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  1. Perhaps I should have given a more detailed description regarding the "sealant". The guy who did it laid the cam cover on a sticky sheet of high temperature resistant plastic sheeting. The edges were then cut off and the bolt holes blanked off. The cam cover was then blasted,(cant remember what type), then powder coated, then baked in the oven. When it came out the plastic was then removed. So there was no sealant on the underside of the cover. Ive tried to find the episode on youtube and although there are bits on regarding the car I cannot find the pertinent bit on the cam cover.
  2. Was watching a recoding of Wheeler Dealers last night (a 1987 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglia) and thought of you! They decided to paint the cam cover, so had it bead blasted before the crackle finish was powdered coated onto it. The guy they took it to went to great pains to make sure the inside was sealed because he said its common for the bead to 'clump' together and not be noticed, then later a lump falls off and blocks the oilways. Like many on here I felt personally gutted for you. You really are an inspiration to the rest of us! Keep up the good work. W are all rooting for you.
  3. I know Lotus have a reputation for 'adding lightness'. However I was a bit surprised when I took off the centre tunnel to renovate it and found it was made from hardboard!! No wonder it was bowing in the middle. Im going to remanufacture it from thin plywood. At least I can use it as a template.
  4. Yep, I agree with @Clive59. Mine comes on at the mid point as well.
  5. Im not sure if the shoulder is the problem. The shoulder in my Eclat (which was made of plastic) broke. The gear lever then just 'flopped' about and it was very difficult to find a gear, and then you didn't know which gear you were in. Replacing the shoulder (which was a Ford part) cured the problem. Your video seems to show the gear lever at least getting the gears. Its possible that the broken bits of the shoulder are still inside and fouling the gear operation.
  6. I'm also making fiberglass repairs to the inner bulkhead where the aftermarket air intake came in. I fixed a plate in the front bay so I could fibreglass it from inside the footwell. Just need to sand it down, fill it, then it will be ready for painting. Ive also had to do a glass fibre repair to the centre console where the large aftermarket vent sat. (another bloody big hole!)
  7. I managed to get the heater connector that was missing from mine (thanks @Nellie) It was a bit battered but I managed to straighten it out sufficiently to use. (I knew about it before Neil sent it). I've now overhauled the heater (new foam and paint) and the motors and its looking good! I have sourced some generic heater cables and made the ends match the originals and used the originals to get the correct length.
  8. If anyones desperate for a lighter and would consider a 'dummy' one that doesn't work, or actually wants a concealed pill box (if we have any drug traffickers on here perhaps ! ) these are for sale on eBay. Look a bit similar.
  9. Ill see your Elise and raise you a JPS Esprit.
  10. Yes, they are the original motors (as far as I can see). I'll post a couple of pictures next time Im at the garage (next week now). Yes I was thinking Ill have to get the cables from the States. I'll contact Tony and see what he says. Thanks for the contact.
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