diagram?
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