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  1. I ask, because I was thinking back over time when I purchased my Eclat in the 1980's. I knew the car because it belonged to a mate of mine who had done a nut and bolt restoration which took him 3 years. He only had it on the road for 1 year after that, then decided he needed a more practical car. My wife and I had been looking for a new (to us) car. I had fallen in love with the Eclat after my mate had given me a lift one day. Love at first ride!! We had 2 small children so the Eclat having 2 relatively decent seats in the back was ideal and we decided to purchased it. I was bit apprehensive because this would be our only car. We we not well off but both working. However to cover the cost of the car plus a years insurance I had to sell my advert playing card and card game collection (over 500 packs) which I had accumulated over many years. It was a big wrench, especially when I was boxing them up. Some, I knew were so rare that I would never see them again. 20 years later when my wife and I split up. (she left me for a newer model! ) I tried to be "nice" because of our children. Regarding the house, I had 'bought her out' so the children would have some continuity. Everything else was pretty much split down the middle. When you don't have much its quite easy! I obviously wanted to keep the Eclat, so the arrangement was that I would keep the car and she could have the furniture etc. It was a bit of a jolt however, to come back from work to find no dining room furniture, no lounge suite, no telly, no cupboards, no drawers etc. All I had was a antique lumpy chaise longue to sit on! (it wouldn't fit in her new house) and the old kitchen units which were built in! It took a while to get the rest of the usual trappings but at least I kept the Eclat and still have it. So what sacrifices have you made?
  2. No problems with MG @Barrykearley apparently. According to the solicitor spokesperson on the news (a height challenged lady {I hope that is allowed!!}) said she had no problem with historic midgets as in MG Midgets, midget submarines etc but only with current companies. So perhaps White Dwarf @Sparky is also safe. (although after the revised pronunciation of Uranus (snigger, snigger) perhaps not!!
  3. And weigh a ton compared to the Euro bumpers. The rear bumpers are even worse!
  4. Following on from the Jethro Tull post @Mark Blanchard, (and I know Blackpool isn't a village). They were formed by Ian Anderson when they were schoolboys at King Edwards School just up the road. Blackpool was also home to Robert Smith (lead guitarist - Siouxsie and the Banshees,)Chris Lowe (Pet Shop Boys), David Thewis, (actor) and Cynthia Lennon, (John Lennon's 1st wife). On a motoring theme was also the home to Swallow Sidecars (later Jaguar Cars) and TVR.
  5. Its just an 'off/on' switch. Brake down it switches the brake lights on. Foot off the brake pedal it switches off.
  6. Found it!! Its a bit repetitive at times but does have a fair bit of info. -- and confirms the 'Q' plate warning.
  7. I saw a video on facebook showing a policeman describing what number plates are allowed and what are not. It went on to describe the same stuff as in the video @Alfa2Evora posted. However it then went on to say that although you pay for it, you don't legally own the plate. It always belongs to the DVLA. After the 2nd (or 3rd, I cant remember which) report to the DVLA, you then get a 'Q' plate. Ill try and find the post again and post it on here.
  8. Further to the link above, when the DVLA reassign you another number it is a 'Q' plate. Not cool!!
  9. I was given an S2 spoiler to fit on my S1 Eclat. At the time (25 years ago!) I wasn't too bothered about originality , -just wanted efficiency. I had to do a bit of butchery because the 2 side 'arms' stuck out beyond the line of the body. So it wasn't a case of get it, then fit it. I don't know where is came from so perhaps it was a poor copy??? Anyway I hope yours fits better.
  10. Never thought of that! Just thought a heater is a heater!! Good job the pedals are the 'right way round'.
  11. Looking at my own heater, it looks as if the 2 holes are the opposite way round on yours! Like @Mark Blanchard and @Freemason they were covered with foam which I had to replace. For some reason I cannot post any photos.?? PM me if you want to see them. Or you could check out my post My Esprit S1 import finally arrives!
  12. Yes, I agree with @TAR. Looks the same as mine on my Eclat. On mine there is another pipe attached to it which just vents to atmosphere at the bottom of the engine. Not very good for the planet but hey ho this is a Lotus were talking about. The 1 advantage is, it coats the underneath of the chassis with oil for preservation purposes! I have K&N's fitted. I think originally the breather pipe goes back into the airbox. (But I am nearing 70, and have had this set up for the last 30+ years!)
  13. Fighting fit!!! Think I could even manage some Lotus Position maintenance!!
  14. I caught Covid a few weeks ago even though I had been double jabbed. Im OK now but received a letter from the NHS a couple of days ago saying because of my 'condition' (I have a few maladies) that I should have a third dose. In big black bold letter it says "THIS IS DIFFERENT TO A BOOSTER AS IT IS PART OF THE FIRST (PRIMARY) COURSE. It then goes on to say get in touch with my GP to arrange a date. When I got in touch with my GP at first the receptionist argued for ages that I wasnt elligible because it hadnt been 6 months since my second. After going away on three separate occasions she finally told me that I was correct but she hadnt heard anything about it and this was all news to her. I got an appointment and went this morning to get my third dose. I asked the nurse that was giving the injections about it and showed her the letter and asked what the difference was between the third dose and the booster. She didnt know anything either and even after reading the letter just kept saying its just the way they write it! Anyway I have had my third dose and she gave me the flu jab at the same time. So time will tell if I have to have a booster 4th jab at some time in the future.
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