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  1. My old problem with my Eclat (30 years +) doesn't really sound the same as yours, although there are similarities. Anyway see what you think :- Running about town there were no problems. However, if I went on long runs, sometimes it would falter then cut out completely. If I waited for a time it would start again and everything would be ok. This happened on a number of occaisions. Drove me nuts. Checked everything more than once. In the end one day I just happened to be filling up with petrol and when I twisted the filler cap there was a great intake of air. Then the penny dropped. My breather pipe was completely blocked. The filler cap was a very good fit, so on a long journey a vacuum formed in the petrol tank until the fuel pump could no longer compete with the vacuum and so the car died through lack of fuel. If I waited long enough some air would get back into the system so when I tried to fire her up again it worked. Sorry for the long winded explanation. I should have just said "see if your breather pipe is blocked"! Worth a try anyway. Hope you get it sorted.
  2. Well, although Im laughing at your response, ,it wasn't really the response I was looking for! On that basis then my Esprit gauges are working great. i.e. they all move! Would you care to elucidate?
  3. Hi I know this is a bit off topic and a very old thread, but can anyone tell me how to read the oil gauge, battery gauge and temp gauge? On my Eclat the Smiths gauges show numbers and 'lines' to indicate what the oil pressure is for example. Where should the needles be on the Veglia gauges? Thanks.
  4. Yes, I agree with @peteyg. Self tappers are the way to go. If you go with bolts, as you say, you have to do everything before fitting the bumper, and if there's a problem down the line you have to dismantle the bumper just to get at the indicator housing.
  5. Here a couple of photos of my old 1976 Eclat lighter, so slightly different. - 2 smoke 'curls' and a metal body.
  6. Yes they really do add a lot to the car. I still can't believe what I paid to have them polished. Worth every penny! How is yours coming on? Got the V5 sorted and the original reg yet? When are we going to see some photos?
  7. After I get in on the road, I will be replacing the rear bumper and valance.(amongst other jobs!!)
  8. Finally located the flasher unit and the hazard flasher unit. Both near each other behind the radio! So had to take out the centre console, disconnect the choke and the cables from the electric windows just to get at them. All working ok now. Rear end is now back together and have just fitted my nice new tyres on my nice shiny Wolffies. Last job (before I can drive it and get an MOT) is the brakes inc the handbrake. Recon servo doesn't seem to be doing much. Need to compare the results against my Eclat. (whose brakes are OK).
  9. Can anyone explain how to read the instruments gauges on the Esprit S1? Temp gauge is self explanatary I suppose although there are no temperature figures. What about the oil pressure? It looks like a temp gauge as well! Battery?? red on one side -- red on the other.! I suppose it should read around the middle. I can guess of course and knowing whats 'normal' on my Eclat gauges is a help, but would like clarification. Cheers.
  10. Thanks guys for all your help. Have now managed to get a seal kit.( All fitted and working. Well, I say working, but the brakes are not very good. Might need to adjust the servo. It doesn't seem to be giving a brilliant vacuum. More delving is needed! Any recommendations as to which brand of Brake pads are best for the Esprit? My mate reckons either Mintex or Ferodo? Any thoughts? Also, where the hell is the flasher unit situated on Federal cars? According to the manual, its suppose to be under the dash near the central consul but Im damned if I can find it!!
  11. If you get fed up restoring the car please don't do this to it! Although it would look good on my lounge wall!!
  12. Yes I agree. Always nice to know your driving around in a safe car.
  13. Yes , Im sure they will - and you know what that means! If you have an accident, insurers will do there best to wriggle out of their obligations to pay up. So 'Im sure they would jump on any car with no MOT that in their eyes is deemed unroadworthy.
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