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  1. Seeing as I have a couple of gearboxes, we have checked the best one and it looks ok. Selects all the gears etc so we are going to fit it as is. However we are still going to look for diagrams/plans etc for the 'special tools' seeing as my mate can make them whilst he is still at work for any future problems. Thanks for the input.
  2. Hi Steve, Yes I will contact Tim and see what he has to say. Thanks.
  3. Ok, So we have managed to remove the gearbox as @Fridge suggested without needing to remove/slacken the engine mounts. On further investigation at least one bearing is buggered with lots of movement, so its lucky Ive got the spare gearboxes. Partially stripped one down and its looking good. Have transferred some of the fitting from the original. There may be delay in putting it back cos Im off to the Ice Hotel in Sweden at the weekend! According to the latest edition of Absolute Magazine, Lotus export figures for Sweden in 2018 were up 87% so Im going to keep my eyes open!!
  4. Hi Im in the process of delving into my Esprit S1/Citroen gearbox. Any advice? Anyone got a list of the special tools I'll need? The tool to remove the pinion shaft for example? Anyone actually manufactured any and has diagrams etc? Cheers.
  5. Hi David thanks for your thoughts and info . That is very helpful. I have a 4 post lift so that should help! I have also acquired a couple of old Citroen/Esprit gearboxes. My long suffering mate who does all the 'real' work on the car is an engineer so hopefully will be able to make 1 good one out of the bits. Anyway we'll see. Thanks again.
  6. Hi Guys, I haven't been on here for some time. Life (and death) has got it the way. My dad who was 98 passed away recently so had to do lots of organising. (being an only child has its disadvantages!) He has had a great innings and told me before he passed that he had enjoyed all his life with no regrets. RIP dad. So back to some enjoyment with my S1. (or so I thought) I noticed that the nearside rear brake disc was nearly touching the drive shaft housing. Decided to take it off and investigate. Held a container under it to catch all the oil -- not a drop! So if there's no oil in the gearbox that might go some way to explain why Im having problems with the gearbox. On examining the housing there is no gasket and everything is flopping about inside. Seal buggered etc Obviously, although I haven't done any driving (maybe 1 mile) since I got it over here, I have no idea how much damage has been done in the States. So Im now going to have to pull the gearbox out and have a look inside and see what the damage is. Not a happy bunny. Does anyone know of a written step by step proceedure for the removal of the Citroen gearbox? If not any pointers/problems I should be aware of? Cheers.
  7. I had the same problem on my Eclat. I agree with Richard - @rjwooll. My gearlever was slopping about all over the place. The gear lever sits in a plastic 'slot'. (Richards cup). Mine had broken. I got it replaced at a Ford dealership.(although that was many years ago).
  8. I also have one without a pad, so if your getting one made???? I'd appreciate it if you could please make one for me as well!!
  9. Hi David thanks for the photo. Looks in a lot better nick than mine! Yes I def need a new pin.
  10. How do I remove it? Do I have to dismantle the gear shift mechanism?
  11. After further investigation it looks as if the servo IS knackered. So ill have to send if off for a refurb. Cannot find anywhere that will sell me the diaphragm. Had a look at the gear lever mechanism. Looks as if there should be a 'pin' going through the gear knob at the bottom where the red circle is. Is this correct?
  12. I haven't even had a proper drive in my Esprit S1 yet, but I've had 2 lads on bikes come onto the drive asking questions, the next door neighbour taking photos and various delivery guys coming into the garage asking questions, taking photos etc. Its no wonder I haven't got it on the road yet!! All my time is spent answering questions! I do get a buzz in my Eclat when I see kids looking at the car, then jaws drop when I pop the headlights. In my 20 odd years of Lotus ownership I have only ever had one negative reaction and that was from a group of drunks. Not bad in a town (Blackpool) where drunk stag and hen parties are a normal part of life.(which is a shame).
  13. Thanks @Paul Coleman and @Fridge. I will recheck the gearbox linkages before anything else. As I'd already mentioned I HAVE got polybushes. They were fitted (and melted) when I took delivery of the car. Rather than change the brackets etc I have given them a go. Albeit with titanium wrapping round the exhaust and shielding on the bush/mount itself and from the exhaust. I'll report back as and when I get it o the road.
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